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Section: Letters To The Editor

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US Puppets Bani Saud

Askia Wejd

Dhu al-Qa'dah 29, 14402019-08-01

On July 19, the Saudis announced that 500 US troops plus a lot of military hardware would be deployed at Prince Sultan military base just south of Riyadh.

The Changed World

Tanvir Akbar

Dhu al-Qa'dah 29, 14402019-08-01

American hegemony and unilateralism are over. More countries are challenging US diktat. From Syria to Venezuela, US disruptive policies and regime change agendas have been defeated.

Inequality in the US

Katrina Vanderbilt

Dhu al-Qa'dah 29, 14402019-08-01

America has the largest number of billionaires in the world. Every year, more join this elite list. The US also has the largest GDP in the world although China is fast catching up.

War on Yemen

Ahmed Ali

Dhu al-Qa'dah 29, 14402019-08-01

Last month, the Emiratis announced they were withdrawing their forces from Aden, Yemen’s southern port city. As part of the Saudi-led coalition, they were an important component of the invading forces.

The Ascendant Qur’an

Muslim Mahmood

Shawwal 27, 14402019-07-01

Allah (swt) gave me a wonderful opportunity to finish reading the first volume of the tafsir, The Ascendant Qur’an: Realigning Man to the Divine Power Culture.

Khalilzad’s Role

Abdul Karim Mangal

Shawwal 27, 14402019-07-01

Zalmay Khalilzad is a nasty creature. He is staunchly anti-Muslim and despite being born in Afghanistan, he is working to undermine the very people from whose ranks he emerged.

Al Masjid al Aqsa

Ahmed Abul Kheir

Shawwal 27, 14402019-07-01

It is regrettable that most Muslims do not realize how serious the threat to al-Masjid al-Aqsa and the entire Haram al-Sharif in Jerusalem is.

Muslim Trade

Shabbir Ahmed Qureshi

Shawwal 27, 14402019-07-01

It was heartening to read that at least some Muslim countries are working to promote trade between each other (“The Other Silk Road,” Crescent, June 2019).

US-Taliban Negotiations

Speen Gul Watanyar

Ramadan 27, 14402019-06-01

Six rounds of talks have been held between the Taliban and US representatives in Doha, Qatar. Based on Western media reports, most people are under the impression that the talks are aimed at securing a safe withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan.

Yemeni Resistance

Ahmed Ali

Ramadan 27, 14402019-06-01

It was heartening to read in CI (May 2019) that Yemen’s revolutionary fighters have scored major hits against Saudi invaders.

Unity of Muslims

Junaid Siddiqui

Ramadan 27, 14402019-06-01

Most Muslims yearn for unity even if they are not fully aware of how to achieve it.

Indian Elections

Masoud Chaudhry

Ramadan 27, 14402019-06-01

While much of the Western world has been extolling the nonexistent virtues of Indian democracy, one aspect hitherto overlooked is the number of candidates facing serious criminal charges.

Sad State of the Ummah

Dr Salim Chaudhry

Sha'ban 25, 14402019-05-01

There are nearly 2 billion Muslims in the world occupying 20% of the Earth’s landmass but their plight is pitiful. Whose fault is it?

Zionist Crimes

Janet Wood

Sha'ban 25, 14402019-05-01

Like its godfather, the US, Zionist Israel also gets away with murder. Killing and maiming Palestinians is so common that hardly anyone takes notice.

US-India Trade

Tanvir Malik

Sha'ban 25, 14402019-05-01

The US has a huge trade deficit with India. In 2018, the US exported $33.12 billion worth of goods but imported $54.41 billion, resulting in a trade deficit of $21.29 billion. Donald Trump is a businessman.

Muslims at Risk

Shahid Chishti

Sha'ban 25, 14402019-05-01

Seldom before have Muslims faced such a serious threat to their existence as they do today.

The Trouble With India

Rashid Qaiser

Rajab 25, 14402019-04-01

At 1.2 billion people, India is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, second only to China. But India suffers from some very serious problems of which the alarming rise in Hindu fascism is the most troubling.

Afghan Endgame

Hidayatullah Mangal

Rajab 25, 14402019-04-01

All indications point toward an end to the decades long suffering of the Afghan people. The Americans have been involved in talks not only with the Taliban, recognizing them as a major force in the country, but also with Russians and Chinese.

Islam’s Message

Virginia Holtman

Rajab 25, 14402019-04-01

Despite the vicious anti-Islam and anti-Muslim propaganda in the Western media, most people in the West do not have a negative view of Islam or Muslims.

Malcolm X: A Revolutionary

Askia Wejd

Jumada' al-Akhirah 24, 14402019-03-01

The month of February marks the martyrdom of Malcolm X (proper Islamic name, El Haj Malik el-Shabazz). Without doubt, he was a great revolutionary.

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