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Shawwal, 14342013-09-01

Crescent International Vol. 42, No. 7

Main Stories

Military pushes Egypt toward civil war

Ayman Ahmed

By massacring unarmed civilians that were merely holding a sit-in, the military has brought Egypt to the brink of civil war. While the military may have the guns and may be able to kill a very large number of people, they have lost all credibility and will ultimately pay a heavy price for such brutality.

Main Stories

Why the Saudis are financing the coup in Egypt

Zafar Bangash

The Saudis have adopted an uncharacteristic position over the coup in Egypt. King Abdullah was the first foreign ruler to welcome it and immediately arranged for a $12 billion aid package for the mass murderers to continue their rampage unencumbered by financial woes.


Operation disruption: Libya, Syria, Egypt…

Zafar Bangash

Islamic Awakening movements (also described by some as the “Arab Spring”) are being subverted through a combination of brute force and vile propaganda. The subversion started in tiny Bahrain, moved to Libya and then engulfed Syria where it is still raging. Egypt has become its latest casualty.


Obama regime silences Bradley Manning

Zafar Bangash

Instead of going after the torturers and mass murderers, President Barack Obama has targeted the whistleblowers. Bradley Manning has become its latest victim. He is not the first and will not be the last. Obama has exposed himself as a hypocrite-in-chief.


Islamic revolution: the only solution

Zafar Bangash

The overthrow of an elected government in Egypt within a year has made it painfully clear to struggling Muslims that an Islamic State cannot be established through the ballot box. Islamic revolution is the only solution.


And the truth shall set you free

Abu Dharr

Who exactly is General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi? Born to a Moroccan Jewish mother, his maternal uncle was a member of David Ben Gurion’s political party. How did this Sephardi sleeper stay within the loop without being exposed for so long and rising to the top spot in the military?


The Ikhwan and the “power of the street”

Afeef Khan

The Ikhwan may have been pushed out of power by a brutal military coup and have offered thousands of martyrs, but if they can show their staying power in the streets, they can defeat the military and bring it to its knees.

News & Analysis

Bandar’s Moscow visit exposes Saudi weaknesses

Akhmet Makhmoudov

Bandar bin Sultan, the most venal character of the House of Saud, was in Moscow early last month but his offer to buy $15 billion worth of Russian arms to get Vladimir Putin to change his policy on Syria was rebuffed.

News & Analysis

Libya’s traumatized people pine for Qaddafi

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

The hoax perpetrated by the West promising democracy to the people of Libya if they got rid of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi lies smouldering in the ruins of burned out homes, schools and hospitals. Libya is a country in the grip of armed militias answerable to no one. The government does not exist even in name.

News & Analysis

Snowden and the National Security State redux

Ayesha Alam

The US military-industrial complex’s pursuit of Edward Snowden, the National Security-contractor turned whistleblower, has exposed the hollowness of US claims to being a society governed by the rule of law. Surveillance and espionage even at home are what America is all about.

News & Analysis

Masculine confusions: Manning and the militarization of US State

Ayesha Alam

Bradley Manning’s trial and conviction once again brings to the fore the criminal nature of the US State. Manning did the honourable thing by exposing US was killings of innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. He should have been rewarded for exposing these crimes; instead he has been sentenced to 35 years in jail.

News & Analysis

Caging the generals: Musharraf in the dock

Waseem Shehzad

It is unusual for military men to be tried for their crimes. General Pervez Musharraf is unlucky in this respect when he decided to return to Pakistan last March. Who advised him to do so? While on trial for the murder of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, and possible charges of treason, his chances of being imprisoned much less hanged are considered very low.

News & Analysis

Zionist blackmail fails to stop Toronto Quds Rally

Khadijah Ali

The annual Quds Day rallies have become a global phenomenon. In North America, Toronto holds by far the largest rally anywhere. At the same time, the rally has also attracted some unsavoury characters, like the Zionist thugs that want to disrupt it. They have failed and will continue to fail in the future as well, insha’Allah.

Special Reports

Nelson Mandela’s complicated legacy

Ayesha Alam

Nelson Mandela has become an international icon principally because of his long struggle against apartheid. In post-apartheid South Africa, his legacy of resistance, however, has had mixed reaction without taking away anything from his personal charisma.

Special Reports

Beyond videogames: lethal consequences of drone warfare

Yasmeen A Khan

Yasmeen A Khan reviews Medea Benjamin’s book: Drone warfare: Killing by remote control and offers a chilling account of how drones have destroyed so many innocent lives.

Special Reports

India-perpetrated terror acts blamed on Pakistan

Tahir Mustafa

Indian bureaucrats have submitted written statements in court confirming that the highly publicized terror attacks in India were in fact the handiwork of successive Indian governments. Early this year, a number of politicians blamed the former BJP government of orchestrating some terror attacks. Now the Congress Party has also been found to be involved.

Editor's Desk

Weapons of mass destruction, now in Syria…


The allegation of the use of chemical weapons in Syria has aroused the jingoistic instincts of American warmongers. Without waiting for proof or identifying the guilty party, there are preparations to attack Syria. Should it materialize, the chances of the entire region being set ablaze cannot be ruled out.

Letters To The Editor

Practical steps for Muslim unity

Prof (retired) Shahid Anwar Khan

Muslim unity cannot be achieved through slogans. It requires practical steps, the first being each side showing respect to the other and being sensitive about what concerns them most.

Letters To The Editor

Al Azhar has failed again

Syed Mahmoud Ansari

This once venerable institution has been reduced to a shell and its head doing the bidding of the corrupt rulers. It is a sad reflection to how far the Ummah has fallen.

Letters To The Editor

Crescent Cover

Maher Abdullah

The Crescent International cover design of last issue (August 2013) so accurately captured the essence of events in Egypt that it became an instant success worldwide.

Letters To The Editor

Du‘a for Muslim unity

Muslim Mahmood

Praying to Allah for His help in these trying times for Muslims.

Letters To The Editor

The Imam

Abu Zaed Ali al-Zahra

Appreciating Abu Dharr’s columns and expressing thanks to Crescent International for its coverage of global events.

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