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Daily News Analysis

Muslim factor in the Ukraine war

Crescent International

Muharram 18, 14442022-08-16

Daily News Analysis

Central Asia emerging as geopolitical hotspot

Crescent International

Dhu al-Hijjah 08, 14432022-07-07

News & Analysis

Russia Is Winning in Ukraine: Get Ready for the Post-American Century

Kevin Barrett

Dhu al-Hijjah 02, 14432022-07-01

The US and its allies have made a strategic mistake by provoking the war in Ukraine with Russia. Ukraine has lost the war and the west, especially the US will pay a heavy price for this folly. The American century is over before it hardly began.

News & Analysis

Russian Response to NATO Expansion in Ukraine

Brecht Jonkers

Dhu al-Qa'dah 01, 14432022-06-01

Russia was left with no choice but to take strong action in Ukraine to prevent its becoming a NATO member, and to end the genocide of Russian-speaking people in the Donbass region. Moscow will not allow NATO troops on its borders, period!

Daily News Analysis

US miscalculations about the war in Ukraine

Crescent International

Ramadan 13, 14432022-04-14

Main Stories

Russia vs NATO: The Economic Battlefield

Akhmet Makhmoudov

Sha'ban 29, 14432022-04-01

There are many variables in the proxy war between Russia and the US-led NATO in Ukraine. The economic dimension is one of them but it is not all a one-way street. Since Russia’s economy is deeply intertwined with that of Europe, sanctions on Russia are negatively impacting Europe as well.

News & Analysis

Ukraine: The 1914 Moment Looms Over Europe in 2022

Our Own Correspondent

Rajab 28, 14432022-03-01

As western media outlets continue their fixation with news from Russia and NATO capitals over the unpredictable geopolitical developments in Ukraine, the end game for all sides remains unclear and not properly understood. While both Russia and NATO regimes adjust their objectives and tactics based on the rapidly evolving situation, there are certain fixed points.

Showing 1-20 of 34

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