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Zionist terrorism in the streets of Toronto!

Crescent International

JDL thug in this file photo in Toronto

While Zionist terrorists lynch Palestinians in the towns and villages of Occupied Palestine, their fellow-travellers terrorize peaceful pro-Palestinian protesters in Toronto.

On May 13, a small group of pro-Palestinian protesters led by Canadian Defenders for Human Rights (CDHR) gathered outside 9000 Bathurst Street.

They were protesting a Zionist gathering that was called to express support for Israel’s genocidal attacks on unarmed Palestinians.

True to form, members of the outfit that calls itself Jewish Defence League (JDL)—it should be called the Jewish Offence League—came out in large numbers to attack the peaceful pro-Palestinian protesters.

Had it not been for timely intervention by the York Region Police whose help was sought by pro-Palestinian supporters, there could have been serious clashes and injuries.

JDL thugs do not hesitate to attack and do so violently.

They have a long history of violence and have close links to white supremacist groups.

The group is banned in the US.

The FBI has been described it as a “terrorist” outfit.

It continues to operate freely in Canada.

Some of its members have served in the Israeli military and have honed their murderous skills there.

The Israeli military openly recruits in Canada in clear violation of Canadian law.

Petitions by Canadians to the government in Ottawa to stop this illegal practice have gone unanswered.

The May 13 meeting of pro-Israeli groups was held to express solidarity with the Zionist regime in Occupied Palestine.

A press release by B’nai Brith, a notorious pro-Israeli group, falsely claimed that “The Jewish community of Canada stands with the people of Israel as they remain under assault from rocket fire.”

B’nai Brith and other pro-Israeli groups do not speak on behalf of the Jewish community of Canada.

There are many people of the Jewish faith in Canada and elsewhere in the world, that are appalled at Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people.

They have openly spoken out against Israel’s barbaric practices.

B’nai Brith conveniently brushes over Zionist Israel’s brutal conduct in its assault on defenceless Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank and even in what is referred to as 1948 Palestine where Palestinians have been lynched.

The Zionist regime’s relentless bombardment of the besieged Gaza Strip has killed at least 121 Palestinians, including 31 children and 19 women since May 10.

More than 1,000 others have been injured.

The Zionists have used heavy artillery, missiles and bombs to attack and kill civilians in Gaza.

The Israeli military admitted Friday morning that some 160 aircraft flying simultaneously carried out waves of attacks on Gaza in a 40-minute period.

Israel’s US-supplied warplanes have also bombed three high-rise apartment buildings in Gaza.

Its infrastructure already on the verge of collapse—95% of Gaza’s water is contaminated and its hospitals do not have medicines—Israeli attacks have turned thousands of Palestinians homeless.

Attacking civilian targets constitutes a war crime.

Those that support such actions are complicit in war crimes.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague is investigating Israel for war crimes relating to its assault on Gaza in 2014 when more than 2200 civilians were massacred.

In that assault too, much of Gaza’s infrastructure was destroyed.

Zionist thugs in Occupied Palestine are also attacking Masjid al Aqsa, one the most sacred sites in Islam.

This also constitutes a war crime.

Zionist terrorist groups in Occupied Palestine have been openly calling for lynching Palestinians.

Their WhatsApp chat messages make chilling reading.

Bring everything, knives, gasoline,” the Middle East Eyequoted one message in a group chat named “The Underground Unit” as saying.

“Don’t be scared, we are the chosen ones.”

“Good job at Bat Yam yesterday,” another message read, pointing to a violent attack against a Palestinian man on May 12 in which he was lynched.

“Please come equipped with flags, bats, knives, guns, brass knuckles, wooden boards, pepper spray, anything that would hurt them. We will restore the honor of the Jewish people,” it added.

One has yet to hear B’nai Brith and other pro-Israeli groups condemn such blood-curdling messages from Zionist criminal gangs.

Instead, they unleash JDL thugs against peaceful pro-Palestinian protesters in Toronto.

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