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Rabi' al-Thani, 14342013-03-01

Crescent International Vol. 42, No. 1

Main Stories

Pakistan’s dream remains unfulfilled

Waseem Shehzad

The great hopes arouse by the Pakistan resolution when it was first passed in Lahore in March 1940—seven years before Pakistan came into existence—remain a pipe dream. Instead, for most Pakistanis it has become a nightmare.


Bitter legacy of US “liberation” of Iraq

Zafar Bangash

This month marks the tenth anniversary of the US-allied invasion and occupation of Iraq. The attack was launched on a complete lie. While the Americans have gone, the legacy of toxic weapons they used is affecting Iraqi civilians in horrible ways.


Destabilizing Mursi’s government in Egypt

Zafar Bangash

Even though Mohamed Mursi won the presidential elections fair and square, the losing candidates and remnants of the old regime are not willing to give up so easily. In cahoots with their foreign masters, they are busy destabilizing Egypt.


Prerequisite for US-Iran talks

Zafar Bangash

American officials lack even basic table manners for talks. While offering to talk to the Islamic Republic, they slap additional illegal sanctions. The revolutionary leadership in Iran has made clear there will be no talks until the Americans improve their manners.


Satanic… Saudi… and sectarian…

Abu Dharr

Sectarianism is the only fitna the Saudis know. Unfortunately it has spread far and wide, thanks to Saudi propaganda and the naivety of many Muslims that fall easy prey to such fitna.


Thirty years of neither fear, nor favor

Afeef Khan

America not only touts its freedoms, it sends mad bombers around the world to spread them. Yet, right in its capital city, Washington DC, committed Muslims, most born in the US, have been deprived of their religious right to pray inside their masjid at the behest of the Saudis. Whither the freedom of these Muslims?

News & Analysis

India murders another Kashmiri by hanging

Tahir Mahmoud

The February 9 hanging of Afzal Guru, a Kashmiri, in India’s notorious Tihar Jail, has touched a raw nerve in Kashmir. Even fair-minded Indian writers, among them Arudhati Roy, have described it as a judicial murder.

News & Analysis

Light at the end of Syria’s dark tunnel?

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

In recent weeks, hopes have been aroused by the announcement of some Syrian opposition leaders to hold a dialogue with the Syrian regime. Will this bring the much-needed peace to the Syrian people?

News & Analysis

Syria in the US-Saudi-Israeli prism

Zafar Bangash

Events in Syria are not entirely based on domestic factors. There are three other conflicts underway that are all being played out through the struggle in Syria.

News & Analysis

Saudi “celebrity” preacher raped and murdered five-year-old daughter

Tahir Mustafa

People in Saudi Arabia were outraged when a court said a preacher who was convicted of raping and brutally murdering his five-year-old daughter was to be set free after a few months in jail and paying “blood money” to the girl’s mother. What kind of law exists in the archaic kingdom?

News & Analysis

Drones, Obama’s weapon of choice

Marjan Asi

Obama has escalated drone warfare not only in other countries but drones are now being increasingly used domestically as well. This was feared by many civil rights activists. Their worst nightmares have come true.

News & Analysis

Unrealistic terror: the Egypt-Iran embrace

Zainab Cheema

Western media outlets are giving the worst possible twist to normal growth and development of relations between Iran and Egypt. As long as Egypt was an US-zionist colony, it was considered normal. Egyptian independence raises alarm bells.

Special Reports

Mali and the West’s new scramble for Africa

Zainab Cheema

Mali is being targeted as much for its mineral wealth as to keep China from developing close links with Africa. The struggle for influence between the west and China is being fought on the backs of the African people.

Special Reports

Russian policy in the “near abroad”

Akhmet Makhmoudov

Russia is determined to assert itself in Central Asia and the Caucasus by using its former puppets to advance its agenda. Some republics offer better prospects than others.

Special Reports

America’s Pacific century

Mirza Aslam Beg

The US has turned its attention to the Pacific to contain the rising power of China. The strategic implications of this new policy are analysed here by a former chief of the Pakistan Army.

Editor's Desk

Another milestone for Crescent at 42


With this issue, Crescent International enters it forty-second year of publication. This in itself is a milestone. No other Islamic magazine claiming global readership has survived this long.

Letters To The Editor


Shahid Khan

The US should get out of Afghanistan—not tomorrow, but today. America has lost the war. There should be no American troops left over in Afghanistan, says a reader.

Letters To The Editor

New ME?

Abul Ala Ahmed

The struggle for people’s right is being hijacked by a US-zionist project to frustrate the aspirations of the people. Unless people in the region are careful, they may find themselves losing all the gains they have made.

Letters To The Editor

Native chief Theresa Spence

Hussein Daya

The hunger strike by Attawapisket Chief, Theresa Spence has drawn attention to the terrible plight of Native Peoples in Canada. A movement has been born and they will settle for nothing less than a fair share in the resources to uplift themselves from poverty and other deprivations.

Letters To The Editor

The curse of sectarianism

Ahmad Musa

If Muslims are not careful, they may end up causing so much damage to the Ummah that it will take many generations to recover. The poison of sectarianism is spread and financed by Saudi Arabia and its Arabian allies.

Letters To The Editor

Indian state crimes in Kashmir

Iqbal A. Khawaja

What Indian occupation troops are doing in Kashmir, especially the gang rape of women, and the fact that not one perpetrator has been punished, indicates direct complicity of the Indian state in such crimes. The west’s silence over these crimes is equally shocking—and revealing.

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