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What Inspires Gaza’s Resistance


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For six months, the zionist war-machine has been bombing the 2.3 million Palestinians trapped in the tiny Gaza Strip. It has rightly been described as a concentration camp. The zionists have used planes, drones, missiles, heavy artillery, tanks and machine guns to kill and maim Palestinians. Most of these weapons are supplied by the US. Washington also underwrites Israel’s expenses and protects its illegitimate ward diplomatically.

Israel’s ongoing genocide has claimed more than 32,000 lives, nearly 100,000 injured and virtually the entire population displaced because their houses have been destroyed. Hospitals, clinics, schools, bakeries, dispensaries, warehouses and even cemeteries have been bombed and destroyed. Under zionist siege for decades, the Palestinians cannot get even desperately-needed medicines to treat the injured. There is no anaesthesia in hospitals to stitch the wounds of injured people whether adults or young children.

Imagine surgeons amputating children’s limbs without anaesthesia. To date, more than 1000 children have undergone such amputations. In some instances, children have died due to the unbearable pain. UNICEF reported last month that at least 23 children have died of starvation. It pointed out this may be the tip of the iceberg!

The “painful and slow death” of 23 children in the north of Gaza due to malnutrition and dehydration “would be the tip of the iceberg” as only those who reached hospitals are recorded, UNICEF’s deputy executive director Ted Chaiban warned on March 18. He made the remarks during a panel on the humanitarian situation in Gaza at the two-day European Humanitarian Forum 2024 in Brussels, as reported by the Turkish news agency, Anadolu.

Imagine mothers seeing their children starving to death before their eyes. Parents, especially mothers would sacrifice their lives to save their children. Yet in Gaza, they helplessly watch as their children die before their eyes and they can do nothing to help.

Food scarcity is so acute that most people are forced to eat grass after boiling it. The zionist war criminals and their western supporters have weaponized food in order to force the people to either surrender or flee the tiny enclave. The people of Gaza refuse to do either.

Amid all the horrific carnage, death and destruction, the Palestinians of Gaza continue to resist and remain steadfast. What gives them such strength and courage to stand up to the biggest military machine in the region? No Arab army armed with modern weapons, or a collectivity of armies has been able to withstand the zionist military onslaught for more than a few days.

The steadfast resistance in Gaza has inspired people worldwide—and not just Muslims—to express solidarity with the Palestinians. There has been great interest in Islam and the noble Qur’an with millions turning to obtain copies to understand what motivates the Palestinians. The number of western celebrities, most of them women, who have embraced Islam is phenomenal.

We must, however, return to the original question: what motivates the people of Gaza? In one word: Imaan (faith-commitment). This needs elaboration. Despite the mass starvation imposed by the zionist entity on Gaza’s 2.3 million people, they have not been cowed down. The zionists want to starve them into submission.

The Palestinians’ faith in Allah remains very strong. They offer their salat on the ruins outside bombed out mosques. It is the month of Ramadan and most Muslims around the world break their fast in the evening consuming large amounts of food. The people of Gaza only have contaminated water to drink and boiled grass to eat.

Such immense suffering would break the spirit of the hardiest of souls, not the people of Gaza. They remain steadfast, with their tawakkul (trust) in Allah, stronger than ever. Heart-breaking interviews with young children on social media have emerged that reflect their strength and resilience.

One child, perhaps 8 or 9 years old, who had lost his entire family to Israeli bombings, was asked: who would look after him now? He pointed to the sky and said: “Allah. If we have Allah with us, we do not need anyone else!”

A Palestinian mother with her young children said there were 20 of her family in a tiny house. That was not her house which was destroyed in Israeli bombing. They were out of the house at the time. She said, “If we die, we will all die together. We are not afraid of death. That is what gives us strength.”

In the zionist onslaught on Gaza, children have been the most severely affected. Their casualty rate is the highest both in deaths and injuries. More children have died in Gaza since the zionist onslaught than were killed globally in wars in 2022, according to a report prepared by the UK-based Palestine Return Center.

The number of children who have starved to death is also very high. Add to that the number of children who have suffered psychological trauma, and one begins to get a picture of the scale of zionist barbarism. Yet the Palestinians remain steadfast.

How many examples of such conviction can be found elsewhere in the Muslim world? The kings and amirs in the Arab world cannot stuff enough food into their protruding bellies but the people of Gaza starve. This is also the case in much of the rest of the Muslim world. Very few people observe the Ramadan fast as it ought to be observed: to eat less and share the bounties of Allah with those in need.

This is the test of Imaan of every Muslim today. The Palestinians have shown the way. It is now up to the rest of us to live up to this responsibility.

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 54, No. 2

Ramadan 22, 14452024-04-01

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