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End Of The Zionist Project In Palestine?

Ayman Ahmed

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Most entities sow the seeds of their own destruction. This is what is being witnessed in the zionist settler-colonial entity in Occupied Palestine. Despite possessing massive military hardware, thanks to an endless supply of money and weapons from the US and Europe, it appears impotent in the face of Palestinian resistance and Hizbullah resistance.

This is only one dimension of the challenge the zionist entity is facing. For more than six months, Israel has been wracked by massive protests that do not appear to be abating any time soon. The protests are over the gutting of the judiciary’s powers in order to protect the thick hide of Benjamin Netanyahu who faces criminal charges related to corruption and fraud.

The protests have led to military reservists—army, air force, navy, infantry, intelligence, cyber and other special units—refusing to report for duty. The Israeli newspaper Ha‘aretz reported that 1,142 air force reserve personnel would stop reporting for duty if the Netanyahu regime pushed through the judicial legislation. Following the Knesset (Israeli parliament) vote on July 24, many more reservists opted out of duty.

Before the vote, there were 235 combat pilots, 98 transport plane pilots, 89 helicopter pilots, 91 pilots serving in the flight chool and and 165 elite Air force commandos from among air force reservists who refused to report for duty. They signed a letter declaring their intention. After the vote, 120 other active reservists joined the group.

In an earlier report by Ha‘aretz (July 14), at least 10,000 reservists from a total of 490,000 belonging to 40 different units are active in the protests under the banner “brothers in arms”. The number may appear small but it is having a major impact on Israel’s military capacity. As a militarized state, the zionist entity cannot afford such absentee rates, especially as the Palestinian resistance and Hizbullah become better armed, more organized and stronger.

The zionist entity faces another dilemma. The reservists are volunteers so, they cannot be coerced to report for duty. Even the Israeli military admits that most pilot reservists are volunteers.

The neo-Nazis that control the zionist regime are dismissive of the reservists’ boycott and their relatively small numbers. They deliberately ignore an important fact: without air-control units, the air force will be completely blinded. Any talk about replacing them with others is not credible. These are not unskilled labourers that can be replaced by hiring other people. It takes 10-15 years to train them.

Lest it be assumed that the reservists’ concern is about legality and democracy, it is important to debunk such notions. Their real fear is that if the judiciary is gutted and there is no longer even a pretence of fairness in the judicial process, then Israeli military personnel will be exposed to war crimes charges.

Israel’s use of excessive force against unarmed Palestinians has already put a spotlight on zionist barbarism. With resistance in Jenin becoming better organized, it will only lead to more zionist brutalities because of frustration.

The challenge posed by Palestinian resistance, especially in Jenin, is one dimension of the problem. The deepening social schisms in the zionist snake pit where political factions will drink each other’s blood were it not for their common hatred of the Palestinians, many Israelis consider the new reality as an “existential threat”.

Israel’s Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) echoed these concerns when it released an urgent alert in July. According to the think tank, the situation is so alarming that it had to issue a second “strategic alert” warning against curtailing the powers of the judiciary. The first one was issued four months earlier.

Nor is the INSS the only body to express such fears. Israel’s Military Intelligence unit, Aman, has given an equally grim prognosis. It sent four letters to Netanyahu days before the vote on changes to the judiciary and warned about damage to Israeli deterrence against Islamic Iran and Hizbullah. The intelligence unit’s assessment also stated that the likelihood of escalation is the highest it has been since the 2006 war against Hizbullah.

On August 14, Hizbullah marked the seventeenth anniversary of the end of Israeli aggression of 2006. Speaking on the occasion in a televised address, Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah warned the zionist entity in no uncertain terms: “If you enter a new war with Lebanon, you will go back to the Stone Age.” He added that the Israeli military is currently “at its worst compared with the past.”

This is no empty boast. Unlike Arab or Israeli rulers, Sayyed Nasrallah does not issue empty threats. He not only speaks with confidence and authority but is able to deliver on what he says.

Hizbullah has repeatedly shown that it can take on the arrogant zionists and give them a bloody nose. It drove the zionists out of much of Southern Lebanon in the year 2000 including the Khiam concentration camp, where hundreds of Lebanese and Palestinians were held in appalling conditions.

The Lebanese Islamic resistance movement has become a powerful force in the region. Its military might with hundreds of thousands of missiles and martyrdom-seeking fighters can decimate the zionist entity in any future conflict. While Israel boasts of the US-supplied Iron Dome, at its most efficient capacity, it can intercept only 70 percent of incoming missiles.

If Hizbullah were to fire 1,000 missiles at Israel, at least 300 will get through. These are enough to cause massive devastation. This is what terrifies the zionist occupiers of Palestine while giving hope to the oppressed Palestinian people.

Not surprisingly, many Israelis not only hold dual citizenship but in recent months, they have started to flee the illegitimate colonial settler entity to greener pastures in Europe and North America. The deep divisions inside the zionist snake pit, growing resistance of the Palestinians especially in Jenin and Nablus, and the changing global situation with the decline of US power, the zionist settler entity’s future looks bleak.

How long can it last?

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 53, No. 7

Safar 15, 14452023-09-01

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