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Rabi' al-Thani, 14412019-12-01

Crescent International Vol. 48, No. 10


Everything is Connected… No One Thing Can Change by Itself

Abu Dharr

The riots in Iraq, Lebanon and Islamic Iran are interconnected. The hands of imperialists and Zionists and their local minions are all visible if only one opens ones eyes…


Wars on Their Minds

Zafar Bangash

War is profitable business for the gnomes of corporate America and the deep state even if it results in the unnecessary deaths of millions of innocent people (collateral damage). Where no threat exists, America and its allies will manufacture one…


Trump Flees in Disgrace from Syria But Brags of War Crimes

Kevin Barrett

Only a moron like Donald Trump would publicly admit that he is keeping US forces in Syria to steal its oil. This is a war crime. His predecessors were no better but they were more sophisticated than Trump.

Main Stories

Le Mesurier: British Spy and Mercenary

Ayman Ahmed

While few would mourn his death, British spy and mercenary James Le Mesurier had outlived his useful for his imperialist/Zionist bosses. His housemaid had revealed he was stressed and suffered from high blood pressure in the days prior to his death/murder. Le Mesurier knew his days were numbered.

News & Analysis

Iran Exposes US Failure in the Muslim East

Tahir Mahmoud

US officials admit their nearly $1 trillion military budget is unable to subdue Islamic Iran that has developed unconventional means to thwart Washington’s disruptive tactics and policies…

News & Analysis

Impeachment Circus

Kevin Barrett

Will Clown Trump be driven from the big tent? His other crimes are far more serious but opponents are going only after his phone call with Ukrainian president to investigate Joe Biden’s son…

Editor's Desk

Distinction between Judaism and Zionism


Pro-Israeli groups go to extreme lengths to present Zionism and Judaism as the same. They are not. Critics of Zionism must also be careful not to conflate the two. There are many good and decent Jewish people that are equally appalled at the excesses of Zionism and speak out against them.


Zionists Kill Palestinians and Steal Their Land


Israel’s killing of Palestinians has become so routine that it hardly evokes a yawn. 300 unarmed Palestinian protesters have been killed and another 30,000 or more injured in Gaza since March 2018, but the Zionists intensified attacks on Gaza with missiles and bombs that killed another 34 and injured 110 others in two days last month.


Islamic Iran and the Jewish People


The Zionists and their supporters deliberately misrepresent statements of Iranian officials about Israel. Iran’s leader, Imam Seyyed Ali Khamenei clarified on November 14 that when Iran calls for the “elimination of Israel”, it is the regime not the Jewish people that it wants removed.

News & Analysis

ISIS in Mozambique: Is it Africa’s Turn Now?

Mustafa Mheta

Why is that ISIS and other terrorist outfits emerge in regions rich in mineral resources and the imperialist powers and their corporation not far behind with offers of “help”?

News & Analysis

Imperialists Weaponize Protests in Iraq, Lebanon, Iran…

Kevin Barrett

While the concerns of Iraqis and Lebanese, and more recently of the people in Iran, are legitimate, the manner in which external agents have infiltrated and weaponized these protests reveal a sinister agenda: regime change through sabotage!

News & Analysis

Afghanistan’s 40-year War

Zia Sarhadi

Afghans will observe another grim anniversary in their long ordeal with foreign occupiers: the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan 40 years ago. Today another self-proclaimed superpower is about to bite the bullet in the landlocked country.

News & Analysis

Eurasian Economic Union: The Geopolitical Angle

Tahir Mustafa

Islamic Iran is always thinking of creative ways to overcome the impact of America’s illegal sanctions—economic terrorism. The Eurasian Economic Union offers an appropriate outlet since the region is also connected by land with Islamic Iran.

Special Reports

The Threat of Ethno-religious Fascism in India

Shahid Alam

India has been taken over by ethno-religious fascists where there is no room for religious minorities, especially Muslims. Leading figures of the ruling BJP have made this amply clear. The world can only ignore it at its own peril.

Special Reports

India’s Army of Fake News Trolls

Hayy Yaqzan

India has developed an army of fake news trolls to spread misinformation and present a false image that it is a “civilized” country. It is nothing of the sort. India today is ruled by criminals, gangsters and rapists.

Special Reports

Arab Spring: What Went Wrong?

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

Islamic leaders that led the Islamic awakening movements in their respective countries made a strategic blunder: they opted to play within the system and hoped to mould it to their agenda. Instead, they were not only co-opted but easily subverted and crushed by the system.

Special Reports

Praying at the Altar of the Titans (Part 2)

Amir Nour

Is Faith in the Power of Technology Altering Our Humanity? Without belief in the all-Powerful and ever-Watching God, we are doomed to self-destruct.

Letters To The Editor

Boycott Indian Products

Salman Sheikh

Boycotting Indian goods is a peaceful way to express one’s abhorrence at the Modi regime’s atrocious crimes in Kashmir.

Letters To The Editor

Yemen’s Resistance

Ally Gamal

The Ansarallah fighters in Yemen have shown what can be achieved with steadfastness and determination.

Letters To The Editor

Sultan Mehmet II

Muhammad Ali Siddiqi

The learned writer’s piece was worth reading and devoid of prejudice. However, there was a factual mistake.

Letters To The Editor

Clarity of Thought

Qasim Hamoud

Most Muslims suffer from mental slavery and are unable to think for themselves. That is why they are unable to progress.

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