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Dhu al-Qa'dah, 14432022-06-01

Crescent International Vol. 51, No. 4

Main Stories

Zionist Israel’s Impending Doom!

Ayman Ahmed

Zionist Israel is the most heavily-armed garrison state in the Middle East yet its survival is not guaranteed. This is the prognosis of not its enemies but some of its leading lights among them Ehud Barak, a former army chief and prime minister.

Main Stories

Ukraine War: US Defeats, Occupies and Humiliates Europe, Crushing Its Economy

Kevin Barrett

America’s “help” to Ukraine is not so much aid as it is loans that have to be repaid. More critically, the US has used the conflict in Ukraine to crush Europe’s attempt to gain freedom from Uncle Sam’s deathly embrace. So much for US friendship.


Imam Khomeini, Islamic Revolution and The Imposed World Order


June marks another anniversary of Imam Khomeini’s departure from this temporary abode to join heavenly company. In bringing about the Islamic revolution, he challenged the global order imposed by the victors of the Second World War. It has revolutionized people’s thinking worldwide.


Muslims Should Assert Their Position in The Multipolar World Order

Zafar Bangash

The demise of the US-led unipolar world order is crumbling before our eyes. A multipolar world order is emerging. Muslims must strive to find their rightful place in this emerging new order since it is largely through their sacrifices that America’s military machine has been defeated.


An Imam Shows What He is by What He does with What He has

Abu Dharr

Contrary to common-held misconceptions among some segment of the Muslim population, Imam Ali had maintained very cordial and warm relations with the Khulafa. Muslims need to remove their blinkers and view their history correctly in order to overcome prejudices of sectarianism

News & Analysis

Through Farcical Trial, India Convicts Yasin Malik on ‘Terrorism-related’ Charges

Zia Sarhadi

In the grip of fascism, India’s Hindutva rulers are determined to crush Muslims. Their latest victim is Yasin Malik, a Kashmiri freedom fighter who has been convicted on ‘terrorism-related’ charges. There are grave fears for Malik’s life held in stinking cell in Delhi’s Tihar Jail.

News & Analysis

Pakistan’s Engineered Political Crisis

Zafar Bangash

Pakistan has been engulfed in a political crisis orchestrated from Washington DC, operating through their local collaborators. The Americans created this crisis because Imran Khan wanted to chart an independent foreign policy while US agents in Pakistan want to remain America’s slaves.

News & Analysis

Syria’s Asad And The Resistance Front

Tahir Mustafa

With the war winding down in Syria although not completely over, there was much speculation that President Bashar al Asad will distance himself from Islamic Iran. Such speculation has been laid to rest. Asad has pledged to remain part of the resistance front against imperialism and zionism.

News & Analysis

Washington Gets It Wrong Again With Arabian Potentates

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

Ignorance of other cultures and peoples is a peculiarly American trait. Its latest example was witnessed in the high-powered US delegation sent to Abu Dhabi ostensibly to offer condolences on the death of its president but in reality, to reset relations. The trouble was America sent people of the wrong color.

News & Analysis

Russia-NATO Tussle in Central Asia and The Caucasus

Akhmet Makhmoudov

The conflict in Ukraine has opened up space for intrigue in other regions: Central Asia and the Caucasus. NATO regimes would like to create problems for Russia in its near-abroad but there are serious risks for NATO as well.

News & Analysis

Russian Response to NATO Expansion in Ukraine

Brecht Jonkers

Russia was left with no choice but to take strong action in Ukraine to prevent its becoming a NATO member, and to end the genocide of Russian-speaking people in the Donbass region. Moscow will not allow NATO troops on its borders, period!

News & Analysis

The Great Exodus

Khadijah Ali

Israel is supposed to be the state for all Jewish people while America is supposedly the land of opportunity where everyone chases the American dream. Neither Israel nor America seems to live up to their contrived image. There is an exodus of people from both, debunking their myths.

News & Analysis

Hunger And Starvation Threaten Millions of People Worldwide

Tahir Mahmoud

With nearly 1.2 billion people already facing hunger and starvation, the conflict in Ukraine has created food insecurity for hundreds of millions of other people. This is because both Ukraine and Russia are grain producing countries. The war has disrupted shipment of grain

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