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Saudi Regime’s Arbitrary Restrictions on Hajj and Umrah

Zafar Bangash

Every Saudi policy relating to Hajj or Umrah is not only against the tenets of Islam but also a disaster for the Muslim Ummah. The Saudis’ latest restrictions allowing pilgrims of only 18-60 years a...

News & Analysis

Economic War on Afghanistan

Tahir Mahmoud

In October 2021, Crescent International explained that after the end of NATO’s military occupation, the next phase of struggle for Afghanistan will center around economics. This evaluation was recen...

News & Analysis

Darwin’s Monkeys

Zafar Bangash

Was Darwin right about the origins of species? Are human beings the descendants of chimpanzees, as he claims? These questions are examined on scientific rather than scriptural basis.

Main Stories

Hindu Extremists Target Muslims in India and Academics Abroad

Zafar Bangash

Hindutva extremists have become a global threat. Like all oppressors and te...

Main Stories

Afghan Families Selling Children to Survive!

Zia Sarhadi

The food situation in Afghanistan is grim. It is facing a humanitarian cata...


Britain Declares War on Hamas


British home secretary, a Hindu extremist and Zionist, has declared even th...


There is More Disputing about the Shell than the Kernel

Abu Dharr

Unfortunately, most Muslims are trapped in peripheral disputes relating to ...

News & Analysis

Zionist Israel would Sign Own Death Warrant If It Launches Another War against Hizbullah

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

Zionist Israel routinely issues threats against Hizbullah, Iran and the Isl...

News & Analysis

Troika-Plus Plus, and Minus

Zia Sarhadi

There are unmistakable signs that the US is inching toward some kind of und...

Life has become intolerably difficult for the vast majority of people in Pakistan because of skyrocketing prices, endemic corruption and the rapacious lifestyle of its elite. Drastic changes are neede...

The Western-engineered civil war in Libya continues, destroying the once prosperous country in Africa. Elections are scheduled for December 24 but it is not certain whether they will be held. The list...

News & Analysis

Zionist Racism’s Deadly Consequences

Ayman Ahmed

Racism is an integral part of Zionist ideology. Its victims are Palestinian...

News & Analysis

Social Challenges Facing Muslims in North America

Khadijah Ali

While Muslims residing in Europe and North America may enjoy better economi...

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The Saudi regime's arbitrary decisions about restrictions on Hajj and Umrah run contrary to divine commands. They should be divested of control of the affairs of these important Islamic obligations

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