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Rajab, 14392018-04-01

Crescent International Vol. 47, No. 2

Main Stories

The Witch-hunt of Dr. Tariq Ramadan

Kevin Barrett

Unable to match his intellectual skills, the French have launched a scandalous campaign to tarnish Dr Tariq Ramadan’s image. He has been falsely accused and put in prison. So much for French freedom and liberty!

News & Analysis

Secularism in Islamic Schools

Maksud Djavadov

Islamic schools are supposed to present a better alternative to what is being taught in mainstream schools but apart from a single subject of Islamic studies, most Islamic schools offer little enlightenment.


Saudi Sectarianism: A Disease Characterized by Hardening of the Categories

Abu Dharr

To divert attention from their subservience to imperialism and Zionism, Saudi sectarians have unleashed their paid agents to tarnish the image of Islamic Iran and its committed leadership.

News & Analysis

Billionaire Beggar Mooches off Anglo-Zionist Masters

Kevin Barrett

Bin Salman’s US trip is aimed at enticing American businessmen to invest in the bankrupt kingdom. This ignorant man does not realize that Americans take, not give money.


Racist Attacks Against Muslims

Zafar Bangash

While the Western campaign to demonize Muslims is used to justify its war agenda, ordinary Muslims are being targeted by the Zionists, Christians, Hindus and even ‘peaceful’ Buddhists everywhere!


Significance of Al-Quds

Salina Khan

Muslims need to focus their minds and energies on the liberation of al-Quds at a time when the US plans to move its embassy to Jerusalem and the Zionists plan another war.


Bin Salman’s US Pilgrimage


Among many others, Muhammad bin Salman’s basic reason for visiting the US was to seek Trump’s permission to become king!

Editor's Desk

Western Regimes Backtracking on Iran Nuclear Deal


Not just Donald Trump but other Western regimes are also backtracking on the nuclear deal with Iran. This confirms yet again that Western regimes cannot be trusted to uphold agreements that they sign.


Saudi War on Yemen Enters Fourth Year


The Saudi-led war on Yemen has caused massive civilian casualties and led to the greatest humanitarian disaster in history. The Bani Saud are guilty of war crimes.

News & Analysis

Terrorists’ US-Saudi Supplied Chemical Lab Found in Ghouta

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

For weeks, the Western corporate media was reporting the ‘use of chemical weapons’ by the Syrian government but when the Syrian army discovered a chemical lab in terrorist-held territory, the same media went silent.

News & Analysis

Another Grim Anniversary for Afghans

Zia Sarhadi

This April marks the 40th anniversary of the Marxist coup against President Daoud that set Afghanistan on a course to endless war. America, the latest invader, is on the verge of total defeat at the hands of the intrepid Afghans.

News & Analysis

Are Pakistan’s Fears About India Unfounded?

Waseem Shehzad

Indian hostility toward Pakistan is rooted in the Hindus’ refusal to accept the very existence of Pakistan. No peace is possible unless the Hindus reconcile themselves to Pakistan’s existence. All else will then fall into place.

News & Analysis

Escalating Gun Violence: Symptom of US Decline

Kevin Barrett

Even as US wars continue abroad, lawlessness grips its cities and schools where increasing numbers of people are getting shot and killed.

News & Analysis

Islamophobia in Canadian Academic Institutions

Hayy Yaqzan

Despite its peaceful image, there is widespread Islamophobia in Canada including in many of its academic institutions.

Islamic Movement

Dr. Morrow’s Take on Celebrity “Shaykhs”

John Andrew Morrow

North America is afflicted by a peculiar phenomenon: that of celebrity “shaykhs”. We talk to Dr John Andrew Morrow about this.

Letters To The Editor

Trump: Danger to world!

Talha Shafiq

Donald Trump is, by common consensus, not very bright. He is ill-informed because he does not bother to read (some say he is unable to read). The problem is he occupies a position where his grubby fingers are close to the nuclear button. This buffoon can easily blow up the entire world.

Letters To The Editor

White House Dinosaurs

Mitch Clark

Even an orangutan has some sense. That is more than one can say about the dinosaurs; that is why despite their recent appearance — or reappearance — they are destined for extinction. Few would miss them; most would heave a collective sigh of relief once they are dead and gone, forever!

Letters To The Editor

Syrian War

Askia Wejd

The Western regimes and their Arabian puppets do not want peace in Syria even if it consumes tens of thousands of innocent people, as has already happened. Far from confronting the terrorists, the Western regimes are actually supporting them.

Letters To The Editor


Salim Qureshi

Thank you for exposing the nefarious agenda of Western-backed NGOs in the Muslim world. These organizations and their local representatives are the enemies of the societies in which they live.

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