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Blackwater mercenaries flee Taiz front in west Yemen as Ansarallah fighters make gains

Crescent International

The Saudis and their Arabian allies were never a match for the lightly armed Ansarallah fighters in Yemen. They had to rely on Blackwater mercenaries to do the fighting for them but the Ansarallah fighters have put these mercenaries also to flight as the latest news from Yemen indicates. The Saudi war on Yemen is a total failure and will end up in even more humiliation for the Bani Saud.

Sanaa, crescent-online.net
Friday February 19, 2016, 12:41 EST

The American mercenary outfit, Blackwater, has abandoned the Ta’iz front in western Yemen after suffering heavy casualties over the last two months while fighting alongside the Saudi-led coalition forces and the Hadi loyalists against Ansarallah . This was reported by Al-Masdar News on February 16.

In his report, Leith Fadel quoted local activists as saying that they had intercepted communications between Blackwater mercenary officers and members of the Saudi-led-coalition in the coastal province of Ta’iz.

These reports further revealed that Blackwater mercenaries had suffered heavy casualties, losing well over 100 mercenaries at the volatile Ta’iz front, including operatives from a dozen countries around the world.

Most of the Blackwater operatives killed in Yemen were believed to be from Colombia and Argentina; however, there were also casualties from the United States (U.S.), Australia, and France, according to Al-Masdar report.

The escape of Blackwater mercenaries from the Ta’iz Governorate comes just four days after the Houthis and the Yemeni Army’s 48th Brigade of the Republican Guard seized Jabal Al-Shabakah.

The Saudi-led coalition has caused havoc against defenceless civilians in Yemen but their heavily armed soldiers backed by foreign mercenaries like Blackwater are unable to stand up to the revolutionary fighters.

The flight of Blackwater mercenaries from Ta’iz is another indication that the Saudi war on Yemen is a total failure. Apart from killing tens of thousands of civilians and destroying much of Yemen’s infrastructure, the Bani Saud have achieved none of their objectives.

Instead, a large number of Saudi and Emirati soldiers have been killed since the Saudis launched their war of aggression on March 26, 2015. The Ansarallah fighters have also destroyed a number of Saudi military bases in the border region with Yemen and captured or destroyed a considerable amount of military hardware from the aggressors.


(https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/blackwater-group-abandons-taiz-front-in-west-yemen/ | Al-Masdar News)

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