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Rajab, 14412020-03-01

Crescent International Vol. 49, No. 1

News & Analysis

US Tries to Break Up Iraq Via “Sunni State” in Anbar

Kevin Barrett

The American neo-cons have gone berserk. They have embarked on a plan to break-up Iraq following demands by the Iraqi parliament and government for US and foreign troops to get out of Iraq. The demands came in the wake of the assassination of Iran’s top general, Haj Qassem Soleimani and his Iraqi comrade, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis on January 3 at Baghdad airport. The US missile strikes were described by most legal experts as war crimes.

Main Stories

Jeff Brown of Bioweapon Truth Commission: ‘Coronavirus Is US Biowar on China’

Kevin Barrett

Jeff Brown, co-founder of the Bioweapon Truth Commission, grew up on a farm in Oklahoma, USA. He has lived and worked in Africa, the Muslim East, and Europe throughout most of his adult life, and speaks Arabic, Portuguese, French, and Mandarin. He spent the 2010s in China, publishing three books on that country and maintaining the China Rising blog. On February 7, 2020, Kevin Barret interviewed Jeff Brown on Truth Jihad Radio.

News & Analysis

Saudis Stab Pakistan in the Back over Kashmir

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

Pakistan’s kow-towing to the Saudis is becoming increasingly untenable. The Saudis have just stabbed Pakistan in the back over Kashmir, that is the most important issue for Pakistan, in fact for its very survival. It is time for Islamabad to rethink its policy vis-à-vis the Saudis.

Main Stories

‘Deal of the Century’ or Recipe for Disaster?

Ayman Ahmed

Donald Trump is desperate to get re-elected as US president in the November 2020 elections. Aware that he would need the support of the Israeli lobby in the US, he is willing to give them anything they want and then some. His so-called deal of the century is part of this plan but far from bringing peace, it will lead to more chaos and turmoil in the region.

News & Analysis

India’s New Quislings in Occupied Kashmir

Tahir Mustafa

With Indian occupied Kashmir in complete lockdown since August 2019, India is desperate to give an impression of a semblance of normalcy. This, however, is not possible because politicians of all stripes are in jail or house arrest. India has found new politicians that it has bought with offers of rewards and money to do its dirty work.


Time for The Gold Dinar?

Tahir Mahmoud

During the December 2019 Islamic Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia pushed among other policies, for the creation of a gold dinar. This is an important step and must be pursued vigorously to get out of the stranglehold of dollar hegemony.

News & Analysis

Yemen’s Grim Fifth Anniversary

Brecht Jonkers

March 26, 2020 will mark five years since Saudi Arabia’s murderous war on dirt-poor Yemen. The aggressors have got nowhere despite killing more than 100,000 people and causing mass starvation. Instead, the Yemeni defenders have inflicted massive blows on the aggressors.


Bollywood’s anti-Muslim Agenda

Hayy Yaqzan

India has always used Bollywood to project its soft-power but of late, it has turned even more sinister: it has become a tool to spread poisonous propaganda against Muslims. The anti-Muslim pogroms currently underway in India are a clear reflection of this phenomenon.


The US Surrenders to the Taliban!


The four-point agreement signed between the Taliban and the US in Doha, Qatar on February 29, 2020 was remarkable in more ways than one. If there is a single take-away from the agreement, it is that another superpower has had its nose rubbed in the dust by the rag-tag band of Afghan Taliban.


Ertugrul, Turkishness & Soft-Power

Khadijah Ali

Turkey’s TV series, Ertugrul has taken much of the Muslim world as well as parts of the non-Muslim world by storm. It is a gripping docu-drama spanning hundreds of episodes but the Arabian potentates are not amused. They have got their court ulama to issue fatwas against it. How pathetic can they get when vulgar Bollywood and Hollywood movies are not banned.


Seeking Legitimacy for Illegitimacy

Zafar Bangash

The vast majority of regimes in the Muslim world are illegitimate. They are also anti-Islamic but they need a cover of Islamicity to fool the masses. Enter the scholars for dollars that are eager to oblige.


The Pakistani Elite’s Qarooni Mindset

Waseem Shehzad

The world’s value system has become so distorted that almost all people think acquiring wealth is the road to happiness. This has created a mad scramble to accumulate wealth without worrying about the means. The Pakistani elite seem to be the worst in this regard.

News & Analysis

Constitutional Reforms in Russia

Akhmet Makhmoudov

Vladimir Putin’s constitutional reforms are meant to build institutions so that the system can continue long after he is gone from the scene. At present, almost everything revolves around his personality.

News & Analysis

Why Turkey Doesn't Cut Trade ties with Zionist Israel?

Tahir Mustafa

The main reason Zionist Israel can press the Palestinians for total capitulation is because many Israeli-backed autocratic regimes in the Muslim world do not provide any support for Palestinian self-defence. Apart from Islamic Iran, no one provides Palestinians with the means of self-defense.

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