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Safar, 14452023-09-01

Crescent International Vol. 53, No. 7

Main Stories

9/11, 22 Years Later: Will We Ever Get the Truth?

Kevin Barrett

How did Building No. 7 collapse when no plane had struck it? This uncomfortable question is never answered because it will expose the entire fraud of 911 and the real perpetrators behind it.

Main Stories

Guantanamo: The Real Face Of American Barbarism

Khadijah Ali

The torture chambers at Guantanamo Bay were established in January 2002 to incarcerate the “worst of the worst”, in the infamous words of Donald Rumsfeld. Yet, nearly 22 years later, all but a handful of the 680 prisoners have been released and not a single person convicted.


Broader Dimensions Of the Seerah

Zafar Bangash

That Muslims have deep love for the noble Messenger (pbuh) is not in doubt. How this is expressed varies greatly among Muslims. It is important to understand the broader dimensions of the Seerah, in particular his acquisition and use of power to establish justice in society.


Do Not Find Fault With What You Don’t Understand

Abu Dharr

The third Khalifah, Uthman’s deviation from the policy established by the Prophet and his two successors (Abu Bakr and ‘Umar) by apportioning a share of the Islamic state treasury to his relatives caused deep unease among most Muslims, leading to deep fissures in society.

News & Analysis

Impact of BRICS On Global Politics: Challenging The US-led Order

Omar Ahmed

BRICS as a bloc is not only expanding but is emerging as an alternative to the US-dominated global order. Most countries have suffered US bullying and are taking steps to break the shackles of dollar hegemony to help create a better world.

News & Analysis

Trapped In Mental Slavery

Zafar Bangash

True freedom starts with breaking the chains of mental slavery. Unfortunately, most Muslim states, barring a few exceptions have not made that transition.

News & Analysis

Dislike Of US Grows Worldwide, Including Among Americans!

Askia Wejd

Nobody likes to be disliked. In fact, most people love to be loved, Americans more than anyone else. Yet American rulers are not only disliked worldwide but even the American people do not like them anymore. A Gallup survey found only 31% of Americans approve of their government.

News & Analysis

End Of The Zionist Project In Palestine?

Ayman Ahmed

That the Zionist settler-colonial entity is illegitimate is well-known. It has managed to maintain its occupation through brute force. Now the practitioners of that force—the Israeli army and air force etc—no longer appear willing to maintain the criminal enterprise.

News & Analysis

Pakistan At The Brink Of An Abyss

Zia Sarhadi

Never before in its history has Pakistan faced such a deep crisis as the one it faces today. This is the direct result of the bloody-mindedness of the generals that have gone mad and insist on maintaining their illegal control of all decision-making processes in the country.

News & Analysis

Pakistani Generals Follow The Script Of Egyptian Counterparts

Ayman Ahmed, Tahir Mustafa

There is much in common between the generals in Pakistan and Egypt. Both groups are cowards, thoroughly corrupt and willing to surrender to the enemy at the first opportunity but miss no opportunity to brutalize their own hapless people.


Landing On The Moon Does Not Whitewash Indian Crimes On Earth


All countries try to project their best image to the world. This is done to paper over their less savoury conduct. India may bask in the glory of landing a spacecraft on the moon but its horrific mistreatment of minorities and brutal killings represent its true nature.

News & Analysis

Post-9/11: How Muslims Defeated The US War Of Terror

Tahir Mahmoud

Following the events of 911, every Muslim was deemed a legitimate target for American vigilantism. Being Muslim was enough to declare them guilty. Muslims stoically stood their ground and despite indescribable brutality, did not lose faith ultimately defeating the oppressor.

News & Analysis

Niger Overthrows French Neo-colonialism

Brecht Jonkers

Niger’s new rulers have cancelled five military agreements with France, its former colonial master, and ordered the French troops out of the country by early September. Will French exploitation of Niger’s uranium also come to an end? We will find out in the next few weeks.

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