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The sultan and the Shaytan

Abu Dharr


Using the garb of Sufism, the self-styled religious preacher, Fethullah Gulen has turned out to be a US-Zionist puppet who is prepared to advance their agenda. This is how the enemies of Islam operate.

The world’s officialdom has concentrated its efforts on sapping the Muslims’ energies and depleting the hopes the committed Muslims have been nursing for centuries — hopes of an Islamic land they can call their country, of an Islamic government they can identify with as belonging to them, and a commonwealth based on shared Islamic principles and common Islamic goals. Hence, we have come to realize, in light of the imposed wars, contrived “Islamic” factions, and the convergence of practically all intelligence agencies and military units, that diehard enemies of Islamic self-determination do not sleep. These avowed enemies have their sleeping cells and deep state implanted in virtually all Islamic geographies. The latest manifestation of these fifth columnists is their attempt at a military coup in Turkey. The information available from within Turkey points to a trail of treachery extending from Anatolia to America headed by, of all people, a “Sufi” — Fethullah Gulen. These mercenaries and their imperialist and Zionist sponsors could not live with a secular Turkish government run by a party with Islamic tendencies. The all-out war against Islamic self-determination will not spare even the kind of Turkish Muslim officials who are playing politics with their counterparts inside and outside of Turkey.

Events like these refresh our memory. It was only a few years ago that political and military personnel began to run their mouths about a Fourth World War. Between the Second World War and the Fourth World War these officials considered the “Cold War” to be the Third World War.

And guess what! The enemy in this worldwide war is Islam, by which they mean Islamic self-determination. Some of them went on to describe this new world war as continuing for generations while others said it would continue for over a hundred years. A collection and analysis of their statements divulge the following “Islamic enemies”: the Islamic Republic of Iran, the regimes that have not been totally and thoroughly subdued by the imperialist-Zionist duo (Iraq, Libya, Syria), and then all Islamic organizations and movements that strive for freedom, independence, and self-determination — wherever they may be.

This is truly turning out to be a war of imperialist-Zionist aggression against the budding future Islamic civilization. The American neoconservatives among others had a strain in them that attempted to weed out “moderate” Islamists from radical Islamists. These neocons counted al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun (the Muslim Brotherhood) within the ranks of the moderate Islamists, and by extension the AKP and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. In the calculations and examinations of the Islamists worldwide these neocons considered the Ikhwan and their offshoots to be a type of political Islam that is able to ultimately make peace with an American imperialist government and an Israeli Zionist regime. This type of neocon thinking may have been buttressed by the Saudi royals who have claimed to have these types of Islamists under control. The Pentagon’s Paul Wolfowitz chimed in by making public statements to the effect that (secular) Turkey should be a role model for the rest of the politically aspiring Muslims around the world. Turkey is a member of NATO and therefore a sidekick to the Euro-American imperium. Turkey coordinates its policies to a certain degree with the Zionist colonizers of Palestine. On the watch of Erdogan and his inner circle, the Turkish armed forces coordinated joint military exercises with the Israeli colonialists. This was the political conviction and military strategy until the “Arab Spring” (2010).

On the other hand there was another political strain, strongly supported by the Israeli right-wingers, running through the wits of Zionist-imperialism. This political species was convinced that there are no “Islamic moderates.” All Muslims with an Islamic political mind are extremists and terrorists! They come in two varieties: Sunni and Shi‘i. The Sunni brand has the Ikhwan as its major and worrisome component. The Shi ‘i type has the Islamic revolutionary Republic as its major and worrisome component. This Zionist-imperialist two-headed monster could not agree on how to characterize Islamic self-determination, so it concocted the scandalous “Arab Spring.” The two-headed Zionist-imperialist monster sought to crack Islamic self-determination through this controlled “Arab Spring.” In the process the Ikhwan quickly climbed the pecking order of power in Tunisia, Egypt, and Morocco. They tried to scale the heights of officialdom in Jordan and Syria but without the success of their brethren in North Africa. The rumblings of this “Arab Spring” were felt in other Muslim countries as well such as Pakistan and Bangladesh among others. While all of this was dramatically developing with high hopes everywhere, not much attention was given to the munafiqs whose rituals are Islamic but whose fidelity was Zio-imperialist. These types of “Sufis” and “salafis” were yet to be activated. During the past month they were activated in Turkey. This time, though, so far, the Turkish “Sisi” failed and the Turkish “Mursi” survived.

