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The Late President Raeisi’s Legacy Will Continue

Waseem Shehzad

While the loss of President Raeisi and his Foreign Minister will be felt in Iran, the policies he pursued will continue. Islamic Iran’s system is not persona-based. Rather, it is based on the princi...

Main Stories

Islamic Resistance Vs Zionist Invaders

Ayman Ahmed

There is little doubt that the zionists are perpetrating horrific crimes against the defenceless people of Gaza. This shows their barbarism yet such cruelties have not deterred the Islamic resistance ...


Imam Khomeini, Al-Quds And Palestine


Imam Khomeini was the first Muslim leader in the contemporary era to draw attention to the illegal occupation of Al-Quds and Palestine. On his June 3 anniversary, his contribution to reviving the stru...


Challenges In Early Islamic History

Zafar Bangash

Muslims faced two serious internal challenges in early Islamic history: one...


I Shall Temper… Justice With Mercy

Abu Dharr

The third Khalifah ‘Usman’s temperate nature was exploited by some unsc...

News & Analysis

Hajj And The Plight Of The Palestinian People

Zafar Bangash

Hajj is an important pillar of Islam and the largest assembly of the Ummah....

News & Analysis

Students Expose Hypocrisy Of Universities’ Investment Policies

Khadijah Ali

Student encampments at university campuses have continued to expose the uni...

News & Analysis

Impact Of President Raeisi’s Martyrdom On Politics In Iran

Tahir Mahmoud

Following the untimely death of President Raeisi, western media outlets hav...

News & Analysis

USS Liberty Massacre: A Pivotal Moment in the Hostile Takeover of America

Kevin Barrett

Few Americans know that Israel carried out a deliberate attack on the USS L...

Turkish President Recep Tayip Erdogan is an eloquent speaker. Listening to his speeches about Israeli crimes, one would think he is a staunch supporter of the Palestinians. His policies belie his rhet...

Pakistan is in the grip of brutish, corrupt generals and corrupt politicians and judges. Their corrupt practices have bankrupted the country. It is on the verge of collapse but neither the generals no...

News & Analysis

The Unhinged Surveillance State Of America

Tahir Mustafa

The US has just enacted into law a surveillance bill that allows for unwarr...

Islamic Movement

Women’s Leadership

Imran Khan

There is a tendency among some Muslims to misinterpret the role of women in...

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Worldwide student protests in solidarity with the Palestinians have radically transformed the political landscape and put the warmongers on the defensive

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