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By attacking Syria repeatedly, Israel is digging its own grave

Crescent International

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Referring to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the one-man show run from a clothing store in Coventry, England, Ha‘aretz reported that in the past year Israel has attacked Syria 25 times.

Supporters of the zionist entity might consider this as positive news, spinning it to reflect Israeli power.

This type of twisted logic is not only based on the misreading of regional geopolitical developments but it also reflects deep ignorance of the international legal system.

International law is a precedent-based system.

One of the reasons most legal experts debate the reality of international law is that it has no hierarchy of enforcement and is largely dependent on political consensus and the interpretation of states willing to give a legal veneer to their actions.

Why this is important in the context of zionist strikes on Syria needs elaboration.

Israel is well-known for violating what is deemed as international law because the US provides it with political and military cover.

The zionist entity’s actions in Syria, however, are a very different ballgame compared to its other theaters of conflict.

Frequent zionist violations of Syria’s sovereignty create the legal foundations for Israel’s demise in the near future.

By repeatedly violating Syria’s sovereignty with no legal or political repercussions, Israel is opening the legal door for future action against its occupation of Palestine, be it by Syria or any other state actor.

Recent protests in Libya and the sacking of its foreign minister because she met the Israeli foreign minister clearly show that the Muslim Ummah will never accept the zionist occupation of Palestine or accept Israel’s legitimacy.

Autocratic western-backed Arab regimes can sign as many “normalization” deals with Israel as they want, those deals have no popular support.

Other regional and non-regional Muslim countries are likely to take decisive action against the zionist regime in Palestine.

Neither Israel nor its western backers will then be able to play the international law card.

Considering that Syria is one of the few Arab countries which actively opposes Israel, Damascus will, in the not too distant future, confront Israel over its occupation of the Golan Heights.

These belong to Syria which has every right to take whatever action necessary to liberate them from the clutches of the zionist occupiers.

Also, considering that Islamic Iran and Hizbullah are now much more entrenched in Syria in comparison to the pre-2011 period, it is simply a matter of time before Syria also becomes an active front against Israel.

It should be kept in mind that Russian President Vladimir Putin used NATO’s political and legal narrative in launching his military operations against Ukraine.

NATO regimes had already established a precedent by violating Iraqi, Libyan and Syrian sovereignty.

Global politics in a multi-polar world will, and do boomerang.

Western regimes can no longer break the laws and rules they claim to uphold with impunity and then expect others to abide by them.

Thus, sooner or later, the west’s military and political outpost in West Asia (aka Israel), will face the full brunt of the regional reality it has created via its own reckless conduct.

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