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There are many different ways to partner with and support the Crescent International. Writing for it is one way but there others as well as we continue into the 45th year of publication.

We have always operated on a shoestring budget but as we move into the Internet age, we look forward to expanding our work on the web. In order to maintain the quality of work our readers have come to expect from us and expand our coverage, we require resources.

The biggest obstacle in expanding and improving our work is our very modest budget. At a time when the Muslim Ummah and indeed the entire humanity is under unprecedented informational attack, we are obliged to increase our work in order to expose and confront the lies, half-truths and psychological pressure exerted on the oppressed worldwide.

We appeal to our readers wherever they reside in the world to donate to Crescent International through the PayPal donations feature with whatever they can afford. No amount is small.

If you are unable to donate, please help by spreading this message and encouraging others that are able to do so, to support our work.

Please accept our sincere gratitude in advance.

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