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Main Stories

The 9/11 Fallout: US-Imposed Destruction of Afghanistan and Pakistan

Kevin Barrett

Washington warlords used the false-flag events of 911 to destroy Afghanistan and Pakistan before moving on to Iraq, Syria, Yemen and other Muslim countries.

Main Stories

In Bani Saud Occupied Arabia, Speaking Out Against Evil is Haram!

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

Both the noble Qur’an and the Prophetic Sunnah emphasize speaking out and stopping evil deeds because they cause the destruction of society. The Bani Saud say, do not speak out against evil. Those t...


Pakistan’s Descent into Fascism


Pakistan has become an absolutely fascist State. People that call for punishing, through legal means those that have indulged in illegal acts, are being arrested, tortured and sexually abused in priso...


First Anniversary of My Mother’s Departure from This Dunya

Zafar Bangash

Every child, young or old, knows how special mothers are. Allah mentions th...


We Must Learn To Be Selfless Before We Assume Public Office

Abu Dharr

The Prophet’s successors—Abu Bakr and Umar—followed strictly the high...

News & Analysis

End of Zionist Racism Prerequisite for Peace in Palestine

Ayman Ahmed

Zionism is racism. This is not an allegation but fact. It has been repeated...

News & Analysis

Rogue Regimes, US and Israel, Steal Oil and Gas

Waseem Shehzad

The US Empire and zionist Israel are based on theft of land and resources o...

News & Analysis

The Great Deluge

Tahir Mahmoud

Rains have caused massive floods in every province in Pakistan. At least 33...

News & Analysis

Millions of Afghans On The Verge of Starvation A Year After US Defeat

Zia Sarhadi

The UN says 97% of Afghans are on the verge of starvation. This is the dire...

Since the regime change operation in Pakistan, there has been much discussion about the role of the army. All negative propaganda against the army is nonsense. We explain that it is the “best army...

For a truly multipolar world order to emerge, the western neo-liberal economic order will have to undergo major changes.

News & Analysis

Is JCPOA’s Revival On The Cards?

Zafar Bangash

Recent media reports suggest that the parties to the JCPOA are moving towar...

News & Analysis

Guantanamo Exposes America’s True Face As A Terrorist State

Khadijah Ali

While there is immense suffering worldwide, the torture chamber at Guantana...

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Unless the racist ideology of zionism is removed from the face of the earth, there can be no peace in Palestine.

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