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Jumada' al-Akhirah, 14412020-02-01

Crescent International Vol. 48, No. 12

Main Stories

Martyrdom Immortalizes Haj Qassem Soleimani

Tahir Mustafa

If Donald Trump thought he would appear macho by assassinating General Soleimani, he has made a big mistake. The martyred revolutionary commander has become an even bigger figure in death than he was when alive.


Kashmiris’ Travails

Zafar Bangash

Eight million Kashmiris live under Indian occupation where India impose a total lockdown last August while four million live in Azad (Free) Kashmir (AJK) on the Pakistani side. There are also 40,000 Kashmiri refugees in AJK that had fled Indian military terror in 1989-1990. They have not seen loved ones ever since.


An Open Letter to Imam Khamenei, May Allah Escort His Every Step!

Abu Dharr

While Shia-Sunni unity is essential for Muslims’ survival, there are some people in Islamic Iran that seem to be pursuing a sectarian agenda creating divisions. Abu Dharr, a sincere Muslim revolutionary, opens his heart to the Rahbar, Imam Khamenei about this troubling situation.

Special Reports

US-China Trade war: The Broader Perspective

Tahir Mahmoud

The short-term trade agreement between the US and China is not likely to end the crisis any time soon. In fact, it is not a trade agreement at all; only a stop-gap measure.

News & Analysis

Will Iraq Unite to End Foreign Occupation?

Kevin Barrett

Millions of Iraqis, setting aside political differences, joined hands in a peaceful rally in Baghdad on January 17 to demand the ouster of all US forces from the country.


Trump Stuck Between Iraq and A Hard Place

Kevin Barrett

By assassinating General Qassem Soleimani, Donald Trump violated international law and committed a war crime. For this, he would be liable to capital punishment under the Nuremberg Law.


India’s Racist Laws


Narendra Modi and his fascist followers are hell-bent on turning India into an exclusive Hindu state with no room for other religious groups. Their first target India’s 200 million Muslims but it will not end there. Modi’s racist policies have aroused Indians from a broad cross-section challenging its slide into absolute fascism.


The Elusive Afghan Peace


There have been many false starts about peace in Afghanistan but there may be guarded optimism this time that may be, just maybe, there will be peace. The next few weeks will tell but unless there is actual peace, it is prudent to be cautious.

Editor's Desk

Crescent Going Fully Digital

Zafar Bangash

Starting with our next issue, we are introducing two changes: Crescent International is going fully digital, and fresh blood is being brought in as part of the Editorial Board.

News & Analysis

The Missiles’ Message

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

Some Muslims have described Iran’s retaliatory missile strikes on two American bases in Iraq as not sufficiently strong because no American soldier was killed. Iran’s missiles were not intended to kill but to send a message that no US military bases or its allies and puppets’ assets in the region are safe from Irani strikes.

News & Analysis

Political Exploitation of The Plane Tragedy

Waseem Shehzad

The Ukrainian airliner mistakenly shot down by Iran on January 8 is being exploited by some quarters for political purposes. This is both shocking and disturbing.

News & Analysis

Haj Soleimani’s Assassination Misreported in The Western Media

Kevin Barrett

True to their devious nature, Western media outlets have indulged in customary disinformation pertaining to the assassination of General Qassem Soleimani. It was a war crime and must be condemned as such.

News & Analysis

Haj Soleimani And Narrative Control on Social Media

Eva Bartlett

Twitter and Instagram are on a rampage censoring points of view critical of the American narrative. People expressing sympathy for Iranian General Soleimani who was murdered in cold blood by the US are being blocked and censored.

News & Analysis

Google Deletes Press TV from Youtube

Alan MacLeod

Social media platforms have gone into overdrive to censor any news that negates the official US narrative. Google removed Press TV that has 28,000 followers, from YouTube. One wonders why are they so afraid of the truth?

News & Analysis

Don’t let Empire Sabotage Post-Soleimani Resistance

Salina Khan

Resistance and revolution are definitely in the air, not only in Iran and Iraq but everywhere the heart beats for peace and justice.

News & Analysis

Turkey’s Involvement in Libya to Serve As Game-Changer!

Ayman Ahmed

Turkey has come to the aid of the internationally-recognized government of Libya. It has also announced plans to explore gas in the Eastern Mediterranean. Should Turkey succeed in shoring up the government in Tripoli, it could pose a threat to the regime in Egypt.

News & Analysis

TANAP will Revive Geopolitical Struggle in Central Asia

Akhmet Makhmoudov

Turkey and Azerbaijan announced completion of the gas pipeline from the Caspian Sea to Western Europe bypassing Russia but it did not sit well with Moscow. There will be repercussions for the Central Asian republics if they cross Russia’s path.

Book Review

The Anti-Imperialist Perspective

Eric Walberg

Tim Anderson’s book, The Axis of Resistance, falls somewhat short of taking a clearer view of the reality on the ground. Eric Walberg takes us through the Middle East’s complex maze…

Special Reports

Islamophobia in India And Sri Lanka

Hayy Yaqzan

India’s anti-Muslim policies have received some media attention but Sri Lanka’s Islamophobia has been a blind spot. We look a little closer to find out what is underway in the island state.

Letters To The Editor

Muslim World Woes

Prof. Tahir Mirza

Even a cursory glance at the Muslim world would show that it is beset with many problems. From mass poverty amid pockets of obscene affluence to chaotic traffic and gross mismanagement coupled with widespread corruption characterize most Muslim societies.

Letters To The Editor

Lebanese Crisis

Samir Ali Sayyed

Lebanon is in turmoil. There have been angry protests against the Lebanese government and the corrupt ruling class in which hundreds of people have been injured.

Letters To The Editor


Askia Wejd

Exceptionalism is a disease that affects many people and countries. Your article on exceptionalism (January 2020) discussed the various claimants to it with the US leading the pack.

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