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Dislike Of US Grows Worldwide, Including Among Americans!

Askia Wejd

Image Source - Pixbay Free Content

If the circus underway in the US regarding Donald Trump’s election fraud allegations is bad enough, there are other more serious developments that are giving American elite sleepless nights. In many countries—even among America’s close allies such as Canada, Mexico and Australia—the approval rating of US rulers has decreased substantially between 2021 and 2022.

These and many other findings are contained in the Gallup survey carried out in 36 of the 116 countries in the two years (2021-2022). The decline is as much as 10 percentage points or more. Let us consider some specific examples.

Among America’s immediate neighbours to the north and south with which it shares land borders, US approval ratings have declined by 22 and 16 points respectively. Much of South America has equally negative views of the US.

While it is understandable that Russia would have a negative view of the US—the feeling is mutual—what about Australia that is supposedly a close US ally and member of AUKUS (Australia, UK and US)? The Australians’ view of the US declined by 18 points.

In only a handful of countries did the US approval rating increase. These include Britain (+1), India (+11) and surprisingly, South Africa (+10). For the US-doting Indians, the Americans’ favourable view of India declined by 7 percentage points between February 2022 and February 2023.

Let us consider some other statistics. These relate to the people’s view of their own government. While the US projects itself as a beacon of light on the hill, only 31% of Americans have a favourable view of their own government. In Britain’s case, it is marginally better at 33%. Looked at another way, 69% of Americans and 67% of Britons do not like their rulers or the governments they lead.

If the most ‘powerful democracy’ in the world and the ‘oldest democracy’ in the world have such dismal approval ratings among their own citizens, does it not justify regime change in both Washington and London?

Regime change through colour revolutions and democracy delivered via cruise missiles are favourite tools in America’s arsenal to undermine governments it does not like. While China and Russia are militarily too powerful to undergo regime change using such tactics, it is not for lack of trying. Russia is a good example.

Ukrainians are being used as cannon fodder to undermine Russia. In December 2013, the democratically elected government of President Victor Yanukovich in Ukraine was overthrown through a colour revolution. Victoria Nuland, the right-wing US Assistant Secretary of State was seen distributing donuts and coffee among demonstrators in Kiev (see also here) while the coup, led by neo-Nazis, was underway.

Now that the US has its own puppet, Voldomyr Zelensky in power in Kiev, Ukraine’s approval rating among Americans has gone up from 64% to 68% in one year since February 2022. He is a favoured ally even if Ukraine is being put through the Russian meat-grinder and may soon become unviable as a country.

For decades, the US and its zionist surrogates have been involved in attempts to overthrow the Islamic government in Iran. From terrorist bombing campaigns to assassination of its leaders and scientists, the US and zionist war criminals have attempted everything against Islamic Iran. It was even subjected to an eight-year vicious war through Iraq (led by the tyrant Saddam Husain) that was backed, financed and armed by the entire world. Iran stood its ground and valiantly defended every inch of its territory.

The propaganda campaign against the Islamic Republic has been equally vicious. Scandalous allegations have been made to create the impression that the Iranian people do not support the government of the Islamic Republic. Yet, Gallup found that 54% of Iranians support their government.

In reality, this figure is much higher. It is certain that Gallup’s survey was conducted among Iranians who are English speaking and reside in urban centres. The country’s rural population is solidly behind the government. If a survey were conducted taking a representative sample, the figure of 54% support would be easily surpassed.

In any case, even the 54% support for the Islamic Republic is far higher than the 31% support the US regime has among its own population. So much for US democracy, and so much for its campaign to bring about regime change around the world. Regime change in Washington would definitely be more popular.

When we consider Gallup’s survey regarding support for the government of President Vladimir Putin in Russia, it found that 66% of Russians support their government. That is more than double the support the regime in Washington enjoys. Yet the US wants to actualize regime change in Moscow by instigation a war through Ukraine!

Many countries in South America have for decades been targeted by the US. It has even unleashed death squads against innocent civilians. Countries like Nicaragua, Venezuela and Colombia, among others have been targeted for regime change operations.

What did Gallup find about the people’s response to their governments in these targeted countries? The government of Nicaragua had 61% support; Venezuela 32% and Colombia had 30% support. If it is any consolation for the warlords in Washington, their approval rating is better than Lebanon’s at 10%.

The Washington Post reported that “Henry Brady, professor of political science and public policy at the University of California at Berkeley, has been studying these issues for many years. As he surveys the current state of the United States’ democracy, he comes away deeply pessimistic. ‘I’m terrified’,” the Post quoted him as saying. “I think we are in bad shape, and I don’t know a way out.”

There is no way out but credit must be given to Professor Brady for his honesty.

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 53, No. 7

Safar 15, 14452023-09-01

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