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Dhu al-Hijjah, 14412020-08-01

Crescent International Vol. 49, No. 6

Main Stories

El-Sisi: Pharoah Forever!

Ayman Ahmed

General Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has been in power for seven years but he has made a real mess of everything in Egypt. Far from solving any of the problems, he has created new enemies abroad while the people continue to suffer grinding poverty

Main Stories

Will the US Economy Rebound from the Pandemic?

Kevin Barrett

The pandemic has badly damaged the US economy. Will it rebound or the pandemic will prove to be the iceberg that hit the Titanic sending it to the bottom of the ocean?

News & Analysis

The Iran-China Economic Agreement

Tahir Mahmoud

In recent weeks the corporate media has been awash with analysis of the purported document leaked to the public and titled the ‘25-year Comprehensive Plan for Cooperation between Iran and China’. While the document is being labeled as a formal treaty, neither party has confirmed it as such.


Time to Liberate Makkah, Once Again

Zafar Bangash

Hajj has been suspended for most but a handful of Muslims this year. Those that were unable to perform Hajj have not missed much since the Bani Saud have turned this divinely prescribed obligation into an empty ritual devoid of all meaning


When It Comes to Hadith, It is Unfortunate Common Sense isn’t More Common

Abu Dharr

Muslims must sharpen their critical thinking and look very carefully at what passes for hadith. Not everything attributed to the noble messenger (pbuh) may be correct because some vested interests in early Islamic history needed to furbish their credentials through forgeries.

News & Analysis

America’s Long List of Enemies!

Abdul Haqq ibn Omar

America’s list of enemies is not only long, it keeps growing. It is America’s systemic need. By conjuring up fear of real or imagined enemies, the US Deep state keeps diverting trillions of dollars from development toward armaments to further enrich the oligarchs

Main Stories

Kashmiris Resist India’s Brutal Colonization

Zia Sarhadi

August 5 will mark one year since India’s illegal abrogation of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir’s special status. Aware that the Kashmiris reject this, the occupation forces have intensified their terrorist acts against the Kashmiris. The pandemic has only made life worse.

News & Analysis

Independence Day Thoughts: Is Pakistan Truly Independent?

Waseem Shehzad

Pakistan and Pakistanis will celebrate Independence Day on August 14. Truth be told, Pakistan is not truly independent. It continues to be governed by the same laws bequeathed by the British colonialists. They didn’t leave; they merely handed over power to the Brown sahibs.

News & Analysis

Pro-Israel Lobby in Canada Pushes to Ban Criticism of Zionist Entity

Khadijah Ali

While Canada is gripped by the pandemic and institutionalized racism is rampant, the pro-Israel lobby is busy pushing through legislation to ban criticism of Israel and Zionism by equating it with anti-Semitism. This is a direct assault on free speech.


Racism But No Racists in Canada?


If there is racism in Canada, there has to be racists but some racists are taking exception to this designation. It proves how deeply ingrained racism is that its proponents refuse to even acknowledge it. People of color have a tough fight ahead for equality and justice.

News & Analysis

Biden vs. Trump: Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber

Kevin Barrett

Biden’s opponent, incumbent president Donald Trump, is not only intellectually sub-par, but also has character flaws big enough to drive an oil tanker through.

News & Analysis

China’s Economic Challenge to the US

Tahir Mustafa

Since the US has declared China as enemy number one, Beijing’s economic plans of which the Belt and Road Initiative is a major component, have been targeted through huge negative propaganda. Lies peddled through the media are simply mind-boggling

Special Reports

Do Material Possessions Equal Progress and Happiness?

Zafar Bangash

There is a general perception among most people that material possessions lead to happiness. This is not necessarily true. ICIT Director exposes this fallacy through empirical evidence.

Special Reports

Why Turkish docu-drama Ertugrul has Taken Pakistan by Storm?

Khadijah Ali

Never before has a docu-drama attracted such huge following in Pakistan as the Turkish serial, Dirilis Ertugrul. Based on the story of a nomadic Turkish tribe from which emerged the founder of the Ottoman Sultanate, it is a fascinating production worthy of its reputation

Special Reports

Can Noisy Outrage Tackle the Rape Pandemic in Nigeria?

Dr. Taajudeen Thaani

Rape has become so widespread in Nigeria that it has been dubbed a pandemic. Even infants are not spared but so far there appears little serious effort to tackle this horrific social evil. The statistics are horrendous

Special Reports

Armenia-Azerbaijan Ceasefire Violations: What is All the Fuss About?

Akhmet Makhmoudov

Last month’s massive protests in Azerbaijan were sparked by its humiliation in clashes with Armenian forces. A leading Azeri general was killed. The regime launched a crackdown of opposition forces, claiming Armenia would exploit the protests and cause further damage to Azerbaijan

Letters To The Editor

Who’s backing Trump?

Suzanne Weiss

As a long-time reader of Crescent International, an activist for Palestinian freedom, and a Jewish Holocaust survivor, I am concerned by the tone and content of Kevin Barrett’s article in your July 1 issue, “Who’s Backing Trump.”

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