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News & Analysis

Iran & Palestine Face Double Whammy: Sanctions & Covid-19

Iqbal Jassat

Sha'ban 07, 14412020-04-01

Unlike other countries, Iran and Palestine face two challenges: illegal sanctions and siege, and the coronavirus. Both have devasted their populations.

Week In Review

Coronavirus in Palestine

Sha'ban 03, 14412020-03-28

Main Stories

‘Deal of the Century’ or Recipe for Disaster?

Ayman Ahmed

Rajab 06, 14412020-03-01

Donald Trump is desperate to get re-elected as US president in the November 2020 elections. Aware that he would need the support of the Israeli lobby in the US, he is willing to give them anything they want and then some. His so-called deal of the century is part of this plan but far from bringing peace, it will lead to more chaos and turmoil in the region.

Daily News Analysis

Trump's "Deal of the Century" based on Ignorance, must be Ignored!

Iqbal Jassat

Jumada' al-Akhirah 04, 14412020-01-29

Main Stories

Vision 2020: With Hindsight

Tahir Mustafa

Jumada' al-Ula' 06, 14412020-01-01

Based on our understanding of global events and their impact on the Muslim world, we identify certain trouble spots that are likely to remain in the news. We are not making predictions, merely analyzing trends that lead us to such conclusions.


Zionists Kill Palestinians and Steal Their Land


Rabi' al-Thani 04, 14412019-12-01

Israel’s killing of Palestinians has become so routine that it hardly evokes a yawn. 300 unarmed Palestinian protesters have been killed and another 30,000 or more injured in Gaza since March 2018, but the Zionists intensified attacks on Gaza with missiles and bombs that killed another 34 and injured 110 others in two days last month.

Daily News Analysis

Balfour declaration’s disastrous legacy for Palestinians

Crescent International

Rabi' al-Awwal 06, 14412019-11-03

Letters To The Editor

Gaza: A Vast Prison!

Veronica Black

Rabi' al-Awwal 04, 14412019-11-01

How can Zionist Israel claim to be a democracy when it has imposed a tight siege of the tiny Gaza enclave where nearly two million people are held prisoners?

Daily News Analysis

Hizbullah inflicts humiliating defeat on Israel

Crescent International

Muharram 04, 14412019-09-03


Zionist Genocide of Palestinians Continues

Kevin Barrett

Dhu al-Qa'dah 29, 14402019-08-01

If there is one consistent Zionist policy it is the genocide of Palestinians. They spare no one: men, women or children. The fact that such crimes are seldom reported mean few people are even aware of such horrors.

Editor's Desk

The Heart-Breaking Story of 5-year-old Palestinian Girl


Ramadan 27, 14402019-06-01

Five-year-old Aisha Lulu living in Gaza’s al-Bureij locality had brain tumor and needed surgery at al-Maqasid Hospital in Jerusalem. The Zionists refused to give her mother a visa to go with her. A stranger took her but the poor child died soon after returning because of the trauma that she suffered, showing the Zionists callousness.


Al-Masjid al-Aqsa Under Threat

Zafar Bangash

Ramadan 27, 14402019-06-01

The Zionists are furiously trying to take over al Majid al Aqsa, the first qibla of Muslims. In violation of their own laws, they have trespassed on the holy sanctuary on numerous occasions aided and abetted by heavily armed Israeli soldiers.

Daily News Analysis

Palestinians in Gaza Bury Their Dead While Israelis Prepare for Eurovision Song and Dance

Crescent International

Sha'ban 29, 14402019-05-05

Zionist Israel’s relentless bombardment of the besieged Gaza Strip on the eve of Ramadan has killed 17 Palestinians and injured 110 others in three days of strikes.

Daily News Analysis

Worldwide Rallies Against NATO and for Right of Return for Palestinians

Crescent International

Rajab 24, 14402019-03-31

On Saturday March 30, peace and anti-war activists held rallies in different capitals to demand that NATO be dismantled as well as to support the Palestinians’ right of return.

Daily News Analysis

Israeli Attacks on Gaza Destroyed 30 Palestinian Homes, Damaged 500 Others, Causing $2 Million Losses

Crescent International

Rajab 22, 14402019-03-29

The Zionist occupation regime continued with its barbarous policy of causing death and destruction in the besieged Gaza Strip. In the missile and aerial attacks on the tiny enclave on March 25, the Zionists destroyed 30 houses completely and caused damage to 500 others.

Daily News Analysis

Rouhani to Saudi Arabia: ‘We’ll protect you for free!’

Crescent International

Rabi' al-Awwal 16, 14402018-11-24

Addressing the opening session of 32nd International Unity Conference in Tehran on November 24, President Hassan Rouhani condemned the “Zionist tumor” implanted in the Middle East and offered to defend Saudi Arabia “for free”.

Daily News Analysis

Al-Quds (Jerusalem): Tribute to Palestinian Resistance

Firoz Osman

Ramadan 19, 14392018-06-04

There is something remarkable about the fortitude and resilience of the Palestinian people in resisting 70 years of a brutal Israeli occupation, one of the longest military occupations in history.


One Who is Afraid to Run Away!

Abu Dharr

Ramadan 16, 14392018-06-01

Paying tribute to the sagacity and wisdom of the late Imam Khomeini

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