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Biden accuses Palestinians of killing hundreds of children in Al-Ahli Hospital

Crescent International

Rows upon rows of Palestinian bodies in the morgue in Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza, murdered by Israel in one of the most horrific crimes it has carried despite its gory record

Before he disembarked from Air Force One at Tel Aviv airport today (October 18), US President Joe Biden’s diaper was changed.

The overnight soiled diaper was replaced by a fresh one and plenty of Johnson’s Baby power was sprinkled between his legs.

He smelled like a fresh baby as he came down the steps.

Before emitting from the plane, his handlers reminded him one more time to memorize his lines carefully.

Condemn Hamas as a “terrorist” organization; pledge allegiance to your zionist masters and blame the Palestinians for their plight.

And hold on to the guard rail; do not fall down the stairs, again.

It was important to smell fresh because he was about to meet his zionist masters.

What he uttered upon arrival, however, was a stinking lie.

“You [the Israelis] didn’t fire the missile [that demolished Al-Ahli Hospital killing an estimated 1,000 people, most of them children].

“And, based on what I’ve seen, it appears as though it was done by the other team, not you” (see also here), referring to Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

What precisely did he see and who showed it to him?

Besides, it is not a baseball or soccer match that he talked about “the other team”.

Like the serial zionist killers, Biden has become a serial liar.

His claim was of the same order as the profane lies he uttered on October 10 and 11 about Hamas’s alleged beheading of 40 Israeli babies.

No such thing ever happened.

American media outlets that peddled such lies issued retractions, including the Los Angeles Times on October 9.

Here is link to a more detailed expose of western and zionist lies.

The missile strike on Al-Ahli Hospital was so horrific that words cannot describe the carnage it caused.

Initial reports mentioned 500 people, mostly babies, killed.

This figure quickly went up and Palestinians sources on the ground said the number has surpassed 1,000 dead.

This is the single most horrific mass murder perpetrated by the zionists even in their long, murderous history.

Israeli president Isaac Herzog was quite explicit. He does not believe anyone in Gaza is innocent.

“It is an entire nation out there that is responsible,” Herzog said at a press conference on Friday, October 13, the HuffPost reported.

With that mindset, it is not surprising that the zionists would perpetrate a horrific carnage at a hospital.

They could not have been oblivious of the fact that the hospital was packed with wounded children, mothers, fathers, and the medical staff.

Thousands of others had sought refuge inside in the forlorn hope that they would escape Israel’s relentless bombardment.

Biden’s attempt to deflect responsibility for the airstrike from the zionist war criminals to Islamic Jihad found few takers outside the zionist circles.

His scheduled meeting with Jordan’s King Abdullah II in Amman where Biden was to be hosted, was canceled.

Palestinian Authority president Mahmud Abbas and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi had also been invited to attend.

Instead, all three showed total disdain at the carnage perpetrated by the zionist war criminals who have America’s full backing.

When America’s puppets refuse to meet the US president, it means the situation is beyond redemption.

In his meeting with Netanyahu, Biden again pledged allegiance to his zionist masters.

He expressed “iron-clad” support for Israel’s war on Gaza in which the zionists have murdered in cold blood at least 3,200 civilians.

The number of children killed has surpassed 1,000.

Has that aroused the conscience of Biden and his ilk?

Perish the thought.

The year 2024 is election year in the US.

Every candidate wants to out-zion the other.

The race is about who can shovel more dollars to the zionist entity even as 50 million Americans languish in poverty.

More weapons are also being flown to Israel together with 2,000 US Marines.

Israel is the west’s dagger in the heart of Islam.

It can do no wrong even when it kills babies, and the elderly men and women.

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