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Zionist Racism’s Deadly Consequences

Ayman Ahmed

Zionist Israel is an apartheid, colonial-settler state. The overwhelming majority of its population comprises immigrants from Europe, Russia and North America much like the European colonial settlers in North America and Australia that perpetrated genocides against the indigenous populations.

The overwhelming majority of Israelis are not indigenous to the land, notwithstanding the Zionist mythology that God ‘promised’ them this land. This is a ploy used by people that have no legal or moral claim to the land where the indigenous population—the Palestinians—have lived for millennia.

The Zionist entity was created through terror and genocide. Zionist terrorist gangs attacked Palestinian villages and murdered thousands of them. Such horrific crimes as those perpetrated against the residents of Deir Yasin and Qibya, among others, are well document. At least 530 Palestinians villages were completely destroyed when the Zionists imposed their illegitimate entity on the land of the Palestinian people in 1948. Some 750,000 Palestinians were ethnically cleansed from their lands in the first war in 1947-1948. In subsequent wars, more Palestinians were expelled and additional land expropriated.

While the Zionists dehumanize the Palestinians by branding them as terrorists—this demonic campaign has the full backing of the US, Canada and numerous European countries as well—it is the Zionists and their supporters that indulge in terrorism. This is not an allegation; it is a fact. How else can one describe the military occupation of vast parts of Palestine where Palestinians can be arrested at the whim of the marauding Zionists—whether soldiers or settlers—who barge into their homes in the middle of the night. Nearly five thousand Palestinians languish in Israeli prisons. They include women and children.

Palestinian human rights organizations that defend such prisoners in Israeli courts have now been declared as “terrorist” organizations. Six Palestinian organizations have fallen victim to this latest act of Zionist vandalism. Palestinians cannot have recourse to even Israeli courts that are already heavily biased against them.

Israel’s latest outrage relates to the destruction of Palestinian graves at al-Yusufiya Cemetery in Jerusalem. The Zionists say they want to develop a park there. It would be touching but for the fact that they are desecrating Palestinian graves. Imagine if Jewish or Christian graves were desecrated in this manner. There would be immediate uproar. Yet there is deafening silence from the Western champions of human rights against Israel’s outrageous and illegal conduct.

In Gaza, that has been described as an open-air prison, two million Palestinians live under suffocating conditions. It is besieged from all sides. Nothing can go into or out of this tiny sliver of land without Israeli approval that is seldom granted. Even the Arabian regimes are complicit in this crime against humanity. The Zionists make no secret of saying they are keeping the Palestinians in Gaza on a “starvation diet”.

Inmates in almost all prisons worldwide are treated better. They are provided regular meals and unlike the Palestinians, are not frequently bombed from the air or subjected to artillery barrage. The Zionists gleefully describe the suffering inflicted on the Palestinians as “mowing the grass” (also see here).

The illegal Zionist squatters euphemistically called “settlers” are a breed apart. Constrained by no law—legal, moral or political—these heavily armed thugs make no secret of their intention to destroy Masjid al Aqsa, the Muslims’ first qibla and Islam’s third holiest mosque. The squatters talk about building their mythical third temple on the site of Masjid al Aqsa. On numerous occasions, they have entered the sacred compound in violation of Rabbinical law. Heavily armed Israeli forces back and protect them, often joining in attacking the Palestinians.

They march through the streets of Jerusalem shouting “Death to the Arabs” and “Muhammad is dead” under the protection of Israeli police. Imagine if the Palestinians were to shout, “Death to the Jews”. It is not difficult to surmise what would happen. This would be condemned worldwide. The Palestinians would be branded as anti-Semites but the Zionist thugs—thieves and bandits from Europe and North America—get a free pass.

In the Israeli occupied West Bank, some 600,000 illegal Zionist squatters, the Zionist regime approved 3,000 new homes for these squatters on the West Bank, consume 90% of the water while the three million Palestinians have to live with a mere 10%. The Zionists splash in swimming pools built on stolen land, while the Palestinians barely manage to survive. Whatever little they harvest, especially olives, the Zionist vandals attack Palestinians and destroy their trees. This happened early last month when the Palestinians went to harvest their olive produce near Hebron.

If Palestinians resist such criminal acts, they are immediately branded as terrorists. And now the Zionists have a prime minister who has proclaimed that he is proud of killing Palestinians.

So, who is the real terrorist?

Palestinians, however, can expect no fairness or justice from what is referred to as the “international community”. European settlers colonized North America and Australia by perpetrating a genocide of indigenous peoples.

The Zionists are trying to repeat this in Palestine. The Palestinians are left with no choice but to resist with whatever means at their disposal. This is what the United Nations also recognizes. People under occupation have the right to resist their occupiers by “whatever means necessary”.

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 50, No. 10

Rabi' al-Thani 26, 14432021-12-01

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