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Repercussions of Factionalism in the US

Crescent International

George Floyd was not the first African-American murdered by the US police and unfortunately he will not be the last one killed so brutally.

Most protestors in the US fully understand this horrible reality. As we analyzed previously, the current protests in the US will probably fizzle out in a few weeks’ time as they are a process of America’s decline, not a watershed moment.

Many people are wondering why the current protests have morphed into large scale discontent in the US.

One of the main reasons is the deep divisions among America’s ruling elite. Aggressive factionalism within the super wealthy ruling caste is open for everyone to see.

Media objectivity, political civility and tolerance of opposing ideas, slogans the US officials like to use when they organize civil wars and unrest in other countries, are out the window.

The center-left and leftist spectrum within the US political scene is egging on the protestors against the Donald Trump regime.

This is one of the primary reasons why the protests are attracting people in such large numbers from all races.

Of course, the economic crisis caused by the pandemic and Trump’s antagonistic style of governance have also played a role in bringing ordinary Americans to the streets.

The deep divisions witnessed on US television screens are here to stay and will impact the empire in decline in several ways for years to come.

One of the primary impacts will be felt if Trump loses the November presidential selection.

In that event, there is good likelihood that the Democratic wing of America’s super-wealthy ruling caste will go after Trump’s clique until they haul them before the courts.

With Trump’s numerous legal and political mishaps during his highly charged presidency, this will not be difficult for the new incoming Democratic-led regime to achieve.

However, Trump and his cronies are not going to go down without a fight. Thus, the factional war will drag on.

On the external front, various wealthy and influential potentates are going to take advantage of factionalism/lobbying rules in the US, to advance policies favorable to their regimes.

The external parties will also be utilized as leverages within the domestic political scene. This will further aggravate internal clashes.

In addition to the war within the ruling caste, the grassroots will also get involved in clashes, fulfilling the role of political cannon fodder.

In particular, the white-supremacist groups which Trump has patronized, and thus legitimized, will be motivated by conspiracy theories and utilized to make governance difficult for the new regime.

If case Trump retains power—which is still a possibility—and no longer constrained by another “election”, he will go after his internal political foes in a way not seen in US domestic politics for many decades.

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