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Keyword: Racism

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India’s Racist Laws


Jumada' al-Akhirah 07, 14412020-02-01

Narendra Modi and his fascist followers are hell-bent on turning India into an exclusive Hindu state with no room for other religious groups. Their first target India’s 200 million Muslims but it will not end there. Modi’s racist policies have aroused Indians from a broad cross-section challenging its slide into absolute fascism.

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Zionist Israel’s deeply ingrained anti-Semitism

Crescent International

Rabi' al-Awwal 08, 14412019-11-05

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Quds Day, Toronto City Hall, and Racism


Jumada' al-Akhirah 24, 14402019-04-01

Under pressure from pro-Israeli groups, Toronto City Hall has come out swinging against the annual Quds Day rally and want to deny it public space that the fascists, racist, zionists and white supremacists enjoy without any hindrance.


Racist Attacks Against Muslims

Zafar Bangash

Rajab 14, 14392018-04-01

While the Western campaign to demonize Muslims is used to justify its war agenda, ordinary Muslims are being targeted by the Zionists, Christians, Hindus and even ‘peaceful’ Buddhists everywhere!

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Black History Month and Institutional Racism

Hayy Yaqzan

Jumada' al-Akhirah 13, 14392018-03-01

Black History Month is now well established in the US and Canada but it only ‘celebrates’ establishment-approved figures, not the true revolutionaries.

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Terrorists massacre entire village

John Andrew Morrow

Dhu al-Hijjah 10, 14382017-09-01

Murdering and mutilating men, women, and children; read and find out who did this.

Editor's Desk

Racist teachers in Canadian schools


Safar 01, 14382016-11-01

Canada is a multicultural country but this is no guarantee against racist teachers. The case of one School principal in York Region (same locality where Crescent is based) has brought to the fore the danger of such people poisoning young minds.

Letters To The Editor

Muslims hurt

Abdul Rashid Khan

Dhu al-Hijjah 29, 14372016-10-01

The much-maligned Muslims are the greatest victims of hate crimes as the growing attacks on Islamic centres and mosques show.

Daily News Analysis

Freddie Gray's neck was broken in police van but no one ‘guilty’ of killing him!

Crescent International

Shawwal 22, 14372016-07-27

The police in America can do no wrong even when they kill innocent people. Since the police investigate themselves, they destroy the evidence. In the unlikely event of a case going before the court, racist judges ensure police are exonerated. Not surprisingly, so many blacks have been killed in recent months. Black anger is understandable in view of such brutality. Even President Obama says the justice system is broken but is helpless to fix it.

Daily News Analysis

Canadians reject Harper’s mean spirited Islamophobic agenda and elect Trudeau as PM

Crescent International

Muharram 07, 14372015-10-20

Justin Trudeau, Canada's Prime Minister-elect, has made a number of very encouraging promises. Will he be able to deliver on them is the big question. He has a lot going for him but whether he will be able to break the stanglehold of powerful lobby groups has yet to be tested. He is off to a good start with a clear majority in parliament. And the Muslim community had a lot to do with his resounding victory.

The Ascendant Qur'an: Realigning Man to the Divine Power Culture - Volume 9

Muhammad H. al-'Asi

Muharram 01, 14372015-10-14

In this ninth volume of the multi-volume tafsir series, Imam Muhammad al-‘Asi has dealt with only the first 40 ayat of Sura al-Mai’dah. These ayat relate to important injunctions requiring detailed treatment, and hence the explanations here enable readers to understand the divine commands with the motivation to go out there and make some changes. Those readers that have followed the tafsir series thus far would appreciate the depth of treatment accorded to the Qur’anic ayat herein. Imam al-‘Asi has taken special care to link the divine commands to today’s reality and identify the present-day covenant violators and oppressors.

Daily News Analysis

White American racist charged in Church murder of nine Blacks

Crescent International

Ramadan 02, 14362015-06-19

Another horror has been perpetrated in the US, this time by a 21-year-old white racist supremacist in Charleston, South Carolina. Dylann Roof shot and killed nine members of a black church while they were studying the bible in the evening on June 17. The police have described the killings a hate crime and the state governor has called for the death penalty for the accused.


Towards achieving Social Justice

Gauteng Muslim Shurah Council (GMSC)

Sha'ban 05, 14362015-05-23

The Gauteng Muslim Shurah Council (GMSC) wishes to extend an invitation to take in an interactive inaugural Conference on ‘Social Justice’ which will Inshallah be held in Daveyton.

Daily News Analysis

Protests at Zionist racism against Ethiopian Jews

Crescent International

Rajab 12, 14362015-05-01

Zionist society is deeply racist. Ethiopian Jews, like the Palestinians face the brunt of this racism. Ethiopian Jews are expected to sacrifice their lives for the racist entity but they are not treated as equal citizens. Instead, they routinely face police brutality, just like that other great democracy, the US where police brutality has been rampant targeting and killing unarmed African-Americans.

Daily News Analysis

St Louis police shoot unarmed black teen; governor calls out the National Guard

Crescent International

Shawwal 21, 14352014-08-18

Police in America shoot and kill black men, especially teens, first and worry about their guilt later. Even in death, their character assassination continues as the case of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO shows. The unarmed teen was shot six times execution-style even after he had raised his hands in surrender. Life for black teens is extremely precarious in the US even if one of them makes it to the White House!


Trayvon: sacrifice to the gods of imperialism

Afeef Khan

Ramadan 23, 14342013-08-01

Racism is so deeply embedded in the American psyche that even with an African-American as president, killing blacks is routine, as Trayvon Martin’s murder verdict showed.

Daily News Analysis

Empire Building shoot-out illustrates NYPD violence against civilians

Crescent International

Shawwal 10, 14332012-08-28

The NYPD has a track record of excessive surveillance of ethnic and racial minorities, including blacks, Hispanics and Muslims.

News & Analysis

Zionist racism scales new heights of depravity

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

Sha'ban 11, 14332012-07-01

How racist is the Zionist State of Israel? Consider this. Danny Danon, a Knesset member of the ruling rightwing Likud Partyleads the organization, Deportation Now.

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