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Quds Day Rallies are Back!


Ramadan 30, 14432022-05-01

After a hiatus of two years because of restrictions imposed by the worldwide pandemic, Quds Day rallies are back this year.

Lessons from the Ukraine War


Sha'ban 29, 14432022-04-01

Despite US bluster, America and NATO regimes are not about to send their troops into Ukraine to fight against Russia. The reason? Russia is a nuclear power and NATO forces would trigger a third world war. The lesson is clear: being a nuclear-armed state deters would be aggressors.

50 years of Crescent International


Rajab 28, 14432022-03-01

We in the Crescent International are proud to mark an important landmark: 50 years of publication despite great difficulties. We thank Allah and our small but dedicated list of supporters. That Crescent International is the only international Islamic English language magazine in the world today is reflective of the sad state of journalism in the Muslim world.

Pandemic Turns Billionaires into Trillionaires!


Jumada' al-Akhirah 29, 14432022-02-01

During the pandemic at least 160 million people have fallen into poverty but the billionaire class, all of them Americans except one, have increased their wealth and have turned into trillionaires. This is not the result of being smart; they manipulate the system to their advantage.

One More Wall to Imprison Palestinians


Jumada' al-Ula' 28, 14432022-01-01

By erecting another wall, this time around the already besieged Gaza Strip, the Zionist regime merely reveals its weaknesses. If the Palestinians have not been subdued by military might, how can a wall, albeit a hi-tech one, can subdue their spirit of resistance and yearning for freedom?

Britain Declares War on Hamas


Rabi' al-Thani 26, 14432021-12-01

British home secretary, a Hindu extremist and Zionist, has declared even the political wing of Hamas as a “terrorist” organization. Hamas heads a duly elected government in Gaza but for Ms. Priti Patel, that is not good enough. She is doing her Zionist masters’ bidding.

Imperatives of Muslim Unity


Rabi' al-Awwal 25, 14432021-11-01

Muslim unity is a Qur’anic command although unfortunately there are some Muslims that have fallen into the trap of sectarianism and has caused much damage to the Ummah. Disunity among Muslims has also given an opportunity to predatory powers to destroy many Muslim countries.

Prospects for Peace and Stability in Afghanistan


Safar 24, 14432021-10-01

Barring the defeated powers (US, NATO and India), the rest of the world wants peace and stability in Afghanistan. If Afghanistan’s immediate neighbours put their heads together and coordinate policies, peace is not only possible, it is highly desirable.

Taliban’s Peaceful Takeover of Power Demolishes Gloomy Forecasts


Muharram 23, 14432021-09-01

The lightning speed and peaceful way in which the Taliban took control of the country, including the capital city Kabul indicates their brilliant planning and wide support among the masses.

Facilitating peace in Afghanistan


Dhu al-Hijjah 22, 14422021-08-01

Unlike distant powers, Afghanistan’s neighbours, especially Pakistan, Iran, China and Russia have a huge stake in a stable and peaceful country. They should assist the Afghans to come to a suitable arrangement in which all ethnic groups are represented and do not feel alienated.

The Deadly Consequences of Islamophobia


Dhu al-Qa'dah 20, 14422021-07-01

Islamophobia is a global phenomenon. It is also the last respectable form of racism. Even in a country like Canada that prides itself on being multicultural, Muslims are attacked and murdered in cold blood. Unless Islamophobia is declared a hate crime, Muslims will continue to suffer and die.

Victory for Islamic Resistance in Palestine


Shawwal 20, 14422021-06-01

Despite inflicting horrific damage on Gaza and killing hundreds of innocent civilians the Islamic resistance movement in Palestine was able to change the equation by forcing the Zionist aggressors to sue for ceasefire. The Islamic resistance has created a new reality.

Ramadan, Charity and Institution Building in Islam


Ramadan 19, 14422021-05-01

Islam considers giving in the way of Allah and feeding the hungry and poor as meritorious act especially in the month of Ramadan. There is, however, another aspect that most Muslims have not paid attention to: the reasons for poverty and the need to alleviate it.

Global Merchants of Death


Sha'ban 18, 14422021-04-01

While it is well known that global spending on weapons is extremely high, in the last five years this has reached a staggering total of $1.92 trillion. The US leads the world in military spending with an annual budget of $732 billion, far out-spending its nearest rival China at $261 billion.

The Iran Nuclear Deal


Rajab 17, 14422021-03-01

There is much talk about how to save the Iran nuclear deal. There is a simple solution: the US must lift all sanctions illegally imposed on Iran when Donald Trump walked away from the deal in 2018. Joe Biden says Iran must take the first step. That is a non-starter; he must snap into reality.

Biden: Obama 2.0, Minus the Soaring Rhetoric


Jumada' al-Akhirah 19, 14422021-02-01

A new (even if rather old) face in the White House has led to the mistaken belief among some people that the US would return to normalcy now. Apart from some cosmetic changes, America’s policy of belligerence, militarism and exploitation is unlikely to change.

Will 2021 be Any Different Than 2020?


Jumada' al-Ula' 17, 14422021-01-01

The year 2020 will go down in history as one of the worst nightmares for most people. Will the year 2021 be any different? We look at some possible developments.

2020: A Disastrous Year


Rabi' al-Thani 16, 14422020-12-01

The year 2020 has been disastrous. It started with the US assassination of General Qassem Solaimani of Iran and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis of Iraq. On November 27, Dr Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was assassinated. In-between Covid-19 has ravaged societies. Can it get any worse?

The post-Pandemic world


Rabi' al-Awwal 15, 14422020-11-01

Despite the devastation it has caused in many parts of the world, the pandemic also offers opportunities to the victims of US aggression to formulate policies and strategies to overcome such bullying.

End of the American Empire!


Safar 14, 14422020-10-01

The US is not only in terminal decline, the empire is dead. As it faces a serious threat of civil war, many American commentators have written its obituary realizing that the American (half)-century is over.

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