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Rabi' al-Thani, 14352014-02-01

Crescent International Vol. 42, No. 12

Main Stories

Unity among Muslims a top priority

Zafar Bangash

While the overwhelming majority of Muslims (67 percent) want unity in the Ummah, a small disruptive minority is determined to create chaos. To confront such divisive tactics, Iran’s Majma at-Taqrib organized an international Conference in Tehran to bring ulama of all Schools of Thought onto a common platform to strive for unity.


General el-Sisi wants to be Egypt’s president

Zafar Bangash

How quickly has the Egyptian military led by the arch Zionist General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi exposed its hand? Sisi wants to be president of Egypt after claiming to eschew any such desire.


Saudis want Takfiristan in Syria and Iraq

Zafar Bangash

With Saudi-backed takfiris controlling Iraq’s Anbar province and the adjoining areas in Syria, it has become clear that their medieval sponsors want to create Takfiristan in this region.


Iran’s confident mood

Zafar Bangash

Businessmen, diplomats and politicians are making a beeline to Tehran with proposals and offers reflecting Iran’s position as the most important regional player and the place to be.


Wa-al-Fajr wa-Layalin Ashr: The Islamic Revolution’s First Light of Day and the (dark) Ten Nights (of Arabian hostility)

Abu Dharr

This month marks the 35th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. It also marks a nightmare for the illegitimate regimes in the Muslim East led by the Saudi clan.


Unity of the Ummah requires practical realisation, as well as pious words (1)

Iqbal Siddiqui

Islam enjoins unity among Muslims while allowing for differences of opinion. Such differences, unless expressed with the requisite civility, can easily lead to serious problems, even violent conflict as witnessed in places like Iraq, Pakistan and Syria.

News & Analysis

Geneva-II: not about peace, only theatrics

Waseem Shehzad

The Geneva-II Conference was not intended to usher peace in war-torn Syria. The participants talked past each other and only traded accusations. Nothing was achieved; none was expected.

News & Analysis

Egypt violence harbinger of Muslim East geopolitics

Ayesha Alam

The thugs in uniform may have got themselves a tailor-made Constitution Egypt continues face violence because people’s rights have been trampled upon.

News & Analysis

Erdogan’s political future hinges on local elections

Ahmet Aslan

Local elections slated for end of March will be an important test for Prime Minister Recept Tayip Erdogan and his AKP party to see whether he can weather the Gulenist-led scandals that have gripped Turkey.

News & Analysis

Zionists announce plans to destroy Al-Aqsa

Tahir Mustafa

The zionists have long harbored ill-intentions towards Masjid al-Aqsa and the Haram al-Sharif. These evil intentions received a boost when Israel’s Minister for Housing and Construction Uri Ariel announced that the so-called “Third Temple” would be built there.

News & Analysis

Karzai: no deal without peace talks with the Taliban

Zia Sarhadi

President Hamid Karzai has added one more condition—start of peace talks with the Taliban—before he would agree to sign the Bilateral Security Agreement with the US giving US officials serious heart burn.

News & Analysis

Is Islamabad serious about peace talks with the Taliban?

Tahir Mahmoud

Is Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif serious about peace talks with the Taliban or is he just playing games? The next few weeks will tell.

Special Reports

Aal Saud: From British to American lap

Zafar Bangash

Always on the lookout for foreign protection, the illegitimate House of Saud rule in the Arabian Peninsula eagerly embraced Uncle Sam once he emerged as a global cop after the Second World War.

Special Reports

The intellectual thought of din

Zainab Cheema

Allal Al-Fassi was a Moroccan intellectual and anti-colonial independence leader. He contributed to clarifying many important concepts. Zainab Cheema reviews Fassi’s Al-Naqd al-Dhati (Self Critique).

Editor's Desk

More death sentences, and turmoil in Bangladesh


The regime of Hasina Wajed who just “won” a fraudulent election in Bangladesh, appears determined to kill all its opponents either through flawed judicial processes or by making scandalous allegations against opponents. The result is turmoil that may perhaps lead to civil war.

Letters To The Editor


Salman Khan

Sectarianism is the ideology of losers, says letter writer but ulama must play an effective part in confronting this menace.

Letters To The Editor

Modi Nazi


Bollywood actors and actresses have jumped on the Narendra Modi bandwagon signaling the rise of Nazism in India.

Letters To The Editor

Dedication to our mentor

Muslim Mahmood

Long-time reader and supporter from Nigeria pays tribute to the memory of the late Dr Kalim Siddiqui.

Letters To The Editor

Tectonic shifts in the Muslim East

Shamshad Ali Khan

The Saudis and their hangers-on as well as Hamas have lost in the new emerging reality of the Muslim East as a confident Islamic Iran forges ahead.

Letters To The Editor

Open letter to King Abdullah

Mohammed H. Siddiq

A native of Arabia tells the ailing and aged king Abdullah to quite because his system has only compounded the problems of the people.

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