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Letters To The Editor

Amreekan Hypocrisy

Will Trippet

Re: Your daily news item: ‘Western coverage gets hysterical as China’s influence grows’.

The article does not do justice to shining full light on amreekan hypocrisy.

Never mind that student debt is at its historical peak. No, student loan defaults are at their greatest of all recorded history.

Medical debt is the single greatest cause of bankruptcy in the US.

Also, it’s statistically averaged to die in debt. Government debt is officially beyond its ability to make mere interest payment from this debtor nation.

It has a truly massive trade imbalance (more debt); corporate overleverage (debt) is also at its greatest point ever since the very invention of the corporation.

Over 14 million renter citizens are currently in rent arrears (rent pay debt).

Former President George W. Bush claimed on television they raided social security leaving a pile of IOUs and don’t want to pay the debt they owe as per contract to their citizenry. It goes on and on.

How many stats do I have to cite before you understand who is the great satan as Bin Ladin quipped? Who is the most full of sh*t ever?

Coming to you from the belly of the beast I tell you the bourgeoisie know it’s over and so have been rigging the global system by debt to take as much of the world as they can down with them.

I am not the first to make this observation.

God Bless the ICIT, but this article does not go far enough describing United States hypocrisy.

Like Chomsky said about the threat of a good example, they hate your independence because no one would willingly go through this dystopian abuse.

They want you dependent on them and their sickness.

Will Trippet
Via email

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 50, No. 6

Dhu al-Hijjah 22, 14422021-08-01

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