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Western politicians and media's hate-filled rhetoric against Palestinians and supporters threaten their safety

Crescent International

Joe Biden's hate-filled speech against Hamas and the Palestinians

Led by US President Joe Biden, western politicians have unleashed a torrent of abuse and hatred against the Palestinians and their supporters.

From the left, right and centre, politicians of all stripes have in unison condemned Hamas and the Palestinians in general for fighting for their right to free themselves from decades of zionist occupation and oppression.

While speaking at a pro-Israel rally in Ottawa on October 9, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau frothed at the mouth as he condemned Hamas as a “terrorist” organization.

In Toronto, Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre, Ontario premier Doug Ford, and Toronto City mayor Olivia Chow also condemned Hamas.

There was not a word of condemnation of zionist barbarism.

Chow, a supposedly progressive politician who was elected to office with massive Muslim support, has turned out to be a sell-out.

The crisis in Gaza-Israel did not start on October 7 when Hamas launched a daring operation against the zionist occupiers.

The Palestinians have suffered 75 years of zionist barbarism.

Hundreds of Palestinian villages have been wiped out; thousands of Palestinians murdered by marauding zionist gangs and more than one million Palestinians were driven out of their homes in 1948.

Zionist atrocities against the Palestinians have not stopped.

The Palestinians are subjected to collective punishment be it in Gaza—described as an open-air prison—or the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

Palestinians are humiliated at the ubiquitous Israeli checkpoints.

Women are subjected to degrading body searches.

Men are attacked and even dogs unleashed against them.

For western politicians, Palestinians have no rights or dignity.

Their latest hateful rhetoric has jeopardized the lives of innocent citizens in the US, Canada and in many European countries.

Already hateful rhetoric has emerged on social media platforms against Palestinians and their supporters.

It cannot be ruled out that zionist thugs would carry out attacks against places of worship.

For this, the western politicians whether in Canada, the US, Britain, France, Germany or elsewhere will be directly responsible.

Speaking about the Israel-Gaza war, Biden said on October 10: “There are moments in this life when pure unadulterated evil is unleashed in this world.”

The octogenarian American president went on: “stomach-turning reports of babies being killed” and “women raped, assaulted, paraded as trophies.”

This scandalous allegation was made by the Los Angeles Times columnist Jonah Goldberg on October 9 that Hamas was raping women as part of their attacks.

The same day, L A Times issued a retraction stating “for the record” that “such reports have not been substantiated.”

“An earlier version of this column mentioned rape in the attacks [committed by Hamas], but such reports have not been substantiated,” the LA Times said on October 9.

In its report on October 10, NBC correspondent in Israel also said he could not independently verify such allegations.

Hamas and Palestinian spokespersons also categorically rejected such scandalous allegations.

But for Biden, a self-confessed zionist, such allegations were too good to let go.

Despite the fact that L A Times retracted the scandalous allegation from its Jewish zionist reporter Goldberg on October 9, Biden went on to repeat it a day later.

Did his speech writers not know what the truth was?

Appalled by Biden's scandalous allegations, Hamas issued a statement condemning it.

“We in the Islamic resistance movement Hamas reject and vehemently denounce the inflammatory statements, which come at the time of the zionist regime’s barbaric aggression against our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and the rest of the occupied territories.”

Hamas said Biden’s remarks obscured the “criminality and terrorism of the zionist regime,” lashing out at the US president for not making any reference to “massacres being committed by Zionist forces against Palestinians and killing them in cold blood.”

The lies are peddled to provide justification for Israel's genocide in Gaza.

The zionist terrorists need no excuses. They have been perpetrating the genocide of Palestinians since before the illegitimate zionist entity came into existence in 1948.

What the zionist war criminals are doing in Gaza today is genocide. There is no other way to describe it.

American officials are notorious for telling lies to advance their nefarious agenda. Biden is no exception.

His allegations are a repeat of the lies the Americans peddled about Saddam’s troops throwing babies out of incubators in Kuwaiti hospitals in 1990.

This lie was told by one Nayyira, supposedly a Kuwaiti nurse, in her testimony to US Congress.

It turned out, Nayyira had not been in Kuwait at the time of the alleged atrocity.

She was in fact, the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States and left Washington soon after her “testimony”.

It was a massive lie.

The atrocities committed by US soldiers in Iraq, Bagram, the black sites worldwide and in Guantanamo Bay, however, were real.

Does Abu Ghraib ring a bell where US soldiers stripped naked Iraqis, attached electrodes to their genitals and even had their photographs taken with dead Iraqis?

The horrors that US occupation troops perpetrated in Afghanistan and Iraq are well documented.

The US ran black sites in places like Thailand, Poland and Romania.

Guantanamo Bay is still open 20 years after hundreds of people were brought there and mercilessly tortured.

They were all completely innocent.

Should any Palestinians, Muslims or their supporters be attacked or harmed, western politicians would bear direct responsibility.

Their adherence to the rule of law is sham.

When Israel attacks and kills innocent Palestinians, it is immediately called “Israel’s right to defend itself”.

Don’t Palestinians have the right to defend themselves, especially when they have suffered more than 75 years of brutalities at the hands of the zionist invaders of their land?

There are at least 5,200 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails.

They include women and children.

The zionist war criminals have subjected them to physical, psychological and sexual abuse.

The zionist apartheid regime is continuing to bomb residential neighbourhoods, hospitals and schools in Gaza.

Many apartment buildings have been destroyed with hundreds of innocent Palestinians murdered in cold blood.

Democracy Now broadcast the testimony of Sabreena Abu Raqa, a Palestinian mother who lost three of her children when the Israelis bombed her house in Gaza.

Do Palestinian lives have no value; only Israeli lives matter?

Such racism and hatred are hard to find elsewhere.

There can be no peace in the region without the rights of the Palestinians being respected.

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