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India, Israel: Two Criminal Regimes


Two criminal regimes, India and Israel, continue to commit crimes yet face virtually no international opprobrium or sanctions. Gruesome videos have emerged on the internet of Hindu fascists beating up Muslim boys, men, and women in public. This macabre ritual is performed after accusing Muslims of eating beef. Hindus consider the cow to be their “mother.” Imagine! While Hindu businessmen earn $4 billion annually from beef exports, it is ordinary Muslims that are lynched. All this is happening while Hindu India does brisk business with many Muslim countries and millions of Hindus work and live there. When will such Hindu crimes be brought to an end?

Further west in the heart of the Muslim East, resides the illegitimate entity called Zionist Israel planted on stolen Palestinian land.

Since its creation through terror in 1948, Zionist Israel has continued its inexorable push to ethnically cleanse Palestinians and take over their land. While Palestinians have bravely resisted such theft, they are no match for the heavily armed Zionist thugs. Young children with stones confronting Israeli tanks, are a common sight.

In the latest Zionist outrage, 11 Palestinian buildings in Wadi Hummus, a neighbourhood of Sur Bahir village in East Jerusalem, were demolished on July 22. Israeli soldiers barged into Palestinian homes and pushed them out. The Palestinians were not even allowed to take their belongings with them. Wadi Hummus is under Palestinian Authority jurisdiction but the Zionists are not constrained by legal niceties!

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