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Jumada' al-Akhirah, 14452024-01-01

Crescent International Vol. 53, No. 11

Main Stories

Genocide in Palestine: The Whole World Is Watching

Kevin Barrett

Zionist Israel’s genocide in Gaza is the most televised crime in world history. It is backed by western powers led by the US. Israel is guilty of collective punishment and its rulers—civilian and military—must be held accountable.

Main Stories

Is Israel Winning The War In Gaza?

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

After three months of relentless bombing of Gaza, the murder of tens of thousands of innocent children and women, Israel has failed to achieve any of its stated objectives. Instead, its much-vaunted armed forces have suffered heavy losses and are fleeing the battlefield.

Editor's Desk

Muslim Regimes’ Betrayal Of Palestinians


The Qur’an refers to Muslims as “one Ummah”. This places certain responsibilities upon them to assist their suffering brothers and sisters in any part of the world. Yet most regimes in the Muslim world have failed to come to the aid of the Palestinian people.


Pakistan’s Not So Honourable Judges

Zafar Bangash

Far from delivering justice, judges in Pakistan, taking their orders from the thuggish generals, are punishing innocent people. They have sunk to new a low. If there is no justice, there will be no peace in Pakistan.


A Good Conscience Is A Choice Companion

Abu Dharr

Uthman ibn Affan was the son-in-law of the Prophet (pbuh) and a generous companion. He provided immense financial support in various battles and provided equipment and other war material. Abu Dharr continues to shed light on the early history of Islam.

News & Analysis

Israel’s Blatant Lies Repeated By US, Western Officials

Tahir Mustafa

Even though its lies have been exposed, zionist Israel continues to peddle them shamelessly in order to justify its crimes against the Palestinian people. Western rulers and media are complicit in spreading these lies. We expose them one by one.

News & Analysis

Army’s War On Imran Khan And His Supporters

Zia Sarhadi

Despite the Pakistan army’s relentless war on Imran Khan and his party workers, the former prime minister’s popularity continues to soar. There are now fears that the army might attempt to murder Imran Khan. The people must prevent this crime from being carried out.

News & Analysis

Baloch Daughters Come To Islamabad Seeking News About “Missing Persons”

Waseem Shehzad

Thousands of Baloch youth have been murdered in cold blood. They are accused of being terrorists. Hundreds of others have simply disappeared. Last month young girls and women from Balochistan converged on Islamabad to seek answers about the fate of their loved ones.

News & Analysis

Sisi ‘Wins’ Third Term As President. No Surprises There!

Ayman Ahmed

General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi claims to have “won” a third term as president. With opposition candidates also rooting for him, Sisi was a shoe-in. Why did he have to go through this ritual and whether he will be able to solve the myriad economic problems that he himself created?

News & Analysis

Gitmo Torture Chamber Still Open 21 Years Later

Khadijah Ali

Lest anyone forgets, the American torture camp at Guantanamo Bay is still running. Its population has dropped from 780 at its peak to a mere 30 now. No one has been tried even after 21 years. It shows American barbarism and criminal conduct.

News & Analysis

Ansarallah Intercept Israeli Ships To Aid Palestinian Resistance

Omar Ahmed

The Ansarallah in Yemen have shown true grit and determination in supporting the Palestinian resistance in Gaza. They have targeted Israeli-bound ships and have increased the cost of shipping to the zionist entity.

News & Analysis

Apartheid Israel Gripped By Delusion For The ‘Day After’

Tahir Mahmoud

Wars are waged to achieve certain political objectives. The zionists have no clue what would come after their genocidal war on Gaza ends. All their calculations have come to naught. It is the zionist entity that is likely to disappear.


Distinguishing Ulul Amr From False Scholars

Salina Khan

There are many false scholars masquerading as genuine leaders. It is important to know who qualify as ulul amr and who are the imposters.

News & Analysis

South Africa’s Referral Of Israel To The ICC: Will Justice Be Delivered?

Imran Khan

South Africa has approached the ICC to investigate Israeli rulers for war crimes in Gaza. The ICC, however, is an imperialist outfit which was not set up to deliver justice. Besides, South African government policy also raises serious questions about its seriousness.

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