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Jumada' al-Ula', 14452023-12-01

Crescent International Vol. 53, No. 10

Main Stories

Prosecution Of Israeli War Criminals

Waseem Shehzad

There is overwhelming evidence available even from the statements of Israeli officials that they have perpetrated war crimes. The question is where should these war criminals be tried: at the ICC or the International Court of Justice?

Main Stories

Muslims’ Responsibility To Protect Masjid Al-Aqsa

Zafar Bangash

Masjid al-Aqsa is the first qibla of Muslims. It is under serious threat of zionist zealots that want to demolish it build their mythical third temple. While the Palestinians are in the forefront of defending it, Muslims worldwide must also assume their responsibility for its defence.


World Beyond The UN


Despite its high-sounding principles, the United Nations has demonstrably failed to prevent wars, protect the weak and provide justice. The reason is that three of the five permanent members of Security Council have hijacked its agenda. It is time to think of establishing an alternative organization.


Palestine And The Administration Of The Haramayn

Zafar Bangash

The Saudis have not only occupied the Haramayn (Makkah and al-Madinah), their court preachers even prevent people from praying for the Palestinians subjected to zionist barbarism. Pilgrims have been arrested for wearing the kaffiyeh. The Haramayn must be liberated from the clutches of the Saudis.


We Cannot Alter Facts, But We Can Alter Our Ways Of Looking At Them

Abu Dharr

In his ongoing series about the early history of Islam after the Prophet (pbuh) passed away, Abu Dharr looks into the life of Uthman, the third Khalifah. He urges readers to rise above our pre-conceived notions when examining the lives of early personalities in Islam.

News & Analysis

Why Does The West Support The Genocide Of Gaza?

Kevin Barrett

The west’s support of Israeli-perpetrate genocide in Gaza reflects the dying gasps of a decaying empire and the realization that western hegemony is coming to an end.

News & Analysis

Understanding Zionist Racism

Ayman Ahmed

The zionist project is built on racism. From the proponents of zionist ideology at the end of the nineteenth century to the present day, the one constant is racism. Built on the notion that Jews cannot assimilate in other societies and that they are superior to other people, we have this monstrosity called Israel.

News & Analysis

Can ‘Khamas’ Be Wiped Out?

Omar Ahmed

It is impossible to wipe out Hamas (‘Khamas’ in the guttural pronunciation of the zionists.) Hamas is not just an organization, it is an idea that throbs in the hearts of most Palestinians.

News & Analysis

Dictator Sisi’s Electoral Farce In Egypt

Ayman Ahmed

Dictators love ‘democracy’ despite the glaring contradiction. Take the case of General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi who wants to go through this farce once again on December 10. Since most political parties have been bludgeoned into submission, the result is a foregone conclusion.

News & Analysis

Pakistan: Freedom Or Permanent Slavery Of America?

Zia Sarhadi

There are two distinct views in Pakistan about its future. One side wants freedom from foreign, primarily American domination. The other side wants to remain American slaves. The overwhelming majority wants freedom but the army is hell-bent on remaining slaves.

News & Analysis

Resistance Axis: Regional Alliance With Global Impact

Tahir Mustafa

The Axis of Resistance may be a regional informal alliance at present but its impact is much wider. If the collective west is supporting the zionist war criminals, the Axis of Resistance is with the Palestinian cause.

News & Analysis

Internal Contradictions In The Zionist Entity Will Spell Its Doom

Brecht Jonkers

Israel’s barbaric slaughter of innocent Palestinian men, women and children in Gaza is a sign of weakness, not strength. Its inner contradictions are catching up with it, spelling its doom sooner than later.

Islamic Movement

Correct Understanding Of The Role Of Ulul Amr Essential

Salina Khan

Ulul amr is an important Islamic concept. Its correct understanding is essential in order to understand who qualifies to be called ulul amr.

Islamic Movement

Land Ownership: The Islamic Movement Perspective

Imran Khan

The question of land ownership lies at the root of most conflicts in the world. In North America, the European settler colonialists were highly successful in decimating the indigenous population. In South Africa, Black racism is driving its policies disregarding the rights of other people.

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