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Keyword: Jewish Defence League (JDL)

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News & Analysis

Canadian Islamophobia Industry

Hayy Yaqzan

Muharram 21, 14402018-10-01

While Canada takes pride in the fact that it is a multicultural society, there are dark forces not only lurking in the background, many of them operate openly spreading hatred, bigotry and Islamophobia. Unless checked, these forces can wreak havoc in the country.

News & Analysis

Existential threat to Muslims in Canada

Tahir Mahmoud

Shawwal 07, 14382017-07-01

Western rulers constantly harp about the threat from jihadists but Muslims are the real victims of terrorism at the hands of white supramists that have mushroomed all across Canada.

Letters To The Editor

Violent JDL thugs

Askia Wejd

Sha'ban 04, 14382017-05-01

The Jewish Defence [Offence] League is made of violent Zionists. Banned in the US, they operate freely in Canada to terrorist law-abiding citizens.

Daily News Analysis

Thousands pack Toronto streets for Gaza rally

Crescent International

Shawwal 14, 14352014-08-11

Torontonians come out in the thousands and from all faiths and walks of life to denounce zionist crimes in Gaza. Following Sunday's rally, they vowed to continue the struggle until the siege of Gaza is completely lifted and zionist occupation of Palestine is ended.

Daily News Analysis

JDL thugs turn violent against Canada's Palestine House

Crescent International

Ramadan 06, 14352014-07-04

If anyone harbors any illusions that the Zionist thugs are peaceful, they should have seen the thugs from the so-called Jewish Defence League (JDL), Israel's storm troopers in Canada, in action yesterday. They assaulted Palestinians at Palestine House, just as Zionist occupiers assault and murder Palestinians in Occupied Palestine. The group is banned in the US as a terrorist outfit but not in Canada.

Special Reports

Arrest of Jewish terrorists in America highlights hypocrisy of crackdown on Muslims

Abul Fadl

Shawwal 17, 14222002-01-01

Hardly an eyebrow rose on December 12 when the chairman of the Jewish Defence League (JDL) and another senior member were arrested in a plot to bomb a large mosque, the office of a congressman, and other targets.

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