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Main Stories

New, Emerging Political Architecture in West Asia

Zafar Bangash

The US defeat in Afghanistan has reduced its malign influence in the region but not completely eliminated it. Afghanistan’s neighbours need to coordinate their policies to keep US influence out and ...

Main Stories

Cost of America’s Longest War

Waseem Shehzad

For American warlords, war is a racket. The $2.26 trillion spent on the 20-year-war in Afghanistan made a lot of people in the US extremely rich. Arms manufacturers, generals—retired and serving—u...


Taliban’s Peaceful Takeover of Power Demolishes Gloomy Forecasts


The lightning speed and peaceful way in which the Taliban took control of the country, including the capital city Kabul indicates their brilliant planning and wide support among the masses.


In Loving Memory of My Mother

Zafar Bangash

My mother passed away on August 28, surrounded by her children, grandchildr...


The Heart of a Fool is in His Mouth, But the Mouth of a Wise Man is in His Heart

Abu Dharr

How to study and understand the hadiths is very important. Abu Dharr contin...

News & Analysis

Baghdad Summit’s Regional and Global impact

Ayman Ahmed

Iraq is trying to play a significant regional role to try to reduce tension...

News & Analysis

Demands for Withdrawal of all US Troops from Iraq Grow

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

Diverse political groups in Iraq are increasingly demanding the withdrawal ...

News & Analysis

Western Racists to Boycott UN-sponsored Anti-racism Conference in New York

Khadijah Ali

It would be reasonable to assume that Western regimes that never tire of le...

The gift of knowledge, understanding, practical guidance, and political analysis I got from Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi’s Islamic lectures—which covered everything from instructing wives to dress up fo...

News & Analysis

Shia Sectarians: Iran’s Other Geopolitical Headache

Tahir Mahmoud

Sectarianism is dangerous for Muslims at any time but certain sectarians ma...

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The US defeat in Afghanistan should help motivate other resistance groups whether in Palestine or Kashmir, to redouble their efforts and drive the occupiers out

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