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JDL thugs turn violent against Canada's Palestine House

Crescent International

If anyone harbors any illusions that the Zionist thugs are peaceful, they should have seen the thugs from the so-called Jewish Defence League (JDL), Israel's storm troopers in Canada, in action yesterday. They assaulted Palestinians at Palestine House, just as Zionist occupiers assault and murder Palestinians in Occupied Palestine. The group is banned in the US as a terrorist outfit but not in Canada.

Toronto, Crescent-online
Friday July 4, 2014, 17:14 DST

Thugs from the Jewish Defence League (JDL) turned ugly and violent during a protest outside Palestine House in Mississauga yesterday evening (July 3). The JDL thugs and their hired motorbike gangsters came armed with sticks and banners denouncing the Palestinians.

The Palestinian community mobilized its members to defend their centre, Palestine House when the JDL thugs turned violent. They assaulted the Palestinian youth who valiantly defended themselves against such Zionist criminal conduct.

There was strong police presence and help was sought from members of other police divisions to control the situation but according to eyewitnesses, the police did little to protect the Palestinians from being assaulted. Members of the Palestinian-Canadian community had to fend for themselves.

JDL is banned in the US as a terrorist organization. Even the zionist state of Israel has banned it but this is a sham. The Israeli consulate in Toronto works closely with the JDL thugs that are used as storm troopers.

Other Jewish organizations similarly keep a distance from JDL thugs in public but work in tandem with them.

The JDL’s latest assault was ostensibly for the death of three Jewish settlers whose bodies were found in the Zionist occupied West Bank near Hebron on June 30. The Zionist regime accused Hamas of involvement, an allegation strongly denied by the resistance group.

That did not prevent the Zionist regime from launching air strikes on the besieged Gaza Strip causing injuries to scores of people.

On Wednesday July 2, a 17-year-old Palestinian youth, Mohammed Abu Khdeir was kidnapped from a market in East Jerusalem and his badly tortured and charred body was discovered a few hours later. Autopsy report showed that he had been burned alive!

This was clearly perpetrated by the Zionist thugs that have no regard whatsoever for Palestinian life. A day later, his cousin, Tariq Abu Khdeir, visiting from the US was badly beaten by Israeli border guards. Tariq is an American citizen but the US regime has so far made no statement about the beating and torture of a regime's soldiers that depend on US largesse for survival.

During the two weeks that the three Israeli settlers were missing, the zionist regime murdered ten Palestinians, among them two youths, 15 and 17 years old, as well as arrested more than 600 Palestinians as their homes were raided and vandalized.

Scores of Palestinians homes were also demolished.

There are more than 6,000 Palestinians illegally held by the Zionist regime under what is euphemistically referred to as ‘administrative detention.’ Under this policy, Palestinians are kidnapped by the Zionist regime and held for six months without charge or trial. Before the six-month period expires, their detention is extended.

Thousands of Palestinians have languished in Israeli prisons as a consequence of this policy.

While in occupied Palestine, the Zionists murder, club and imprison Palestinians, in Canada the JDL thugs perpetrate this violence against Palestinians and anyone that criticizes the crimes of the Zionist regime.


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