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Thousands pack Toronto streets for Quds Day Rally

Crescent International


This year's Quds Day rally in Toronto again attracted thousands including Christian and Jewish speakers who condemned Zionist crimes against the innocent Palestinians. Starting in a park north of Queens Park because the Zionist-dominated provincial government and security establishment refused permission to use the legislative grounds for the start of the rally, participants marched through the streets to the US consulate.

Sunday July 3, 2016, 05:23 DST

Toronto’s Quds Day rallies are seen as a benchmark of the commitment of Muslims and other justice-loving people in North America for the oppressed people of Palestine. This year’s Quds Day rally, attended by thousands of people was no exception.

A large array speakers including Muslims, Christians and Jews addressed the rally even though a small but vulgar group of Zionist thugs led by the Jewish Defence League (JDL) better known as Zionist Offense League were at hand to hurl obscenities at the Quds Day rally participants.

The Quds Rally organizers had made clear that should the Zionist thugs attack any rally participants this year as they have done in the past, they will not only film the crime but also take legal action against them. Similarly, notice was served to the police that if they claim their mandate is to facilitate peaceful protest, then they must prevent the Zionist thugs from indulging in their customary attacks. Should the police fail in their duty, rally organizers were prepared to take legal action against the police as well.

Gathering in a part north of Queen’s Park, the rally was addressed by a number of speakers before marching down University Avenue to the US Consulate. A group of rabbis from Neturei Karta were also at hand and while they did not speak because it was Sabbath, their presence at the Quds Day rally was powerful repudiation of the JDL thugs’ vile propaganda that the rally is anti-Semitic.

This point was also forcefully made by Ken Stone of the Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War. Of Jewish origins, Stone castigate the B’nai Brith, a Jewish group claiming to fight anti-Semitism that had attacked him prior to the rally for speaking in support of Palestinian rights. Stone pointed out that B’nai Brith did not speak for all Jewish people. In fact, he took the group to task for spreading hatred and violating the core principles of Judaism that calls for justice. He insisted that the Palestinian people were oppressed and brutalized and that the Zionist regime was guilty of egregious crimes against humanity.

Ali Mallah, former vice president of the Canadian Arab Federation, made a powerful speech about the hypocrisy of Western rulers that mouth slogans about justice and peace but when it comes to Israeli crimes against the Palestinians they back the Zionists. This was also evident in the manner in which Queen’s Park grounds have been denied Muslims to start their rally from. Instead, they have to use a public park for this purpose.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is an ardent Zionist. She is a regular fixture at the Walk for Israel march that is nothing but a hate-fest against Muslims and Palestinians while defending the crimes of the Zionist regime. Wynne took a large delegation of Ontario businessmen among them several Muslims to visit the Zionist State of Israel only a few weeks ago. The Muslims offered the pathetic excuse that they were visiting to pray in Masjid al Aqsa.

These uncle Tom Muslims seldom pray in their life but when it comes to sucking up to the Zionists and the powers that be, they are at the forefront.

Their antics fool nobody, at least not the committed Muslims. This is reflected in the huge attendance at Quds Day rallies year after year.

And these rallies are beginning to attract Canadians from all walks of life. This year, a number of Christian speakers were also present at the rally including Lawrence Pushie of the United Church and Bob Holmes of the Catholic Church.

The continued Zionist occupation of Masjid al Aqsa as well as the rest of Palestine remains a core issue among Muslims. As long as such occupation continues, there will be little or no peace in Palestine, the Middle East or the rest of the world. That day, however, is not far when the Palestine—the whole of it—will be liberated from the clutches of the Zionists.



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