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Rabi' al-Awwal, 14352014-01-02

Crescent International Vol. 42, No. 11

Main Stories

The phenomenon and politics of sectarianism

Zafar Bangash

Sectarianism is projected in some quarters as the greatest challenge facing Muslims when the vast majority of Muslims want unity in the Ummah. Who is stoking the flames of sectarianism?


The Prophet (saws) and Muslim unity

Zafar Bangash

Merely verbalizing love for the noble Messenger (saws) will not bring glory to Muslims; emulating his noble example in practice will. A pre-requisite is to understand the Sirah in its totality, not through anecdotal episodes.


Real change in the Muslim East?

Crescent International

It would be unrealistic to assume that Arabian dictatorships or their masters in Washington have really changed their behavior. They have been forced by circumstances to adopt a different posture but caution in dealing with them would be in order.


Experience of apartheid

Zafar Bangash

Apartheid had a devastating impact not only on the blacks but anyone classified as “non-white” in South Africa. The tiny white minority usurped the bulk of the country’s resources and exploited the rest for its own selfish ends.


(Saudi) Arabians: people who will pull down the whole Temple to have a stone to sit on

Abu Dharr

Hiding behind the veneer of religiosity, the self-imposed Saudi tribal monarchy can in fact be linked directly with Abu Jahl and Abu Lahab of yore. The religious veneer is meant to confuse ordinary Muslims.


Imam is not a private Saudi business

Afeef Khan

How Muslims frame an issue determines whether they will find a solution to the problem. Neither iman nor unity is a private or personal affair. “Individuals have access to taqwa; societies have access to iman.”

News & Analysis

Saudi-Zionist alliance against Muslims exposed

Tahir Mustafa

There is much in common between the Saudis and the zionists. Both are illegal regimes occupying holy lands. Their secret alliance has now been exposed. Muslims must take appropriate steps to confront this phenomenon.

News & Analysis

Egypt’s amended constitution fit for dictators

Ayman Ahmed

The thugs that have ruled Egypt for decades are re-writing a new constitution to provide a veneer of legitimacy for their illegal rule. The people meanwhile are being deprived of basic rights.

News & Analysis

Uncertainty over Iran-Pakistan pipeline

Ayesha Alam

Pakistan under Nawaz Sharif is trying to wriggle out of its commitment to build the gas pipeline from Iran. Sharif has close links with the Saudis and the Americans. Neither wants the pipeline.

News & Analysis

AKP, Gulen movement in “mother of all battles”

Ahmet Aslan

The “corruption scandal” in Turkey is not so much about corruption per se as it is about power struggle between the ruling AKP and the Gulenists that are working in tandem with the CIA and Zionist Israel.

News & Analysis

Bangladesh in turmoil after execution of Islamic leader

Nazmul Hassan Chowdhry

By executing a top leader of the Jamaat-e Islami, Prime Minister Hasina Wajed may have opened a front in Bangladesh that she may not be able to control. Endless turmoil can be expected in the troubled country.

News & Analysis

Muslims must be wary of manipulation

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

Imperialist powers manipulate public opinion and perception about their strengths and weaknesses to confuse people. Muslims must be wary of such manipulation.

Special Reports

Observations from Occupied Palestine, Part 2

Eva Bartlett

The tiny Gaza Strip has suffered for decades at the hands of the zionists. Eva Bartlett shares her personal experiences from the besieged strip.

Special Reports

Tribute to Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

Abdul Kader Kurtha

Nelson Mandela was a remarkable person. He not only overcame his adversaries in the political struggle but also outshone them morally by working for reconciliation after apartheid ended.

Special Reports

John Kerry, the game changer!

Mirza Aslam Beg

By opening up to Islamic Iran, US Secretary of State John Kerry may have started a process that would benefit many countries and may even lead to peace and stability in the region.

Special Reports

Aal Saud become British agents

Zafar Bangash

Abdul Aziz ibn Saud understood the utility of being a British puppet early on. By surrendering to the British, he secured vital support that brought the entire Arabian Peninsula under his family’s control.

Editor's Desk

India’s Nazi on the way to power


Contrary to popularly peddled myths, India’s Hindu ideology is very close to Nazism. In fact, the Hindu and Nazi symbols are identical yet observers in the Indian-dotting West have deliberately obfuscated this fact.

Letters To The Editor

Masjid al-Aqsa

Abu Zaed Ali al-Zahra

The zionists’ attempts to take over Masjid al-Aqsa need highlighting and the Ummah as whole must take responsibility for its protection.

Letters To The Editor

Imam ‘Asi’s tafsir

Muslim Mahmood

Imam Muhammad al-Asi’s Tafsir, The Ascendant Qur’an inspires this reader and many more in Nigeria.

Letters To The Editor

Turkey’s rightful place

Maher Abdullah

Turkey is one of the most important countries in the region. It must play its rightful place in the Ummah rather than as instrument of Western powers.

Letters To The Editor

Highlighting the plight of Kashmiris

Iqbal Ahmed Butt

The people of Kashmir have suffered a great deal over many decades but their plight is not well known. A reader welcomes the Crescent’s attention to this vital issue.

Letters To The Editor

Dealing with the Saudi menace

Abu Bakr Muhammad

The Saudi regime is at the root of most problems facing the Ummah. This family-based regime must be exposed and expelled from the holy land.

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