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Israel’s Blatant Lies Repeated By US, Western Officials

Tahir Mustafa

Image Source - Pixbay Free Content

Truth, it is said, is the first casualty of war. In Israel’s war on the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, truth has been mangled beyond recognition. Lies are peddled endlessly even though they have been exposed by Israeli witnesses and media and as well as by some western media outlets.

The entire zionist enterprise is built on a pack of lies. It started with the claim that God promised them the holy land. God is not a zionist; He is just and has no favourites. Besides, the murderous zionist thieves, most of whom do not even believe in God, cannot claim that He promised them the holy land. What have they done to deserve His favour?

This lie goes hand in hand with the other lie that Palestine was a land without a people and was given to a people without a land, in the infamous words of Golda Meir. The name Palestine is derived from Philistin, the original name of the land and the people. The Palestinian people have lived on this land long before the Hebrew tribes arrived. So, God’s ‘promise’ and a ‘land without a people’ are fabrications of the zionists’ fertile imagination to advance their colonial settler enterprise in Palestine.

We need not detain ourselves with historical facts since the zionists continue to peddle even more lies today. Hamas’s daring operation on October 7 and its aftermath have resulted in so many bald-faced lies and repeated endlessly that it has become imperative to expose them systematically. Western, especially American officials have shamelessly joined this campaign.

Let us itemize these lies and expose them one by one.

Lie # 1: Hamas fighters killed innocent Israeli civilians. The initial figure quoted was 1400 people, later revised to 1200. Perhaps, some people came back to life!

Fact: Did Hamas kill Israeli civilians? US President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Piers Morgan have shamelessly continued to peddle this lie. Yasmin Porat, an Israeli mother of three from the Be’eri kibbutz, speaking to Israeli radio Haboker Hazeh (“This Morning”) hosted by Aryeh Golan on state broadcaster Kan, dismissed the killing allegations. She recalled that while being held by Hamas fighters, “They did not abuse us. We were treated very humanely… No one treated us violently.” She added, “The objective was to kidnap us to Gaza, not to murder us.” Hamas has denied killing civilians but called for an independent, impartial inquiry to verify the truth. Would zionist Israel agree to such an impartial inquiry?

Lie # 2: Hamas fighters “beheaded 40 Israeli babies”.

Fact: The “beheaded babies” lie was started by the notorious zionist settler David Ben Zion. On October 9, he was interviewed by the Israeli foreign ministry-financed mouthpiece, Channel i24, and in particular its reporter Nicole Zedek, to peddle his lies. The American web magazine The Grayzone debunked this allegation.

The false allegation was lapped up by eager western media outlets including Jonah Goldberg of The Los Angeles Times (which walked it back on October 9) and CBS News. While other US networks, like NBC stated that they could find no independent verification for the news (meaning it was a lie) and the Israeli army also denied it, that did not prevent Biden from repeating it on television on October 10 and 11.

Lie # 3: Hamas fighters burnt Israelis alive.

Fact: Hamas’s Al-Qassam brigade fighters launched their operation using Kalashnikov rifles. They had no other weapons. The houses in the kibbutz where a large number of Israeli civilians died, were hit by tank and Israeli helicopter fire. This was confirmed by Tuval Escapa, a member of the security team for Kibbutz Be’eri, who coordinated between kibbutz residents and the Israeli army.

He told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that as the Israeli army panicked, “the commanders in the field made difficult decisions – including shelling houses on their occupants in order to eliminate the terrorists (sic) along with the hostages.” That explains the black, burnt-out houses. Hamas fighters had no heavy weapons.

Haaretz also published a separate report on October 20 which noted that the Israeli military was “compelled to request an aerial strike” against its own facility inside the Erez Crossing to Gaza “in order to repulse the terrorists” who had seized control. That base was filled with Israeli Civil Administration officers and soldiers at the time.

Lie #4: Hamas fighters raped Israeli women, some of them to death!

Fact: Hamas fighters were on a military mission, not a raping mission. With kalimah bands wrapped around their foreheads, how could they indulge in such despicable behaviour? Muslims do not rape women. Such filthy behaviour is common among Israelis and their American and western supporters.

Hamas is still holding hundreds of Israeli prisoners, among them women and girls. Not one woman or girl among the dozens that were released has said anything about being mistreated by Hamas much less raped. In fact, those that have spoken to the media have said they were treated gently and humanely by Hamas. It is a scandalous allegation made against the Islamic resistance movement without any shred of evidence.

Despite this, some Israeli and western officials have continued to peddle this vicious lie. The British Security Minister Tom Tugendhat in an October 11 interview with Sky News vented his sexually fertile imagination. He claimed that “people in Israel had been raped to death.” The presenter did not challenge him to present his evidence or ask how does one rape people to death.

Similar scandalous allegations were repeated by Israeli ambassador to the UN at a meeting on sexual and gender-based violence in New York on December 4. Gilad Erdan said the UN Women agency claims to fight against gender-based violence, yet has remained silent about women and girls held by Hamas in Gaza.

The zionists are nasty creatures but Erdan leads the pack. He is arrogant and pushy and demands that the world must snap to attention when he says so. After weeks of relentless bombardment killing innocent civilians, when UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said that Israel was killing innocent Palestinians, Erdan demanded that he resign. He was not fit to lead the world body. It takes chutzpah!

We must, however, ask why Israel needs to tell such blatant lies. For the zionist war criminals to justify their genocide of Palestinian civilian population, they have to make these scandalous allegations about Hamas. This was also admitted by Daniel Levy, a former advisor to the Israeli prime minister. Fortunately, most of the world does not buy these lies. They know the zionists are compulsive liars and mass murderers.

With every innocent child, woman or man they kill, they drive another nail in their own coffin. The days of the zionist entity are numbered. They can kill a very large number of Palestinian civilians but they cannot crush the spirit of resistance. Instead, the resistance gains strength with every zionist atrocity.

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 53, No. 11

Jumada' al-Akhirah 19, 14452024-01-01

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