Notice Washington’s hypocrisy: it condemned the coup attempt in Turkey — after that attempt failed — while it issued a similar statement after the coup in Egypt almost three years to the day! But what does a statement do? The coup generals in Egypt are still there and Washington is as supportive of them as they would be of the generals in Turkey had they succeeded in their putsch. Isn’t Washington busy trying to overthrow an elected government in Venezuela? Didn’t Washington overturn a democratically elected government in Iran more than half a century ago (Mohammad Mosaddeq)? And what about overthrowing the elected government in the Ukraine?

The Turkish Sufi (Fethullah Gulen) whose permanent retreat is the USA, a Sufi who had CIA connections to make it possible for him to reside in his American hideaway contrary to Sufi transparency and populism (Gulen lives in seclusion of Turkish and Muslim masses), declared that he had nothing to do with the mutiny! Could he or would he have the Sufi “safa’” of character to say that his sponsors, the CIA and/or Mossad, are involved in this fiasco? Perish the thought. If our memory serves us right, it was the Washington Post that divulged information of a symbiotic relationship between Gulen and the CIA when the CIA had 130 of its operatives functioning during the time of the Soviet Union in Central Asia under the cover of Gulen’s schools there! It appears that the farther Erdogan moves away from Israel, the closer Gulen moves toward the Zionist entity! We cannot forget the Israeli commando attack on the Mavi Marmara (May 31, 2010) when Gulen stated that Erdogan should have obtained Israeli permission to have the ship sail to Ghazzah!

We are not here to whitewash Erdogan’s very serious and potentially deadly mistakes. Erdogan managed to bring a degree of economic prosperity to Turkey; and at one time even a political degree of fortune. But then things began to spiral downward. Turkey went from a policy of zero enemies to a policy of zero friends. When small people make mistakes, their mistakes are small. But when significant people make mistakes, their mistakes are significant. The substantial slipup by Erdogan is his involvement in Syria. It is this policy that opened up the gaps through which his enemies came rushing in.

Will there ever be a “common enemy” that will force the committed Muslims to put aside their differences and close ranks? That common enemy exists but it has been hiding in the shadows of regimes and parties in Islamic countries. The Zionist American empire is shedding its Saudi fig leaf. Make no mistake about it: this is not a war between Islam and Christianity. The Pope in Rome is as much averse to global hegemony as are committed Muslims all over the world. The convergence of power and wealth in the closing of ranks among the world’s elites will come to naught.

The sole superpower has no soul. It is incapable of maintaining law and order in the world because it has no corresponding morality and discipline in its own self. Zionist America is self-destructing. It fails to learn from the ancient empires and it fails to learn from recent empires.

A final thought: Saudi Arabia’s rulers are political partners and fraternal friends with the ruling classes in both Egypt and Israel regardless of the oceans of differences that separate the peoples in these three countries. Why can’t the leaders of the Islamic movements with the oceans of agreements among their masses of people (Islam) find common ground, shared objectives, and a working relationship?

The time has come for the Ikhwan and their equivalents with their many mistakes to reciprocate the spirit of togetherness with Islamic Iran and its lesser mistakes. Defeating the Shaytan on the exterior requires defeating the Shaytan on the interior.

This [was Allah’s purpose] — and also [to show] that Allah renders vain the artful schemes of those who deny the truth [pertaining to His power and authority] (8:18).

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 45, No. 6

Shawwal 27, 14372016-08-01

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