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Understanding Zionist Racism

Ayman Ahmed

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Zionism and Nazism are two faces of the same coin. They both emerged in Europe and feed into each other. Much as the zionists try to conflate it with Judaism, most people in the world refuse to fall for this canard. They understand the political nature of zionism. Even many Jewish people do not buy this argument.

Zionism's basic premise is that Jews cannot live among the people of other faiths. Theodore Herzl, who propounded the idea of political zionism, held the view that Jews are “a single people” regardless of the country they reside in. Further, that they have always and throughout history been subjected to persecution.

Herzl framed his argument thus in order to garner support of the Jewish people who had initially shunned his ideology. From this followed the other fallacy that they cannot be assimilated into the societies they live in.

Looking at Jewish people in countries like the US, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Austria and a host of others, this argument is totally flawed. In all these societies, Jewish people are not only well integrated but occupy important positions, often far in excess of what their numbers would justify.

Take the case of the US. Almost all top positions in Joe Biden’s regime are occupied by Jews. These include the Secretary of State, Treasury, CIA director, National Security Advisor, Justice Department and a host of others. They occupy important positions in the media as well. Hollywood is also dominated by them and even boast about it.

Joel Stein, a former long-time columnist for the Los Angeles Times, candidly admitted: “I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.” He also said: “I don’t care if Americans think we’re committing human rights violations, apartheid, or genocide. I just care that we get to keep committing them.”

That is precisely what they are doing in Gaza today: committing genocide. And all western regimes and their elites have come out in support of zionist war crimes. Anyone digressing even slightly from the zionist-dictated line is immediately branded as an anti-semite.

Stein even wrote a book, titled, In Defense of Elitism: Why I’m Better Than You and You Are Better than Someone Who Didn’t Buy This Book!

Let us, however, return to the question of zionist racism and the argument that Jews must have a state of their own. Herzl was an atheist and did not care for Judaism. That also explains why initially he did not advocate the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine. It was later modified to appeal to Jewish sentiment and Herzl said this state should be established between the “Euphrates and the river in Egypt (Nile)”.

The zionist forefathers had to couch the demand for their settler colonial enterprise in Biblical terms in order to provide a veneer of religious legitimacy. This also appealed to Jewish sentiment. Historically, Jews went to Al-Quds/Jerusalem for religious not political reasons. The indigenous Palestinian population welcomed them.

Thus, the zionists framed what was essentially a political project in religious terms. It was more than political; it was a settler-colonial enterprise. That other colonial enterprises were dismantled is due to the fact they were not underpinned by religious sentiment. In Israel’s case, it is being provided longevity by a religious twist.

The notion that Jews cannot be assimilated among non-Jews is clearly a racist idea, which is also the argument presented by anti-semites. The other even more racist idea is that Jews are superior to all the other people.

Rabbi Yaacov Perrin stated at the funeral of Baruch Goldstein that even one million Arabs “are not worth a Jewish fingernail.” He made these racist remarks while eulogizing Goldstein who had murdered in cold blood 29 Palestinian worshippers during Fajr prayers at the Ibrahimi Mosque on February 25, 1994. The zionists have erected a shrine to this mass-murderer who was a squatter from Brooklyn, New York.

Such views are not confined to one Israeli sect. They are widely held by Jews in Israel. They have even attacked and spat on Christians. Israeli politicians issued hypocritical statements about such behaviour. If they were serious about such despicable conduct, they would not have enacted laws that discriminate against non-Jews.

One such law is Israel’s Nation State Law passed in July 2018 that states that Israel is the nation-state for Jews only. Even the Israeli supreme court upheld the constitutionality of this racist law.

These racist views, incorporated into law not only reflect zionist thinking but are a threat to non-Jews—the Palestinians—living in that land. It must be borne in mind that the land takes its name from the Palestinian people (the Philistines) who are the original inhabitants of the land and were there long before the Hebrew tribes arrived.
Faced with such racist thinking augmented by equally racist laws, the rest of the world has no choice but to confront this monstrosity with all the diplomatic, economic and military means to contain and ultimate defeat it. Further, this entity illegally occupies the land of another people, the Palestinians and must be divested of it.

The zionist entity must also be isolated diplomatically. No country should have ties with this racist monstrosity. Countries that have diplomatic relations should terminate them immediately. This is the only way to show the world’s abhorrence at Israeli racism.

Diplomatic isolation of zionist Israel must be accompanied by economic boycott. This must include not selling it any oil or gas. Unfortunately, many Muslim countries not only have diplomatic ties with Israel but also sell it oil and gas. They also purchase goods from Israel as well as allow Israeli tourists into their countries.

Instead of trading with it, an economic embargo should be imposed on Israel. The settler-colonial entity has illegally occupied the land of the Palestinian people. It is also perpetrating a genocide against them.

There are other steps Muslim countries must take: deny their airspace to Israeli aircraft. Similarly, Muslim countries must not allow their waterways, such as the Suez Canal, to be used by Israeli ships. An entity that abides by no international norms and indulges in horrific crimes against innocent people including the cold-blooded murder of children must be shunned and its racist ideology dismantled. This will not be possible if countries continue to trade with it.

Israel’s barbarous campaign against the hapless people of Gaza and the West Bank has awakened many people to the true nature of this criminal entity. This is a good opportunity to utilize this sentiment and work toward removing its toxic presence from Muslim countries.

People throughout the world including in many western countries whose regimes are supporting zionist crimes in Gaza have realized the true nature of zionism. The massive rallies in countries like the US, Canada, Britain, France, Germany and many others testify to the fact that people are appalled by Israeli barbarism. This is the appropriate time to work collectively to dismantle the settler-colonial entity and banish the racist ideology of zionism that has rightly been described as racism.

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 53, No. 10

Jumada' al-Ula' 17, 14452023-12-01

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