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Jeff Brown of Bioweapon Truth Commission: ‘Coronavirus Is US Biowar on China’

Kevin Barrett

Jeff Brown, co-founder of the Bioweapon Truth Commission, grew up on a farm in Oklahoma, USA. He has lived and worked in Africa, the Muslim East, and Europe throughout most of his adult life, and speaks Arabic, Portuguese, French, and Mandarin. He spent the 2010s in China, publishing three books on that country and maintaining the China Rising blog.

On February 7, 2020, I interviewed Jeff Brown on Truth Jihad Radio. Below are edited selections from the full interview.

Kevin: You’re the perfect person to talk about this. You’ve already worked on US bioweapons crimes, including the massive onslaught on Korea with bioweapons during the Korean War that most people in the US don’t know about. And now we have a situation where this coronavirus is behaving very strangely. There are all sorts of signs that it’s bioengineered.

And it just happened to pop up in Wuhan, China right before the Chinese New Year. That’s the main transit hub for the entire country. And so maybe you could talk a little bit about your perspective on this. You lived in China all of those years, and it seems you would agree with me that this looks like a bioterror attack by the bioterrorists in Washington, DC.

Jeff: Yeah. President Trump and President Xi Jinping talked about the coronavirus. Xi actually told Trump that for China, this is a people’s war. This is exactly the same language that Mao Zedong used during the Korean War when they were being attacked with biological weapons by the United States.

(Before that) the Chinese (were attacked by) the Japanese Unit 731, who killed hundreds of thousands of Chinese with biological weapons. The Chinese are probably the most experienced victims of germ warfare in human history. So, they know what they’re doing. And I’m in contact with people every day in China. And they are on a war footing.

It is unbelievable what this country is doing. They are mobilizing hundreds of millions of people. They’ve mobilized the army. They have quarantined 50 million people. Hundreds of millions are working out of their homes. That’s why the death rate and the number of incidences are relatively low.

Kevin: How bad is it? The death rate that they’re telling us about in the media is not all that alarming. It looks just kind of like bad flu.

Jeff: Well, it depends on what color you are. I could go to a fresh fish market in Wuhan and lick the shrimp. Nothing will happen to me. It’s only killing Chinese DNA people. It is extremely selective. Everybody that has died outside of China – I have not found any evidence that they are not Chinese (43 people have died in Iran and there are hundreds of cases of the coronavirus in Italy as well as South Korea—editor). I finally found it in Chinese in a Chinese chat group in Mandarin. Ninety-six percent of the people that died of SARS were Chinese DNA people.

Kevin: This sounds like what The Project for a New American Century said in their notorious September 2000 Rebuilding America’s Defenses manifesto that famously called for a new Pearl Harbor to mobilize a US assault on the Middle East. And they got it one year later. They were also calling for bioweapons. They said that ethnic-specific bioweapons could become a “potentially useful political tool.” That’s almost a smoking gun, just like the new Pearl Harbor smoking gun.

Jeff: We’ve been doing this for so long, even on our own people, as you well know. Which is one of the reasons that a group of journalists and authors got together and created the Bioweapon Truth Commission, www.bioweapontruth.com. It is the largest repository of documentation, film and sound publications about the United States’ and the West’s long, sordid, demented, psychopathic racism against all non-white races, especially the yellow race and Slavs.

They got caught collecting Slavic DNA in Russia and got kicked out and they were collecting Chinese DNA here. Harvard was also involved using fake NGOs to take blood samples from Chinese. You know, Kevin, we (Americans) are not nice people.

Kevin: if this really is a US bioweapon attack on China, it follows closely on another completely insane declaration of war: the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani, the most popular man in Iran, the top Iranian military commander, and the man who probably would have become president of Iran in a few years. This is like Archduke Ferdinand stuff. And then following that up with a massive bio-attack on China. What are these people thinking? If this is the case, obviously China is within its rights to retaliate. Iran is going to not only be raining down rockets on that one US base, they’re going to be looking to avenge Soleimani’s murder for a very long time. And likewise, obviously, China, which now has a bigger GDP than the US—it’s ahead technologically and in so many other ways—is not going to take this lying down.

Jeff: We had a foreshadowing in October with “Event 201” where Bill Gates and neocons—John Bolton was there— were going through a scenario of a coronavirus epidemic, a global one, with an estimated 65 million deaths. And of course, their takeaway was “government bad, private good.” This should all be handled by private companies and their vaccines. And a month later it happened in China, the big outbreak, just days before Chinese New Year.

This is just business as usual, which is eugenics. It goes back to the late 1800s, with the billionaire families in the United States who said that 90 percent of blacks should be eliminated, 70 percent of Native Americans. They had it all worked out.

Our founding fathers in the United States were all Aryans. They believed in the Aryan myth. You know, whites marching towards the west, towards the sun. It’s grounded in white supremacism, white Christian evangelicalism, anti-Islamic hatred, the infidels, and so on. This has been going on for a long time.

Kevin: The Lockstep drill from 2010, envisioning a coronavirus-like pandemic that kills eight million people in seven months and devastates the world, envisioned bringing in more government control rather than privatizing everything. They were saying that China is a police state and that China would do well because it is such a police state.

Jeff: It is an authoritarian government. It is definitely not a police state compared to the United States. But the Ministry of State Security here is at least as good, if not better than the CIA and MI6 in the UK. They’ve got all the information about activities that foreshadowed the event. And I think that is why they are treating this, as Xi Jinping said to Trump it is a people’s war. They know this is a bioterrorist attack, an engineered virus. But they can’t declare it, because if they did, popular outrage would be so great that in order to maintain credibility the leadership have to respond in some way because it is an act of war.

And there are only two things they could possibly do to avenge a publicly declared attack: sinking the dollar, dumping their trillion dollars in US Treasuries, which would cause a world depression; or they could have a hot war. And neither is in the interest of the Chinese people. Their long-term goal is to be a highly advanced, economic, military, scientific and technology rich communist country by 2050.

Kevin: Wouldn’t they be tempted to create a kind of flu that targets white people?

Jeff: No, I don’t think the Chinese would do that. They will have to do something, probably asymmetrically. But I think they are still focused on their development plans: in 2020, eliminating extreme poverty; by 2025, Made in China, with 80 percent of all of their high technology made domestically; by 2030, to be a moderately prosperous socialist country, which in Chinese is Xiaokang. And then by 2049, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, to again become a wealthy, militarily undefeatable, scientific and technological behemoth.

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 49, No. 1

Rajab 06, 14412020-03-01

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