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Ukraine, Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan and Yemen

Crescent International

No room for African women and children on the trains to safety. Ukrainian police have forcibly removed them from trains heading to the Polish border yet we are told to sympathize with the Ukrainians because Russian forces have entered their country and some Ukrainians have been killed!

The 24/7 propaganda beamed from western capitals and amplified by the corporate media is supposed to ensure everybody is lined up to condemn Russia and sympathize with the Ukrainians.

The raw racism in media coverage is mind-boggling.

“These are white Europeans, like us, with blonde hair and blue eyes, not some bedraggled refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria or other ‘third world’ country,” is the line parroted ad nauseam by western journalists.

The other line of argument is that Russia is the aggressor and we must condemn it.

Without going into the merits or otherwise of this argument, let us consider the facts.

We are called upon to sympathize with the Ukrainians because they are under attack and have been turned into refugees.

The refugee status is ordinarily reserved only for citizens of ‘third world’ countries that are being bombed by the western regimes to bring them civilization.

The former comedian-turned-politician and now president of Ukraine Volodomyr Zelensky is lionized for standing up to Russia.

Ukraine is projected as a ‘democracy’ and hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of arms are being pumped into it to fend off Russian aggression.

The same Ukrainians that we are supposed to sympathize with are unabashed racists and bigots.

The horrible treatment meted out to people of color in Ukraine is absolutely shocking.

Ukrainian police have forcibly thrown Africans out of trains heading toward Poland.

At the Polish border, thousands of non-white refugees have been stranded for days while white Ukrainians are allowed quick passage.

Should we be sympathizing with these Ukrainian racists and bigots and do they deserve our support, even if it is verbal?

Let us recall for the record that last May when the zionists were pulverizing the tiny Gaza Strip and bombing apartment buildings with occupants inside, Zelensky was applauding these zionist crimes.

He is an unabashed zionist, as is the prime minister of Ukraine.

Should we be sympathizing with Zelensky who applauds the murder of innocent Palestinians that have suffered decades of zionist brutality?

And the hypocritical west that is rushing to arm Ukraine and urging their citizens to go and fight against Russia, say in virtually the same breath that Palestinians are ‘terrorists’ if they try to defend themselves against zionist onslaught.

“Israel has the right to defend itself,” is another constantly heard refrain.

Ukrainians throwing Molotov cocktail bombs at Russians are heroes but Palestinians doing the same thing (or merely throwing stones at heavily-armed Israeli soldiers) are terrorists!

Ukrainian suicide bombers are heroes, Palestinian suicide bombers are terrorists.

Let us flip the situation and apply this logic to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Why can’t the Russians say they have the right to defend themselves, according to the same western logic?

The Russians have a far stronger case to claim self-defence.

Nato has spread its tentacles to its borders threatening Russian security.

Imagine if Russia had stationed missiles and troops in Mexico or Cuba.

Who is unaware of the Cuban missile crisis of 1962 when the US threatened a nuclear war?

This is not meant to justify war, nor to take sides in the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

It is merely to point out the hypocrisy of western regimes.

The Palestinians are being murdered on a daily basis and their houses are blown up by the zionist occupation forces.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians have been turned into refugees and thousands of others are languishing in horrible conditions in Israeli prisons.

But we must not sympathize with the Palestinians, we are told.

That is only reserved for white, blonde hair blue-eyed Ukrainians for whom western borders are open, no visas required!

The same hypocrisy is apparent in the treatment of the long-suffering people of Kashmir.

They have suffered more than 74 years of Indian military brutality.

While Russia has deployed around 150,000 troops in Ukraine that has a total population of 40 million, India has deployed 900,000 troops against 10 million Kashmiris.

Why so much breast-beating for Ukrainians and total disregard for the rights of the Kashmiris?

Let us dispense with niceties.

The fact is Ukrainians are white while the Palestinians and Kashmiris (or at least most of them) are non-white.

Some Palestinians and Kashmiris may pass the colour test but they cannot cross the Rubicon of ‘third worldism”.

Racism and hypocrisy are at work in the different treatment of Ukrainians vis-à-vis the Palestinians and Kashmiris.

There is no other way to describe it.

The Americans are deliberately starving more than half of Afghanistan's population and has frozen their assets.

The same dire situation exists in Yemen where the Saudi war-mongers are backed by the US, Britain, France and a host of other war criminals.

This is naked hypocrisy.

Next time, any western ruler invokes the argument of international law or mention human rights, they should be told to shut up!

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