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Jumada' al-Akhirah, 14362015-04-01

Crescent International Vol. 44, No. 2

Main Stories

The Iran-P5+1 “framework” for agreement

Zafar Bangash

The allegation about Iran building a bomb is utterly false. The US and its allies know it, so what is their real motive in exerting pressure on Iran? We look at the hidden reasons.


Of terrorists, nutcases and Islamophobes

Zafar Bangash

If a Muslim perpetrates a crime, it is considered “terrorism;” if a non-Muslim is involved, no matter how heinous, he/she is only a ‘nutcase’. There is a deliberate policy behind the demonization of Muslims.


The Najdi bedouins’ aggression in Yemen

Zafar Bangash

Has the Bani Saud made one mistake too many by attacking Yemen? If the conflict drags on, it is likely to bring down the Najdi Bedouins’ sand castles.


Arabian dinosaurs gather in Sharm el-Sheikh

Ayesha Alam

With no victories to their credit, Arabian rulers gathered in the Egyptian resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh to discuss the proposal to set up a joint military force to be headed by Egypt’s greedy and incompetent generals.


Cold feet are usually the result of burnt fingers

Abu Dharr

The Arabian and secular media have gone berserk over Islamic Iran’s influence in Iraq. We look at the reasons behind their angst.


Spreading fitnah!

Zafar Bangash

The only game the Najdi Bedouins know is to spread sectarian fitnah. Would they succeed in Yemen where not only the Shia Houthis but also several Sunni groups are also opposed to the Najdis’ favourite tyrant.

News & Analysis

Harper’s crusade against lone niqabi woman

Khadijah Ali

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has taken on a single niqabi woman to launch his crusade against Muslims. With the economy under his watch tanking, he has resorted to fear-mongering but not all Canadians are buying his hate-filled message.

News & Analysis

Nigeria: the emperor’s new polls

Adamu Adamu

Even before the votes were cast, Goodluck Jonathan’s cronies were predicting his victory in Nigeria’s election. Widespread rigging has been reported.

News & Analysis

Clarity of purpose can surmount Afghan problems

Zia Sarhadi

There may be a faint light at the end of Afghanistan’s long dark tunnel. Two neighbours—China and Pakistan—have indicated they would like to help bring about peace in the war-torn country.

News & Analysis

Saudis and allies attack Yemen

Tahir Mustafa

The Najdi Bedouins’ attack on Yemen is illegal and immoral. Ultimately, it will also prove their undoing because Yemenis are natural fighters.

News & Analysis

Netanyahu’s racism wins Israeli election

Ayesha Alam

Benjamin Netanyahu exposed the true nature of Zionism when he appealed to their racist instincts by invoking the threat of “Arabs” being bussed in to vote in Israeli elections.

Special Reports

Projecting the ISIS takfiris as 'Islamic'

Our Own Correspondent

Graeme Wood’s attempt to paint the takfiris as “Islamic” is meant to discredit Islam and turn Muslims away from its principles to establish an Islamic State.

Special Reports

Devastation… and inspiration in liberated Ma‘loula

Eva Bartlett

The western-backed takfiri terrorists have destroyed the ancient city of Ma’loula where churches and monuments from the time of Prophet Jesus (as) and Yahya (as) have been vandalized.

Editor's Desk

Syria-Iraq meeting and Obama’s confession


Amid all the doom and gloom, Iraq and Syria have taken steps to mend fences. This comes at about the same time as Barack Obama’s admission that the takfiris arose because of George Bush’s foolish decision to invade Iraq in 2003.

Letters To The Editor


Sarmad Khan

The takfiris are the offspring of McCain and Obama and the US is supporting them.

Letters To The Editor

Rapes in India

Mary Vanderbilt

Why are incidents of rape so prevalent in India including attacks on elderly nuns? When so many accused rapists sit in parliament, it is not surprising.

Letters To The Editor

Source of knowledge and guidance

Tanvir Ahmed

Muslims should be seeking guidance from the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet (saws) rather than clinging to old notions.

Letters To The Editor

Takfiris and el-Sisi’s Eurasia pivot?

Mustafa Elfrink

Is Egyptian dictator turning away from the West and towards Eurasia? One reader thinks so.

Letters To The Editor

Description of "Saudi" Arabia

Mohammed H. Siddiq

A native son of Arabia, Mohammed H. Siddiq, describes what the so-called ruling family is all about.

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