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And the truth shall set you free

Abu Dharr

Who exactly is General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi? Born to a Moroccan Jewish mother, his maternal uncle was a member of David Ben Gurion’s political party. How did this Sephardi sleeper stay within the loop without being exposed for so long and rising to the top spot in the military?

In the second half of August 2013 (Shawwal 1434ah) the Egypt of Shaykh Muhammad ‘Abduh, Imam Hasan al-Banna, al-Shahid Sayyid Qutb, Shaykh Mahmud Shaltut, the Egypt of al-Azhar University, and the Egypt of concentric Arab-African-Islamic circles is being torched. It is the same Egypt that had stood for independence and support of their Algerian brothers against French colonialism, their Arabian brothers against Saudi reactionism, and their Palestinian brothers against Israeli occupation. On Wednesday, August 14 and again on Friday August 16 hundreds (according to other reports, thousands) of Egyptians were mowed down or mangled by a military force that takes its orders from Washington and Tel Aviv. From Cairo to Alexandria to al-Giza to al-Minya to Suez and all the provinces in between and beyond in the Land of the Nile, masjids, churches, government buildings, public service facilities and whatever else was within range, came under a torrent of firearms and firepower that left the average Egyptian in a daze as to why all hell broke loose in Egypt so fast and so soon!

Some thought that the Ikhwan were pushing for a repeat scenario of what happened on January 28, 2011 when police stations and prisons were ransacked by the revolutionaries. The supreme guide of the Ikhwan, Muhammad Badi‘, called for “the continuation of peaceful protests” but then videos appeared here and there and on the internet giving the impression that the Ikhwan and/or their supporters occupied firing positions on the 15th of May Bridge in Cairo and other places in other cities.

As chaos was the order of the day, individuals wearing black masks and carrying the black al-Qaeda banner and riding on motorcycles began to whiz through the streets of Cairo brandishing automatic weapons. Some of them were driving around in cars and distributing weapons to any taker, especially in Ramses Square where the Ikhwan were holding their nonviolent demonstration. The railway line between Cairo and Asyut was blown up. At least one army barracks was the sight of hand-grenade attacks. You can add to the above literally hundreds of other similar scenarios in which the mainstream media impression has been a life-and-death clash between the Ikhwan and those that have illegally usurped state authority. The Egyptian Interior Ministry has been leading the propaganda charge. At this point the anti-coup forces (Islamic and secular) are preparing for unaggressive demonstrations and law-abiding protests for the foreseeable future.

As if the pandemonium in the streets were not enough, a Dr. Ahmad Karimeh, professor of Comparative Fiqh at al-Azhar University, came out with a statement saying that the Shari‘ah Council of ‘Ulama has declared the Ikhwan renegades and recreants who are in effect murtaddin. This al-Azhar faculty member went on to say that assets belonging to the Ikhwan should be confiscated to pay for all the damage they have done in this mayhem — as was decided by the faqihs of Shari‘ah! For all practical purposes, we now have an Egypt that abandons the mind and fills the imagination.

As Egypt is disintegrating the Saudi monarch — the octogenarian — makes his elderly move; King ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Abd al-‘Aziz comes out of his calcified silence and officially announces his country’s support for (official) Egypt’s stand against (Ikhwani) terrorism. Where are the Ikhwan in the Saudi orbit when you need them? His lunacy of lofty levels said, “Indeed, the Saudi Arabian people and government stood and stand with their brothers in Egypt against terrorism.” And he went on to say that anyone who interferes in the internal affairs of Egypt will be fueling fitnah (sedition).

Then the royal class in Jordan and the Emirates went on record to support the Saudi king’s words. Of course, the unelected officials in Egypt were double quick to thank their paymasters in the Arabian Peninsula for their supportive roles. Saudi Arabia rewarded the coup generals with $5 billion, the Emirates with $4 billion, and the Kuwaitis with $3 billion. On the other side, the Egyptian foreign ministry canceled joint military maneuvers with Turkey and recalled its ambassador from Ankara.

To add an “Islamic” touch to this coup, civil strife, and bloodshed we are entertained by the Mufti of Saudi Arabia, his coroneted eminence Shaykh ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Aal al-Sheikh who counseled the pulpiteers in the kingdom not to embroil prayer attendees with “political issues.” He went on to advise these preachers to be careful in selecting speeches — especially ones that deal with social issues and to avoid such topics as are beyond the musallins’ (prayer attendees’) ability to comprehend and understand.

We wonder if there are any Ikhwani decision makers who are taking note of who is who in the destruction of Egypt! It is not the Shi‘is, the Iranians, the Syrians, or Hizbullah who are blessing the national Egyptian hemorrhage, you can wager your inheritance on that.

This brings us to an issue that has been whispered inside the Egyptian household with no one providing an answer. The question is: who is General ‘Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi? Some Israeli press reports equate him with Jamal ‘Abd al-Nasir! Other news items about him tell us he was the intelligence officer who was liaising with his Israeli counterparts during the Mubarak era.

