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Crescent International Vol. 46, No. 4
Ramadan, 14382017-06-01
Main Stories

Donald of Arabia!

Zafar Bangash

The Najdi Bedouins paid $400 billion—yes, that is billions with a ‘b’—to the American extortionist as protection money to save their illegitimate hold on power.

News & Analysis

Iranians re-elect Rouhani for second term

Tahir Mahmoud

In a region wracked by mayhem and violence, the people of Iran participated in the 12th presidential election in a calm and peaceful atmosphere returning the incumbent, President Hassan Rouhani to a s...


Easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend

Abu Dharr

For Najdi Bedouins, Zionist Jews are their historic cousins and, therefore, bosom pals. Shia Muslims are their enemies and deserve to die!


Ramadan and the noble Qur’an

Zafar Bangash

It was in the month of Ramadan that the first few ayat of the majestic Qur...

News & Analysis

Bani Saud, Emiratis fight each other in Yemen

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

The Bani Saud and the Emiratis may be allies in their war on Yemen but insi...


Cholera ravages Yemen even as war rages

Catherine Shakdam

As if the Saudi-imposed war on Yemen was not bad enough, the Yemenis are no...


Ignorant men threaten more wars


Saudi Deputy Crown Prince and Defence Minister Muhammad bin Salman has foun...


Slow progress in Syria peace talks


Syrian opposition groups oppose the creation of no-conflict zones in the co...

Editor's Desk

Al-Quds, Hamas and Palestinian hunger strikers


While al-Quds remains under Zionist occupation and 1600 Palestinian prisone...

Even as Bahraini police attacked the house of Shaykh Isa Qassem on May 23 where he is held under house arrest, the regime is nervous because of the Shaykh’s international popularity and profile.

There is a convergence of interests between Zionism and Islamophobia. The Zionists are behind the hysterical campaign against Muslims.

The spiritual benefits of Ramadan are well known but its medical aspects, especially its role in regenerating the body’s immune system is only now becoming apparent.

Book Review

Picking up the Cold-War pieces (Book Review)

Eric Walberg

Andrew Harding traces the life of Mohamud (Tarzan) Nur, son of a shepherd, who grew up in an orphanage to become the mayor of Mogadishu. He is aiming to become the country’s president.

News & Analysis

One Belt, One Road initiative

Zia Sarhadi

China’s One Belt, One Road initiative was launched at a grand conference ...

Special Reports

“Where are the Moderate Muslims?”

John Andrew Morrow

An anti-Islamic Youtube video presented by one Hussein Aboubakr, and promot...

Special Reports

Tanzania at the crossroads

Zafar Bangash

Tanzania has a rich Islamic history. Made up of the union of Tanganyika and...

Opinion Poll

By handing over $400 billion to the Americans as protection money, the Bani Saud have declared war on Allah and His committed servants. This will shorten their own shelf-life.

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Editors' Pick


Jamshed Abbas

Arzu Merali

Tahir Mustafa

Zahra Rahnavard

Achmad Cassiem

Salina Khan


Opening the Sunni-Shi'i File Part 7

Muhammad H. al-'Asi

Rabi' al-Thani 01, 14382016-12-30

The Truth and The Church

Afeef Khan

Rabi' al-Awwal 23, 14382016-12-23

Aleppo Liberation on TRUTH UNITE

Catherine Shakdam

Rabi' al-Awwal 15, 14382016-12-15


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