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Ramadan, 14352014-07-01

Crescent International Vol. 43, No. 5

Main Stories

Meet al-Baghdadi, America's newest "poster boy"

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

The world has a new poster boy in al-Baghdadi. Some naive Muslims will be taken in by his brandishing a kalishnakov instead of the sword but it is important to look deeper. Emotional outbursts are no substitute for clear analysis and understanding.

Main Stories

Writing on the wall for Afghanistan and Iraq

Eric Walberg

Afghanistan and Iraq offer salutary lessons in America’s nation-building enterprise. Both countries are worse off today than they were before the Americans invaded.


Significance of Quds Day rallies

Zafar Bangash

Every year, al-Quds rallies are held worldwide on the last Friday of Ramadan. They are important because they remind the Muslims as well as non-Muslims that the first qibla of Muslims remains under alien occupation. Its liberation is the responsibility of every Muslim.


Iran-West nuclear talks

Zafar Bangash

Iran is about to start a fresh round of talks with Western powers. What are the prospects of finalizing a deal? It will depend on how far Western powers are able to adopt a realistic attitude toward Iran’s peaceful nuclear program rather than living with illusions.


How to establish the Khilafah

Zafar Bangash

With the bursting of the takfiri group, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) on the scene and their declaration of the Khilafah, it is important to understand this phenomenon through the Seerah of the noble Messenger (saws).


The Salafis, the Ikhwan and the Saudi wild card

Abu Dharr

Examining the Saudi policy of setting the Salafis and Ikhwanis at each others' throats at a time when foreign powers have their fangs embedded deeply into the flesh of the Ummah.

News & Analysis

ISIS: have guns will fight, even in Saudi Arabia?

Zafar Bangash

The Saudis may have created a monster that is likely to bite them as well. Should the ISIS invade Saudi Arabia, it will be a fight of a lifetime. Muslims will have a ringside view of a blood-curdling duel between ideological twins.

News & Analysis

Erdogan in bind over ISIS kidnapping of Turks

Mehmet Arsalan

Prime Minister Recep Tayip Erdogan’s policies are unraveling one by one with the latest blow delivered by the ISIS terrorists that have kidnapped Turkish diplomats and civilians in Mosul. Will he learn from the debacle?

News & Analysis

Pakistan steps up bombing campaign in Waziristan

Ayesha Alam

Hundreds of thousands of tribesmen from Pakistan’s North Waziristan region have been displaced as a result of a massive bombing campaign by the army. Most refugees, however, have refused to go to camps set up by the government. Their plight is really grim.

News & Analysis

The liberation of Kassab

Eva Bartlett

The predominantly Armenian town of Kassab in Syria has been liberated from the clutches of the takfiris but not before the terrorists had perpetrated horrible crimes against the town’s population.

Islamic Movement

Masjid al-Aqsa in Islamic history

Zafar Bangash

Masjid al-Aqsa has a rich history. It is intimately linked with Prophetic history, not of one but numerous prophets. It was first built by the Prophet Ibrahim (as) years after he built the Ka‘aba with his first son Ismail (as). Muslims have always been its true custodians despite illegal Zionist encroachments

Special Reports

Obama’s unfulfilled executive order on Gitmo

Tahir Mahmoud

Five years after promising to shut down the torture camp at the illegally-occupied Cuban island of Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo), it remains open. In fact, there are plans to expand the gulag. The American regime acts as an outlaw.

Special Reports

Ukraine and the Russian-West endgame

Maksud Djavadov

Neither the West nor Russia is able to achieve their objectives in Ukraine resulting in a stalemate but greater suffering for the people.

Special Reports

Abbas betrays Palestinians to please Israel

Ayesha Alam

Mahmoud Abbas, the US-zionist puppet in Palestine has little choice but to carry out the orders given to him by masters. While claiming to be ‘president’ of Palestine, he betrays his own people.

Editor's Desk

Libya’s ‘elections’ fail to attract voters


Parliamentary elections were held in Libya on June 25 but few people bothered to cast ballot. They had more weighty things on their mind: the growing security problem, lack of food and fuel and total chaos that has gripped the country since the US-Nato alliance “liberated” it from the clutches of Colonel Qaddafi.

Letters To The Editor

El-Sisi’s crimes in Egypt

Name withheld upon request

General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, after declaring himself president through a farcical election in which less than 10 percent of the people bothered to vote, has intensified the reign of terror against enemies—real and perceived. The ever-pliant judges are with him.

Letters To The Editor

Decentralize power in Pakistan

Ilyas Khan Baloch

Decentralization of power is the only solution to the many problems facing Pakistan, says organizer of the Islamic Democratic Party in Pakistan Ilyas Khan Baloch.

Letters To The Editor

Syrian election

Askia Wejd

The Syrian people have shown that they reject the takfiri terrorists and all foreign interference in their country.

Letters To The Editor

US politics

Tahir Ali Syed

It has become a lot easier to buy politicians in the US, not that it was ever difficult. It is complete inaccurate to call America a democracy; it is a government of oligarchs.

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