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The Real Axis of Evil in the World


With the centre of gravity of global political, economic, and military power shifting toward Eurasia, there is visible panic among the warlords in Washington, DC. This has affected their puppets in the Muslim East (aka Middle East) and South Asia even more. There is thus a mad scramble to create new alliances aimed at countering, or at least mitigating, some of the effects of the shift in global power balance.

This has resulted in the emergence of a new axis of evil that comprises such rogue states as the imperialist United States, Zionist Israel, and Hindu India. The pleasure loving Najdi Bedouins of Arabia, terrified to their bones, are trailing closely behind trying to seek protection under the US-Zionist skirt.

While India and Israel have had a long relationship dating back to 1957 when the Zionist State opened a trade mission in India, diplomatic and military relations have taken off since the Hindu extremist Narendra Modi came to power in 2014. Modi became the first Indian prime minister to visit the Zionist State. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reciprocated this by a six-day visit to India last month (January 14–19).

Behind these visits, Uncle Sam’s grubby hand is clearly visible. The US has been actively courting Hindu India, even setting aside Modi’s gory record of complicity in the murder of 2,000 Muslims in Gujarat state in 2002 when he was chief minister. Scores of Muslim women and children were hacked to death by Hindu mobs.

The US wants to use India as a bulwark against China’s growing economic and military power. The latter has embarked on ambitious economic projects under the “One Belt, One Road” (aka the “New Silk Road”) project whose flagship is the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). While CPEC provides China access to the Indian Ocean through the important port of Gwadar, the Silk Road project will connect the entire Eurasia landmass with Russia and Europe.

This was supposed to benefit everyone, but the United States wants to dominate the world as has again become apparent from the new National Defense Strategy (NDS) unveiled by Defence Secretary James (mad-dog) Mattis on January 19. The NDS spells out clearly that Russia and China pose the greatest threat to US hegemony. “Inter-state strategic competition, not terrorism, is now the primary concern in US national security,” according to the Pentagon document.

Does this mean that terrorism is no longer an American obsession? Perish the thought. The Washington warlords, however, have realized that they have milked this bogey long enough and now the specter of a new threat needs to be created. Osama bin Laden is dead; ISIS terrorists have been defeated in Iraq and Syria, not due to any effort of the US, we must note. And just last month, the FBI released a report pointing out that the greatest internal threat the US faced was not from al-Qaeda or ISIS but from homegrown white supremacists. These are the same people that voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump putting him in the White House.

Thus, it was becoming increasingly untenable to justify massive budgetary outlays to fight the phantom of terrorism. It is back to the days of the Cold War but with the added twist: not only the Russians but now even the Chinese are coming! The $650 billion spent annually on the military are simply not enough; the Pentagon needs more to confront this “growing threat” from Russia and China.

“We face growing threats from revisionist powers as different as China and Russia, nations that seek to create a world consistent with their authoritarian models,” Mattis said.

In the Muslim East, the US aim has remained unchanged: protect its illegitimate offspring (Zionist Israel) and cash cow Saudi Arabia. The excuse advanced is to “counterbalance Iran,” and to ensure the region is “not dominated by any power hostile to the United States.” That the US should dominate the region — as it has done for more than 50 years — is supposedly the natural order of things. The other objectives are to contribute to “stable global energy markets and secure trade routes.” Again, this is meant to satiate America’s rapacious appetite for oil and other people’s wealth.

Will this axis of evil comprising the terrible trio succeed? The US is a declining power; Zionist Israel and Hindu India with their racism and extremism, are becoming international pariahs. To counterbalance this menace, other countries — notably China, Russia, and Iran — are coming together to prevent instability and chaos in the region. Zionist Israel and Wahhabi Arabia are the principal regional destabilizers, backed by the US. Their designs must be frustrated.

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 46, No. 12

Jumada' al-Ula' 15, 14392018-02-01

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