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Pakistan: Freedom Or Permanent Slavery Of America?

Zia Sarhadi

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Pakistan’s most popular leader Imran Khan languishes in prison on bogus charges. A bunch of criminals have been installed in power by the army chief, General Asim Munir who effectively runs the country from behind the scenes.

Pakistan faces severe economic, political and social challenges. This is the direct result of the former army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa’s criminal act in April 2022 when he ousted an elected prime minister from power. This was done on direct orders from the Americans, the real masters of Pakistan.

Why were the Americans upset with Imran Khan? He was acting too independently and wanted Pakistan to have a relationship of equals with the US. The warlords in Washington want slaves, not leaders that act independently.

Imran Khan had to go. Enter Pakistan’s thuggish generals who have always served as America’s door mats. They dutifully carried out America’s orders sending Pakistan into a crisis of mega proportions.

The army has corrupted every institution in Pakistan, including the judiciary. The latter does not dispense justice. Its sole function is to carry out the orders given by some semi-literate colonel or brigadier based on the whims of the big boss, the army chief. He, too, is not particularly bright. It is unrealistic to expect the thugs in uniform to possess any intellectual ability.

They control all state institutions because they have the guns and tanks. They consider themselves above the law and answerable to no one. As a consequence, they have brought the country to the brink of disaster.

Let us consider what they are doing to Imran Khan. The army not only removed him from power but the generals are trying to eliminate him from the political process altogether. They are aware of his popularity among the masses. Every poll conducted in the country shows Imran Khan’s support base is intact despite cheap attempts to undermine his credibility and tarnish his character.

He has been entangled in myriad cases, all bogus but since the judges receive their orders from the army, Imran Khan cannot get any justice. On November 21, he got a small break. A two-member bench of the Islamabad High Court declared the cipher case against him illegal. The judges found serious irregularities in the case. The trial must start again, the judges ordered.

Despite being locked up in jail since August 5, 2023, Imran Khan’s popularity has continued to soar. He faces nearly 200 cases that will keep him tied down for a long time. On the other hand, Nawaz Sharif, a convicted criminal, who had fled the country on bogus claims of ill-health, was allowed to return to the country after four years. Upon his return on October 21, he should have been arrested and locked up. Instead, he was exonerated of all charges, past and present.

The army wants to reinstall him in power for the fourth time. This blighter and his thieving family have stolen billions of dollars from the country yet the army wants him back in power as prime minister.

On what basis does the army decide who should be the prime minister? It has no legal mandate to do so. Based on the constitution, the people must elect their leaders but the army does not care. It has never respected the people’s will. The thuggish generals dismiss them as “ignorant” and insist only they know what is best for the country.

The entire political class, past and present, comprises criminals and sycophants. Their forefathers had betrayed the people in the 1857 uprising against British colonialists. For this treachery, the British rewarded them with vast estates. The British did not own the land but since they were masters, they dispensed “favours” to their slaves.

The situation has changed little since then. In August 1947, Pakistan gained only nominal independence. The colonial system remained intact. This enables a small parasitical class to continue to exploit people and violate their fundamental rights. This is true at the political, economic, social and judicial levels.

There are two foreign powers that dictate Pakistan’s policies: the US and Britain. This is evident from the manner in which the ambassadors of the two countries go around the country meeting not only political leaders but also bureaucrats, generals, the election commissioner and even the chief of police in Punjab. One is constrained to ask on what basis do the US and British envoys hold such meetings?

There are certain protocols that foreign diplomats must follow. All their meetings must be cleared by the foreign office. Unfortunately, the Pakistan foreign office cannot say ‘no’ to any such requests because they also suffer from deep inferiority complex and a slave mentality.

The envoys’ meetings are a gross interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs. Their intent is clear: to influence the outcome of the February 8, 2024 general elections. In particular, the US and British envoys want to make sure that Imran Khan does not return to power. He was removed from power in April 2022 because he was acting too independently. The Americans do not want to have to face the same situation again. They do not like leaders that act too independently. They only want yes-men and yes-women.

It is widely known that the Americans want Nawaz Sharif, the convicted criminal and three-times former prime minister, to occupy the top post again. What’s so special about him and not any other politician such as Asif Ali Zardari, his son Bilawal or even Fazlur Rahman, popularly known as ‘Fazloo diesel’, who would all willingly sell their souls?

They are just as corrupt, dim-witted and totally subservient to the US. Sharif’s speciality is that he has cultivated close links with Indian politicians as well as their intelligence agencies. The US wants Pakistan to accept India’s dominance in the region to confront China. Further, Pakistan must give up its nuclear assets and recognize zionist Israel.

Sharif is more than willing to do so as long as he is given a chance to become prime minister again. This is also meant to facilitate the ascension of his equally corrupt and morally bankrupt daughter Maryam Nawaz at a future date. The Pakistan army is on the same page.

It had already publicly surrendered to India on December 17, 1971. The Americans want a “civilian” ruler to seal the deal. Thus, the interests of several players and institutions have gelled to bring about the outcome the Americans want.

Imran Khan is a hurdle in the way of this diabolical plot, hence the desperate quest to eliminate him from the scene, politically or physically. Only the people of Pakistan can frustrate this criminal plot. It is up to them to decide what kind of a future they want for themselves, their children and the country.

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 53, No. 10

Jumada' al-Ula' 17, 14452023-12-01

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