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Weakened sectarianism has implications for Israel and its stooges

Crescent International

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Analysis of West Asia since 2003 reveals that the biggest damage to the region was caused when the US and its surrogates weaponized sectarianism and selected it as their primary tool of operations.

With ongoing genocidal war in Palestine, societies and socio-political forces in West Asia have united against zionist Israel, in ways not seen in several decades.

This has considerably weakened sectarianism at the socio-political level.

The reality is that it is only Islamic Iran and its allies, known as the Resistance Axis, who are leading tangible resistance against Israel and its backers.

This reality is acknowledged even by proponents of the west-centric global order.

Emergence of the Resistance Axis was no surprise to serious analysts observing the region outside of the western-framed discussions.

Those Muslims who adopted a heavily sectarian anti-Iranian propaganda narrative since 2011 are now gripped by confusion.

They can no longer sustain the decades-long propaganda which alleged that Islamic Iran, along with its regional allies, are cooperating with apartheid Israel.

This is perhaps one of the most important political victories of events unfolding in Palestine today.

What does this mean for the broader region?

The most important social and political tool used to destabilize the Muslim world that external meddlers got accustomed to is now defunct.

It certainly does not mean it cannot be revived, but currently, its prospects look dim.

Even after Islamic Iran conducted strikes against the western-backed terrorist group, Jaysh al-Adl based in Pakistan, no serious anti-Iran propaganda efforts resorted to the usual Shia-Sunni narrative.

It is a sign that this regional policy is burnt out.

Elimination of the sectarian card in the region will impact pro-US and pro-Israeli regimes in the Arab world in a major way.

Internally, domestic Islamic opposition movements have been weakened due to inhumane repression unleashed against them.

They are nevertheless the only socio-political force able to mobilize the masses and who also possess an organizational structure.

The energies of many Islamic organizations in the Arab world were artificially channeled towards sectarianism since 2003.

This allowed western-backed dictators to solidify their own rule and most importantly turn Islamic organizations in the Arab world against the only currently functioning Islamic model led by Iran.

This strategy is now defunct as Israel and its western enablers have taken center stage for attention of the Arab world’s wrath.

It will be extremely difficult to manipulate the Arab street using this framework now.

Resistance against apartheid Israel has acquired a regional dimension. It will not subside anytime soon.

The zionist regime has been thrown into a permanent state of instability.

This gives time for the Axis of Resistance to work with Islamic organizations in the Arab world and channel their efforts and energy towards the Palestinian cause.

Although the region’s primary focus will be Palestine, pro-western puppet regimes in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt will also feel the fury of their populations due to their now fully exposed impotence.

The region’s socio-political map is being redrawn in ways not imagined by the tunnel-vision think-tank industry of western regimes and their intelligence services.

They were caught unaware by the events of October 7, 2023. They will fail to see or understand the rapidly shifting geopolitical reality in West Asia.

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