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Muslim Regimes’ Betrayal Of Palestinians


Jumada' al-Akhirah 19, 14452024-01-01

The Qur’an refers to Muslims as “one Ummah”. This places certain responsibilities upon them to assist their suffering brothers and sisters in any part of the world. Yet most regimes in the Muslim world have failed to come to the aid of the Palestinian people.

Crescent Going Fully Digital

Zafar Bangash

Jumada' al-Akhirah 07, 14412020-02-01

Starting with our next issue, we are introducing two changes: Crescent International is going fully digital, and fresh blood is being brought in as part of the Editorial Board.

New Islamic Summit in Kuala Lumpur


Jumada' al-Ula' 06, 14412020-01-01

The Arabian potentates were livid at the temerity of Malaysia, Turkey and Qatar to hold an Islamic Summit in Kuala Lumpur. The Arabian rulers forced Pakistan not to attend but the summit also exposed their incompetence and subservience to imperialism and Zionism.

Distinction between Judaism and Zionism


Rabi' al-Thani 04, 14412019-12-01

Pro-Israeli groups go to extreme lengths to present Zionism and Judaism as the same. They are not. Critics of Zionism must also be careful not to conflate the two. There are many good and decent Jewish people that are equally appalled at the excesses of Zionism and speak out against them.

America’s Multiple Wars on Muslims


Rabi' al-Awwal 04, 14412019-11-01

People are aware of US wars against Muslim countries, many of them ruined beyond repair. There is another, equally insidious war the US is waging against Muslims living in the West through the policy of no fly and watch lists.

Trouble for Pharaoh on the Nile


Safar 02, 14412019-10-01

In a surprising development, the people of Egypt have shed their fear of the brutal Sisi regime and come out in the streets to demand his ouster. They responded to the call from an unlikely source: a former military contractor familiar with widespread corruption. He is currently living in exile.

Lest We Forget Al-Aqsa


Muharram 02, 14412019-09-01

Despite troubles in many parts of the Muslim world, the Zionist threat to Masjid al Aqsa cannot be overlooked. The Zionists are making furious efforts to take it over. They must not be allowed to do so.

India, Israel: Two Criminal Regimes


Dhu al-Qa'dah 29, 14402019-08-01

In India Hindu fascists are lynching innocent Muslims in public while in Occupied Palestine, the Zionists are killing and maiming Palestinians. Both regimes share a lot in common.

Trump, Advisors, ‘Mental Retards’


Shawwal 27, 14402019-07-01

Only a mental retard will say he wants to negotiate and impose sanctions on the other side at the same time. This is what Donald Trump has done vis-a-vis Iran and then he expresses surprises that Tehran is not taking up his offer of talks.

The Heart-Breaking Story of 5-year-old Palestinian Girl


Ramadan 27, 14402019-06-01

Five-year-old Aisha Lulu living in Gaza’s al-Bureij locality had brain tumor and needed surgery at al-Maqasid Hospital in Jerusalem. The Zionists refused to give her mother a visa to go with her. A stranger took her but the poor child died soon after returning because of the trauma that she suffered, showing the Zionists callousness.

US blocks ICC War Crimes Probe


Sha'ban 25, 14402019-05-01

When the International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor tried to investigate US war crimes in Afghanistan to question American soldiers, the regime in Washington revoked the prosecutor’s visa to enter the US!

Quds Day, Toronto City Hall, and Racism


Jumada' al-Akhirah 24, 14402019-04-01

Under pressure from pro-Israeli groups, Toronto City Hall has come out swinging against the annual Quds Day rally and want to deny it public space that the fascists, racist, zionists and white supremacists enjoy without any hindrance.

Priests Sexually Abuse Nuns!


Jumada' al-Akhirah 24, 14402019-03-01

The Catholic Church is ridden with sexual scandals but in the past, these were swept under the rug. The problem has now become so serious that nuns have publicly spoken out about priests raping them and the Pope has admitted that some priests held nuns as “sexual slaves”. Will the Church take practical steps to correct the situation?

Why the Taliban Distrust the US


Jumada' al-Ula' 26, 14402019-02-01

The Americans are dishonest to the core. Not surprisingly, the Taliban do not trust them one bit. The Americans want to retain military bases in Afghanistan; the Taliban will have none of this. Who can blame them?

Arabian Potentates Make up with Syria


Rabi' al-Thani 24, 14402019-01-01

With the regime-change plot in Syria biting the dust, Arabian potentates are rushing to kiss and make-up with Syria’s Bashar al Asad. It is a sea change from the beginning of 2011.

US- and Zionist-occupied Golan Heights


Rabi' al-Awwal 23, 14402018-12-01

Occupation of other people’s land is illegal under every law and convention. This rule, however, does not seem to apply to the Zionists and imperialists as witnessed in the recent UN resolution about the illegality of Zionist occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights.

Yemen in the News, Finally!


Safar 23, 14402018-11-01

While Khashoggi’s brutal murder has spotlighted the dark conduct of Saudi rulers, it has also forced Western media outlets to look a little closer at the horrors perpetrated in Yemen.

Foreign-backed Terrorists Attack Iran


Muharram 21, 14402018-10-01

Arabian officials do not make even a pretense of condemning terrorism. They are openly applauding it as was evident in the September 22 terrorist attack in Ahvaz that killed 29 people including women and children.

Shaykh Zakzaky’s Long Ordeal


Dhu al-Hijjah 21, 14392018-09-01

The Nigerian regime has no case against Shaykh Zakzaky and his wife but they are incarcerated because the regime is beholden to Zionist Israel and Saudi Arabia as well as afraid of the Shaykh’s popularity among the masses.

Kites and Missiles Over Gaza


Dhu al-Qa'dah 19, 14392018-08-01

The Zionists are terrified of Palestinian youth flying kites over Gaza. They have used missiles fired from drones as well as artillery fire against the youth flying kites.

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