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Zionists Spread Lies About Toronto Quds Day Rally

Crescent International

Toronto, June 9, 2018

The annual Quds Day rally has got the Zionists all riled up. Unable to prevent the march despite using illegal tactics, they have resorted to spreading lies about it.

Each year, Toronto organizes the largest Quds Day rally in North America. Peace activists, Jewish groups including rabbis as well as Church groups in addition to Muslims participate in the rally.

What the Quds Day rally does is draw attention to the illegal Zionist occupation of Masjid al Aqsa and Palestine.

When Muslims point to Zionist crimes against innocent Palestinians as happened in Gaza in recent weeks, the Zionists immediately brand that as “hate speech”.

The Zionists operate at several levels. At the political level, Zionist groups such as Bnai Brith and Friends of Simon Weisenthal blackmail politicians to deny public space for the rally. This is blatant discrimination.

Then there are the Zionist shock troopers led by such groups as the Jewish Defence [Offence] League (JDL). This is made up of thugs that also recruit biker gangs as well as rightwing anti-Muslim extremists.

The JDL is banned in the US as a terrorist group yet it operates freely in the US. Last year, a JDL member from Toronto was charged with assaulting a Palestinian professor in Washington DC as he went to participate in a rally against AIPAC.

JDL thugs have also been involved in attacking Muslims in Toronto. A Muslim sister and a brother were assaulted in 2013 as they were left behind from the main rally.

The Zionist thugs wanted to attack the sister but the brother rushed to her defence and suffered serious injuries when three thugs assaulted him.

Fortunately, another person had filmed it on his cell phone camera and the police were able to charge three persons with assault.

At the political level, the Zionists blackmail politicians to refuse permission to use the grounds of Queen’s Park for the start of the rally.

When there are groups that spread hatred against Muslims, this is presented as defence of ‘free speech’ and accorded public space.

When Muslims and their Christian and Jewish friends want to hold the Quds Day rally, then it is branded as hate speech and space is denied.

Last year, the Zionists even tried to pressure Toronto City Council to block the Quds Day rally from being held. While unsuccessful, it shows the depths to which the Zionists can sink.

One councilor in particular, James Pasternak has been in the forefront of spreading hatred against Muslims and the Quds Day rally. He has used extremely hateful language against rally organizers without the City mayor or any other official taking notice of such hate speech.

The Quds Day rally has never advocated hatred of or violence against any group. Instead, it has called for peace based on justice in Palestine.

Also, while the Zionist thugs and their biker gang allies have used intimidating tactics against Quds Day rally participants, the latter have not responded to such provocations.

The Quds Day rally has consistently maintained that Zionist Israel is illegally occupying Al Quds (Jerusalem) and Palestine (the Holy Land) and that these must be restored to the original inhabitants, the Palestinians.

Jews are welcome to stay in Palestine but only as equal citizens under the law. They have no right to create an apartheid State in Occupied Palestine where Palestinians are brutalized and terrorists as happened recently in Gaza.

In the Gaza Strip, the Zionists murdered more than 150 Palestinians including children, paramedics and journalists and wounded more than 12,000 others.

Gaza is under a tight siege where food, medicines and spare parts are not allowed in.

Nearly 80 percent of Gaza’s population is food deficient; 90 percent of its water is contaminated and lack of medicines including anesthesia often results in doctors operating on patients without it.

When the Quds Day rally draws attention to such Zionist crimes, the Zionists complain this is hate speech.

Stop killing innocent people and stop behaving as if you are superior to other human beings.

Mass murder is mass murder; there is no other way to describe it.

The day is not far when Palestine will be free from the clutches of the Zionists.

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