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Shawwal, 14452024-05-01

Crescent International Vol. 54, No. 3

Main Stories

Iran Retaliates — and Transforms Regional and Global Orders

Kevin Barrett

Amid Israel’s ongoing genocidal war on Gaza, Iran’s retaliatory strike on the zionist entity has radically transformed the regional and global orders. It has exposed both American and Israeli impotence and served notice that Iran will no longer tolerate Israeli aggression.

Main Stories

Protests Against Israel’s Genocidal War On Gaza Spread Across US Campuses

Khadijah Ali

American campuses have erupted in unprecedented protests against Israel’s war on Gaza and US complicity in supporting and financing it. Students and faculty are demanding that universities end their investments in Israel as well as their cooperation with Israeli institutions.


Iran’s Retaliatory Strike A Global Game-changer


Israel’s days of hit-and run are over. Iran’s strategic patience in the past was misinterpreted as weakness. When Israel attacked the Iranian consulate in Damascus killing seven Revolutionary Guards, Tehran struck back and with force. Henceforth, Israel will receive a fitting response.


From Wahhabism To Hedonism: MbS’ Idea Of ‘Reforms’

Zafar Bangash

The Bani Saud-occupied Arabian Peninsula was in the past known for its rigid Wahhabism creating much conflict in the Muslim world. Since MbS’ ascension to power, he has gone to the other extreme: vulgarity and nakedness.


Give Not Reins To Your Inflamed Passions; Take A Little Time And Reflect

Abu Dharr

How ‘Uthman became the third Khalifah and details about Ubaid Ullah ibn Umar’s killing of the three persons who had assassinated his father, Khalifah Umar ibn al-Khattab.

News & Analysis

The Impending Israeli Implosion Over The Haredi Draft

Omar Ahmed

Zionist Israel faces deep internal divisions. These range from great dissatisfaction about Netanyahu’s rule as prime minister because of corruption charges to the new controversy surrounding inducting ultra-Orthodox Jews into the army.

News & Analysis

Bani Saud Treachery Exposed Over Iran’s Retaliation Against Israel

Ayman Ahmed

Both the Bedouins from Najd illegally occupying the Arabian Peninsula and the illegitimate Jordanian rulers joined in protecting the zionist entity from Iran’s retaliatory strikes. It would have been out of character if they had acted otherwise.

News & Analysis

Can Pakistan Survive Under The Heavy Boots Of Its Generals?

Zia Sarhadi

Pakistan’s future seems uncertain. The moronic generals have usurped all power and are hell-bent on keeping it that way. They are greedy, corrupt and incompetent when facing the external enemy, jeopardizing the very survival of the country.

News & Analysis

Jordan: The US-British-Zionist Colony

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

Jordan is an artificial entity. The British carved it out of a part of Palestine and handed it over to Hussain ibn Ali, who was the Sharif (governor) of Makkah after he lost out to the Bani Saud. Jordan serves as British-US-zionist colony and indulges in treachery against the Muslims.

Islamic Movement

Where Towing The Line Of Deviant Powers Ends Up

Imran Khan

When some Muslims mention power, they only think in terms of human beings having power on earth. Allah is not part of their thinking. This leads them to deviant behaviour and results in endless suffering here as well as the punishment of Allah in the hereafter.

Islamic Movement

Confident Leadership Or Israeli Zig-zagging?

Imran Khan

Muslims today suffer from the “Israeli mentality” that the noble Qur’an describes (2:47). This has to do with the characteristics of a leader. Just like the Bani Israel, Muslims think of a person qualified to be leader who has wealth and the means. This explains the Muslims’ plight today.

News & Analysis

Russian Withdrawal from Azerbaijan: A Grand Geopolitical Chess Move

Akhmet Makhmoudov

In a surprise move, Russia pulled its forces out of Karabakh unilaterally. This has great geostrategic and political implications that also reflect Moscow’s confidence and its ability to maintain influence in the Caucasus region.

News & Analysis

India’s Convoluted Elections And The Threat To Minorities

Khurshid Alam

India’s elections are not an exercise in democracy. They will further consolidate Hindu fascism in a society where intolerance of minorities, especially Muslims, has led to attacks against them and their properties. Mosques have been demolished and their businesses destroyed.

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