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Jumada' al-Akhirah, 14392018-03-01

Crescent International Vol. 47, No. 1

Main Stories

Legitimacy of the Kashmiris’ Struggle

Waseem Shehzad

For 70 years, the people of Kashmir have struggled for fundamental rights despite facing one of the most ruthless regimes in the world.


Politics is War without Bloodshed, While War is Politics with Bloodshed

Abu Dharr

With drums of war beating louder in the Muslim East (aka Middle East), the conflict will be between the victims (Resistance Front—Islamic Iran, Hizbullah, Syria, Iraq) and the aggressors (US, Israel, Saudi Arabia et al).


The Scourge of Zionism: Learning from History

Eric Walberg

History offers lessons in how to confront—and defeat—imperialism and Zionism.


Pakistan’s Political Circus

Zafar Bangash

Politicians everywhere are a despicable lot but those in Pakistan are in a class of their own: incompetent and thoroughly corrupt

Main Stories

Kashmir: from Nehru to Modi, What’s Changed?

Iqbal Jassat

Modi may be crude, and Nehru was sophisticated but on Kashmir, there is little to distinguish between the two.

News & Analysis

Iranians Show Massive Support for Islamic System

Zafar Bangash

The massive participation of people in the February 11 celebrations of the victory of the Islamic revolution was a slap in the face of meddlesome imperialists and Zionists.

Editor's Desk

Saudis Want Their Terrorists Back!


In one of the most glaring admissions of its role as sponsor of terrorists, Saudi Arabia asked Iraq to extradite 400 of its citizens captured in the fight against Da‘ish and convicted of terrorism by Iraqi courts


Stoking Fear to Wage Wars


Ignorance of the people a strong factor in inducing fear to justify America’s endless wars.


UN Hypocrisy Over Syria


The US and allies’ selective concern for civilians in Eastern Ghouta designed to protect their favorite terrorists in Syria. No such concern has been expressed for Syrian civilians elsewhere.

News & Analysis

Hindu Nazis Target Minorities in India

Khadijah Ali

India is not a democracy; it is a cesspool of Hindu Nazis that do not tolerate any minorities: Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Dalits and others in their midst.

News & Analysis

Zionist Plane Down

Tahir Mahmoud

By shooting down an Israeli F-16 fighter plane, Syria and the Resistance Front have served notice that rules of the game and engagement have changed radically.

News & Analysis

Dictator el-Sisi’s Electoral Farce in Egypt

Ayman Ahmed

By locking up all challengers, dictator el Sisi wants to be crowned uncontested king in Egypt’s presidential elections.

News & Analysis

Trump’s Nuclear Buildup Threatens Global Annihilation

Kevin Barrett

Trump’s announcement to build more lethal nuclear weapons means only one thing: annihilation of the human race.

News & Analysis

Black History Month and Institutional Racism

Hayy Yaqzan

Black History Month is now well established in the US and Canada but it only ‘celebrates’ establishment-approved figures, not the true revolutionaries.

News & Analysis

Islamophobia: Neocon-Zionist PR Campaign Bears Strange Fruit

Kevin Barrett

The alarming rise in Islamophobic attacks in the US is related to manipulation of public perception about the need for perpetual scapegoats and the imaginary threat of Muslims.

Islamic Movement

Dr. John Andrew Morrow: Scholar and Author

Crescent International

Crescent International speaks to Dr John Andrew Morrow about his life’s journey and scholarly works.

Islamic Movement

The NGOs’ Real Agenda

Tahir Mustafa

NGOs perform the same function in the civil domain that terrorist groups like Da‘ish do on the military front for imperialism and Zionism.

Letters To The Editor

Modi Shows Bad Manners

Jill Cartwright

On his first visit to India, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had to wait for five days before his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi would see him. A low-level agricultural minister received Trudeau at the airport. Why such indifference to Canada, which is not a Third-World country? Millions of people of Indian origin have settled in Canada, among them nearly two million Sikhs.

Letters To The Editor

Trump Danger to the World!

Prof S.K.

Trump may be a certified lunatic but the with position he holds and the power he wields, he poses a clear danger to the entire world. With his grubby hands close to the nuclear button, this man, referred to as an orangutan, can blow up the world in a fit of fury. He has threatened as much from the podium of the UN while railing against North Korea.

Letters To The Editor

Ahed Tamimi

Askia Wejd

Thank you for reporting on Ahed Tamimi’s courgeous struggle for freedom and justice. This young girl has exposed with stunning clarity the brutal nature of Zionist occupation and the deeply racist nature of its society.

Letters To The Editor

Bin Salman

Ahmed Qureshi

The manner in which the new head honcho in the desert kingdom is throwing about his weight, it appears he may not last long after his father, the demented King Salman, is dead and gone.

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