Our sources in Egypt who are well connected provide us with some startling information. To begin with, Egypt has had its own traitors and turncoats. One recent one was Yusuf Butros Ghali. He may have been the point man who reported all Egyptian internal secrets to his imperialist and Zionist connections. The infamous Elie Cohen [aka Kamal Amin Thabet] who did his outstanding espionage work in Ba‘thist Syria during the 1950s and 1960s and who was caught in his espionage act and hanged in a public square in Damascus was a Yahudi Egyptian. When the Israeli political-military establishment ceases to exist we will discover many more spies and agents whose loyalty was to Tel Aviv and Washington, and not to Cairo. Mr. Yusuf Wali, former minister of agriculture, was accused of causing cancer to Egyptian consumers because of his agriculture policies; and when asked about his origin: is it a Yahudi one, he answered, “Al-Islamu yajubbu ma qablahu: Islam cancels all that preceded it.” A fine way to wiggle out of a direct question.

But who is this al-Sisi? At least one American news report wants us to believe he is an “Islamist” — but a moderate one! There are murmurs and rumors in Egypt about al-Sisi’s mother. Who is she? And the available answers are that she is a Moroccan Jewess. In normal circumstances there would be nothing wrong with being Moroccan or Jewish. But we are not dealing with normal circumstances. Someone whose mother is Moroccan and Jewish and then becomes Egypt’s Minister of Defense, and now the ultimate authority, raises serious questions. Add to that the favorable press he is receiving in Israel and we have exclamation marks hugging question marks all over our mind and psyche.

This coup leader, illegitimate ruler, and arbitrary chief executive and commander for the last two months, and before that the Defense Minister — who is he? This Mr. al-Sisi has been complicit with the Israelis in killing innocent people in the Sinai Peninsula. Our source in Egypt who is very active politically and very well versed on Egyptian matters investigated al-Sisi’s family lineage. And what he came up with is that there is reason to believe that al-Sisi is a crypto-Muslim.

For those interested (that is, if the information has not been deleted by the time you read this article) refer to a Moroccan on-line site called Hispress. On that site there is an attempted answer to a question raised by some quarters pertaining to the origin of General ‘Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi’s mother. And the answer was that his mother hails from Moroccan Jews in the city of Asefi. The on-line site divulges the mother’s name as Malikah Titani; she married in 1953 and acquired Egyptian citizenship in 1958. She relinquished her Moroccan citizenship to make it possible for al-Sisi to be admitted to the (Egyptian) Military Academy in 1973.

We are told that ‘Uri Sibagh or Sabbagh, the maternal uncle of General al-Sisi, was born in Asefi, Morocco. He studied at an institution in Casablanca; he also lived in the city of Marrakesh. He joined the underground Jewish Defense League (Hamagein) from 1948–1950. These types of news items are found in the Algerian newspaper al-Watan and many other electronic sites. We learn from them that the Sibagh or Sabbagh family joined the (Israeli) Mapai Party in 1951 and some made it all the way to its central committee in 1959. ‘Uri Sabbagh worked as a professional instructor in Bi’r al-Sab‘ (Beersheba) from 1957–1963. He worked as a supervisor of professional teaching from 1963–1968. From 1968–1981 he was secretary of the (Israeli) Labor Party in Beersheba. And from 1974 to 1982 he was a member of the Histadrut Coordination Committee.

The name of the maternal uncle of General al-Sisi is listed in the registrar of the 10th Knesset as member of the ruling party at that time, Mapai, the founding party of the Israeli nation-state headed at the time by Ben Gurion. Further information about al-Sisi’s uncle can be obtained from the Knesset archives. By the time Sisi’s mother Malikah got married in 1953, her brother (al-Sisi’s maternal uncle) had made his ‘aliyah to Israel two years earlier (1951). So when General al-Sisi was born his maternal uncle was not only a Yahudi, he was also an Israeli belonging to the ruling party, after having polished his credentials as a member of Zionist organization(s) in Morocco.

Al-Sisi’s mother gave up her Moroccan citizenship in 1973 so that her son could be admitted to the Egyptian Military Academy from which he graduated in 1977. General al-Sisi has not responded yet to this whisper campaign in Egypt. He may come out saying that Malikah is not his mother. Or that Malikah is his mother but she is not a Jewess, and ‘Uri Sabbagh is not his maternal uncle. Or that Malikah is his mother and that she is Jewish but that ‘Uri Sabbagh is not her brother. In such circumstances General al-Sisi should produce his birth certificate, the birth certificate of his mother, the names of his aunts and their religion. Once this information is made public we will be happy to abide by the facts. The father of General al-Sisi is yet another story to be told. It is said his roots go back to the land of Sis which is a province of Armenia. His (Armenian) family settled in Manufiyah, Egypt.

This is the information provided by an Egyptian Islamic insider. With all the bloodletting and social upheaval in Egypt it will be very hard to convince the easy-going and peace-loving Egyptians that it is one of them who is bringing the Egyptian household down on its occupants — with blood flowing in the streets and with cries of innocent victims soliciting the mercy of the Almighty in heaven. What is now a whispering-campaign inside the Egyptian populace may become a roar for justice if the current butchers of Egypt do not come clean. And the Prophet (pbuh) said, “Ittaqu da‘wata al-mazlum, fa-innahu laysa baynahu wa-bayna Allahi hijab: Avoid the plea of the victim, because between him and Allah there is no barrier.”

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 42, No. 7

Shawwal 24, 14342013-09-01

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